December 25, 2008

un jour joyeux?

Am happily chomping on Snyder's of Hanover garlic bread flavoured nibblers which mum happily bought for me just now from Cold Storage after I got my hair cut. Yeah! I have a new hair cut. Mum asked for a bob and I also had a bob in mind, so a bob it is. And the auntie flat-ironed it so now its temporarily straight. Teeeheee. And to be honest, it looks better when its straight.

Ah, anyway, dad had a shopping spree today with Yusof at Pavilion while I was happily eating O'Brien's sandwhiches with mum. Dad bought me a pair of Mary Jane Crocs in cotton candy, and I think I'm in love with the colour. Me likey. Okay....what else. Hmm. Well, I bought Mitch Albom's new book, For One More Day and, uh, another book by Jodi Picoult. Forgot the title and I can't be bothered to check anyway. Haha.

So....well. OH! I don't really know who to share this with so, yeah. Yesterday, mum called me and she said that Faris went to school to check which class he's in for next year. He also checked mine, and guess what?
I'm in 3 Azam.
Heck yeah, I am. God. I'm worried.

December 23, 2008

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

Tired. Worried. Excited. Anxious. Scared. Happy. Greatful. Dead?
All of which I'm feeling at once. How can anyonepossibly cope. Heh. But hell, in the end, I do cope even if it takes a bucketfull of tears and packets and packets of junk food in the process.


I'm starting to miss using Minolta and the MD Rokkor focal lens. Heck, 1000D ada. But...the satiscfation isn't there. No matter, the last time I sent it for servicing it took two weeks. Not long but I can't wait.

Also planning to try black and white film and expired ones as well. I forgot to ask the auntie the other day. Mmmm. What else. Homework ain't done, bags aren't packed, books aren't sorted out, room looks like a tongkang pecah-as my Tok Abah puts it. Heh. Terrific innit?

Okay...what else. D'accord, rien.

December 21, 2008

Art For Grabs

I am hereby broke with only rm10 left in my wallet. I spent about rm20 and I belanja-ed Yusof rm40 something. No matter, I'm claiming my rm15 from him in a few more days. Hurrah! And I hereby declare that Art For Grabs is way better than RANtAi. Sorry guys, but its true. Well, Mei. I'm sorry I didn't buy you anything. By the time I decided on what to buy for you, I didn't have enough money. Sorry! Anyway, I only took about 10 pictures just now because Yusof was hovering around me which blocked out my inspiration, or whatever.

And the stuffs there are so awesome! There was this one super-witty guy. I love his jokes. He was, like, naming these sculptures which he made and there was one where a tiger was eating a deer and he was like, "What about I name this one, "Honey! I'm home!". Tak tahan I tell you! Dad was also sniggering along. And there was this woman who was selling painted ceramic tiles and she's also cool too! I mean, her painted ceramics are awesome. I picked a whole load of black-and-white ones with dad to frame later. Teeheeee.

The rest of the photos are in my Flickr. Link in the sidebar darling (;
And I've just sent Minolta for fixing just now. Teehee.

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

Well, dad is comissioning me to take his photos. Haha, yeah. He said that to me last night. And one of my dad's close friends, Auntie Shila, who used to be our next door neighbour also wants to comission me to take photos of her kiddos after she saw the photos of dad and Hajar which I took. Heeee. How cool!

P.S., I hope you haven't gotten bored of my photos *wink wink*


Okay, for starters, I have been tagged by Fna =D

  1. Kuat agama, tapi bukan macam ustaz.
  2. Penyayang + penybar
  3. Jujur. PENTING.
  4. Berpendidikan tinggi
  5. Tinggi. Dalam......6 kaki? :D
  6. Kurus, tapi jangan lah macam lidi.
  7. Ada style, macam ayah saya. HAHAHA xD


  1. Daniel Radcliffe :D
  2. Ewan McGregor
  3. Russell Lissack
  4. James Marsden
  5. Ed Westwick
  6. Jun Matsumoto
  7. ?

uh, entah? HAHA. tak nak jawab.


  1. France! yeyuh, the city d'amour.
  2. Montreal, kot? HAHAHA
  3. Angkor Watt masa matahari terbit.
  4. Central Park, NY
  5. Rome
  6. Mt. Timbucktu, Africa Best lah panjat bukit! =D
  7. ?

entah, tengoklah apa yang dia minat. haha


  1. Wont Stop, OneRepublic :D
  2. One Sweet Love, Sara Bareilles

yang lain, tatau.


  1. Zara
  2. Aisyah P
  3. Syaza
  4. Farah
  5. Shamimi
  6. Bqah
  7. siapa-siapa :D

December 20, 2008

short et simple

I'm keeping this short and simple because, to be honest, I can't risk staying up late and not wake up early for Subuh prayers tomorrow. Dad'll slaughter me. Okay, I just got back from A Christmas Carol and it was superb! Second favourite play after Cats. Well, because Yusof was sitting beside me throughout the play, I couldn't exactly concentrate because Yusof kept laughing at things which aren't supposed to be funny. Dumb, je sais. Yeah, anyway. The lighting and everything was superb! And geez, I like Scrooge. Eventhough he was the grumpiest grouch in the town, I like him.

Oh, and I saw Lyana but I don't know whats wrong with this dumb head of mine and I didn't even bother saying "Hello" to her. Sorry Lyana! And Alia was there! Dang. Mum saw her and she was organizing another event which was going on at KLPac. I regret not following mum out during the intermission. Hello Alia! And today, I belanja-ed my dad rm5 for the program booklet and another rm5 for Yusof's 100Plus. I'm not going to claim the rm5 from my dad because its considered a "taxi fare" for tomorrows trip to CM. Yeah, dad, okaaaay =D

Ah, I guess I shall hit the sack. OH! I need to charge the camera's battery for tomorrow. And also, might be headed down school before going to CM to check what class I get into. Pray I'm in a class where I have friends. One last thing:

ZARA! Good luck matey for your......performance =D
I hope you read this before your show. I might just text you tomorrow *wink wink*
Okay, and I hear Victor playing my favourite song of the Disney Princesses movie, Colours Of The Wind. HAHA. Yeah! Its true! I love that song with all my heart. I think I shall play it tomorrow. Yikikikiki, good night.

random fact number 6

I secretly want baubles hung up in my room.

Don't ask why. I just want 'em. I find them trés, trés chic! Yeah I do. You know, last year I actually wanted to hang up fairy lights in my room. Me likey! And somehow I find Moroccon red very hot. Don't know why.

Okay, off to shower. Au dieu, again, my lovelies.

fricking awesome!

Teeheeeeeeee. Dad's bringing me to Art For Grabs tomorrow. How cool! Finally, I can get Minolta fixed and also get some cool stuff and what not. I can't wait, I can't fricking wait! So, Zara. If you decide to go tomorrow, drop me a comment down there or in the Cbox in the right column =D
Oh, and might be going to school to check out what class I'm in next year. Oh yes, my dear svians. Class lists are out. Damn. School is starting. No matter, the faster the better. I can't wait to finish PMR. HAHA.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm going to A Christmas Carol later tonight at KLPac. How cool kan kan? And I don't know why I'm excited beyond compare. I guess because I am frigging DONE with my French-for 2008 that is. Haha. Bonne Anée 2009 et, beh oui! Joyeux Noël aussi! If you're wondering what that means, it means Happy New Year 2009 and Merry Christmas. Teehee =D

And we had our annual French exam today, and the written was easy peasy. Okay, the oral comprehension was a bit hard, mais, the oral production was so hard! And eventhough I had my sentences sorted out, as soon as I faced Eléanor, our teacher, I was like speechless and I felt like I was going to die. How dumb. But yeah. Our exam is DeLF B1 level, and I think I'll be taking B1 next year. The faster, the better. Though, I hope I don't get any murderous examiners for my oral production. I'll fail fo sho.

That reminds me, I haven't taken my A2 cert. And I passed eventhough I was stuttering during my oral production. Luckily the examiners were nice Chinese ladies though. I like 'em *grin* OH! And the written was....easy? Haha. Okay, I need teh get ready.

I'm sending you my love. Hope you get them my darling readers =D
Okay, what the heck. I'm being so cheesy. Pray it shall not last. Au dieu mes amours.

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

I don't know what this is about. I'm feeling....not me. Don't bother, yeah. You'll be wasting your time if you do. Mhmmm hmmm.


I seem to not know what to write. How pathetic. Even my other blog is left in dust. Pathetic, supremely pathetic. Wonder whats wrong with my head. Gah!
And Emilie Simon's Swimming has been on repeat. As well as Schluyer Fisk's Walking Life.

Oh, I'd love to go to the Art For Grabs@The Annexe. Missed the one earlier this year. Dad, lets go? Need to get Minolta fixed anyway.

Arts & Crafts Bazaar

Dates & Times: Sat 20 and Sun 21 Dec 2008, 12pm to 8pm
Admission Free, except where indicated

The Annexe Gallery
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel & Fax: +603-2070 1137

December 19, 2008

for starters

Maybe will update later?
Tagged by Zara:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
a four year old girl with maggi curls who spent most of her days watching Sailor Moon, non-stop.
yeah, i am one heck of a Sailor Moon fan =D

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today
  1. study History and what not
  2. watch more DVDs
  3. reorganize my wardrobe.
  4. ?
  5. ?
3. Snacks you like
darn.....turkish delight! and Cadbury Black Forest and Bytes =D

4. Places you have lived
Melawati and Ampang

5. Things you would do if you were a billionnaire
  1. buy my parents a villa in Bali
  2. invest in my studies and buy myself a penthouse =D
  3. books, books and ultimately, MORE BOOKS
  4. a walk-in wardrobe with loads and loads of clothes + shoes
  5. i shall donate the rest
6. People you want to know more about
  1. Aisyah P
  2. Fana I
  3. Syaza S
  4. and anyone else on my link list (?)

and Syaza tagged me:

1. Do you think you're hot?
uh, am i?

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!

3. Why do you like that picture?
i guess because i look so, like...whatever?=D
and also my dressing looks like Rufus'. HAHHA

4. When is your last time you ate pizza?
i can't remember. two weeks ago i guess?

5. The last song you listened to?
Walking Life, Schuyler Fisk
me loveee :3

6. What are you doing rite now beside this?
on MSN with Zara.

People I tag.
  1. Zara
  2. Aisyah H
  3. Fana
  4. Biqah
  5. Kamal

8. Who is number 1?
gossip mate! kot? haha

9. Say something about number 5:
one of my best mates

10. How about number 4?
super cute!

11. Who is number 2?
my darling Syaziqer. i miss you!


Yeah, I haven't posted and gone online in five days and I'm sorry. Have I been sorely missed? *grin* Tell me if you do. Oh well...pooh. I've been studying Sejarah and making notes of 'em for the past five days. Yeah! I know, incroyable! But well, I had to start yeah. I'm way behind, and I've started doing Maths and Science exercises. Planning on starting my holiday homework next week before Langkawi. Yeyuh, I'm going to Langkawi on the 27th until the 31st! Just in time for New Years. Awesome-ehhhhh =D

Ah, well....I think I'll go online later tonight because I need to upload some pictures, update Flickr, Plurk and Twitter and of course, MSN-ing! Teeheee. I missed you guys, but not the internet. Boohoo, sorry internet. I did just fine with my Sejarah books and my darling Sony mp3. Oh la la. Will be going to KLPac tomorrow for Chrismast Carol (?) I think. Charles Dickens' isn't it? Haha, but yeah.

Okay, off to lunch. Maybe do a bit of studying what not. Toodle-doo.

December 14, 2008


I had a mini-photoshoot with dad, I think. Haha. But yeah, I used black and white and he was a bit mad at me, but well I don't care. Black and white is super-lah awesome! Yeah, anyway. I finally updated my Flickr after three months or so. Oh, and the pictures from my photoshoot with dad is already uploaded there. So now, all thats left is to update my poetry blog which I guess is now covered in dust.

Not that I don't want to write anything, but I've been feeling a bit too happy to be writing anything, which is daft and stupid. Yeah, oh. And I got Friday! Haha. You shall know in a few more weeks? =D


I could've used Twitter to update this, but well.....too lazy? Anyway.
I have a whole load of pictures I want to upload.
Yes! Most of them are pictures of Hajar and dad in our (not-so-pretty-and-cared-for) garden. But yeah, nice shots I tell yah. Most of them taken in black and white, and dad has more headaches after I tell him about all the apperature and shutter speeds and what not. Haha. And dad is like, "Minolta is mine, Canon is mine". Then, what am I left with? Heh. But dad says, I am not "responsible" because I let other people use the camera. Uh...okay.

But yeah, anyway. Will be going out for lunch later at Pavilion. Pictures shall follow, I hope. Also planning on buying another Jodi Picoult book, and I've got my eye on a messanger bag from Gap and also suede oxfords from Zara priced at rm178. I am going to save up money then *grin*
Oh, Zara. Sorry I didn't go online. My cousin's here, and I had to watch The Dark Knight with her last night. Maybe tonight?

December 12, 2008

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

Okay, poooh. Good morning, and thank you for joining Khadijah's Morning Newsflash brought to you by......Blogger? Haha. Okay, ignore me. I suddenly became so hyper this morning eventhough I only managed a one hour sleep this morning after talking hours and hours with Zara, which of course is a must every single day. Yeah, morning Zara! I think I can text you today! =D And, anyway, on to our newsflash.
I'm going to RANtAi with my cousins
Okay, well. I don't know why dad suddenly agreed but yeah, I am frigging going with my cousins later today. It happened this morning during breakfast:
    D : Kak Nana ajak you pergi RANtAi later today. Want to go?
    K : (speechless kejap) What? Well, I know. Haha.
    D : Do you want to go?
    K : OMGSH, yes!
Ha ha, so. There you go. I am going later today, in the afternoon if I'm not mistaken. So, yeah. Mmmmm. But one thing is bugging me: why couldn't I go with Mei? Well, Mei is going to get her drivers liscence and well, she can be considered as an adult now right? Haa, but well....yeah. You never know what goes on in the head of Anwarul Haq, y'know.

Updated at 09:46am : I am not allowed to bring the 1000D. Gah! I am not a five year old, dad. But yeah, whatever you like. I don't mind anyway. Okay, I actually do mind, but whatever. Not that anyone cares, kan?

December 11, 2008

a tad bit late

Okay. First things first, 1000D is my sort-of best friend now-besides Gerard that is. Yeah. And well, you read: Hello. I did that on Wednesday right after waking up. I remembered an article from one of my photography magazines and set up the shutter, apperature, ISO and all and voila, work of art in under 30 seconds. Teeheee. Yeah, but I miss Minolta. Don't think I'll have time to fix it by the time our trip to Langkawi comes though. Big bummer there because I miss the not-so-perfect pictures which I get from it. And also, the lens. Eventhough the 1000D's DOF is okay, but the Minolta's is way superb. Mmmmm.

Ah, and I might not be going to RANtAi this year. Big bummer, because 1000D just arrived and yeah. Ha, but yeah. No matter. I don't really mind actually. Okay, actually I do. Oh. And mum might be taking the day off tomorrow. So, yeay! A chance to go to Ampang Point, grab a few reference books and maybe buy myself a mic and web-cam. And could probabbly drop by at the guitar shop opposite Ampang Point or go to Yamaha to get my Maxtone restringed and what not. Ah, well. Its missing a string, and one of the knobby things are missing. Haha, how sad. But yeah, I play it nearly every hour of everyday!

Dad actually warned me that he'd confiscate it if I don't start studying, so well....I studied a few pages of Sejarah today. Well, better than nothing ain't it? Y-yyeaaaah, maybe not to dad. But well...Haha. Okay, lets see. What else....ah! I wonder where's Zara. Gah. No matter, I'll wait for her because she's been waiting for me since Saturday until today. Zara, sorry. I miss you.

December 10, 2008

ah, mon dieu

Hello. My fingers ache, a lot.
Yeah, nothing much to say actually. I just needed to write something because my brain has been talking too much to my conscience and so, I couldn't stand it. Haha, and I couldn't sleep last night because I napped from 1.40pm until about 6pm. So, because I couldn't sleep I read, like, 8 chapters of Tuesdays With Morrie and then the conversation of my brain and my conscience started until about 11+pm. Very annoying I tell yah.
    C : What if you die?
    B : I don't want to die, yet.
    C : Well, what if tonight's the night?
    B : OMG, NO NO.
    K : Geez.
How dumb aye? Lol. And mum left the laptop at her office yesterday, so can't upload the pictures. Gahhh. Maybe tonight? I don't know.

December 9, 2008

okay, hello

Yeah, well. I'm back? Haha. Anway, my Eidul Adha was terrific! On Sunday, we went down to Air Baloi to check on my grandma's other house which is going to be renovated this month. So, we checked a few antique/second hand shops along the way. And at one of them, I found a genuine Maxtone guitar! It was being sold at rm80, but yeah, my grandpa brought it down to rm60 and he bought it for me. But, I need to change the strings because its rusty and one of it is missing. Teeheee. So, yeah. Dadaaaaaaaaaa, one thing off the checklist.

Secondly, I think all of you have heard of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide. Well, who hasn't? Yeah, golly. I mean, I had goosebumps when I heard of the news and instantaneously, I thought of giving my 2 cents: If the government still doesn't realize of the dangers of cutting down more trees and making more houses on hill sides and what not, oubviously they are stupid. I felt like screaming in Pak Lah's face when I watched the news. I mean, come on. Don't you freaking see? Nature is acting upon us due to our on rash actions. But yeah, the Highland Towers massacre wasn't enough was it? And now, Bukit Antarabangsa. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Thirdly, had many brilliant pictures with the 1000D. Will post them later, tonight, or so. And Zara. SORRY! In case you're reading my page before you read your chat box, well, I left my phone at home, in my frigging drawer, (how stupid) and at Muar when I wanted to text you using my dad's phone with my sim, I totally forgot I left my phone. SORRY BABE!

Fourthly, I need a shower and a session with Gerard. And not to mention, food. Heh.

December 6, 2008

hellos and goodbyes

Okay, for starters, I'm going down to Muar later this evening and will be there until, about, Monday? So, there won't be any posts you can expect from me. But yeah, I thought I'd fill you in of yesterdays activities. Well......I watched 27 Dresses, again and just watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Yes, I know. Its a bit too late for that but I don't care. Geez, Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) is so hot. I practically squealed during all of his scenes, even when Susan kissed him. Gah, jealousy attacked but yeah. I'm cool. Haha. And later I watched Quantum of Solace, which to be honest, I didn't understand at all. Well, the subtitles were dumb. Yeaaah.

And I think I did mention that dad bought an EOS 1000D in my last post. Yeah, well. Its not for me to use, but this morning dad let me experiment while reading the manual along with a few tips from the photography magazines which I bought! HAAA! Thank you dad! And well....he nicknamed it 1000Dijah this morning when he came in to wake me up. Haha. Anyways, dad uses full-auto, because he doesn't know how to set it. Well, he admitted it to me yesterday and, I know how to use M and Av now. I'm so proud of myself. Teeheee. Okay, diam Khadijah.

What else.....OH! Mum said she might be getting me the guitar before next year, so JACKPOT. I love yeh mum! And about the project with Zara, well....since we've already received all affirmations from Mei, Aisyah and Esah, we'll be commencing after Raya Haji, insyaAllah. I shall keep you updated :D Oh, Zara. I'll text you later tonight if I can yeah? And, one more thing. I miss you. Heeee.

Au dieu, and Selamat Hari Raya Haji to my dear readers. Will be seeing you in three days time.

December 4, 2008

new addictions, again

I am officially hooked onto Hana Yori Dango (HYD), all thanks to Fna. Haha. Damnnn. I missed yeh Fna! Feels good to finally get to talk to you after, like, 9 months? Gosh. I think I want to get Meteor Garden's box set after watching Hana Yori Dango. I watched one episode of season 2, once, at Auntie Yati's house a few years back. Haha, yeah. So, I'm on the third episode of HYD and I must say its pretty darn good you know, and superbly funny. Heee. And Tsukasa *melts*. But yeah, I still love Daniel Radcliffe more. Lol.
Ah, yes. I wasted my afternoon by watching The Darjeeling Limited which is just so funny, and well...awesome. Yeah. I think I can watch that movie over and over without getting bored. Also, I find Marie Antoinette quite good as well. Kirsten Dunst is in it with Jason Schwartzman. And well, at the start of the movie Jason seemed a little bit immature but when he became Louis XVI, goshhh, he was so...I don't know. Yeah. Okay, I am crapping. Geez.

Oh, dad bought an EOS 1000D which, of course, I am not allowed to use. They think I'll break it within minutes of holding it. But yeah, thats what I get. Anyway, I don't want to go so so angsty here. It'll ruin the fun for those of you who read my blog. Well, I seem to find my blog a little bit dry lately. Don't you think so? And I haven't got that much to say. Geez.

Yeah, and the project with Zara is on babey! But we're waiting for Mei's say. Yeah. I'll keep you updated on it :D

December 3, 2008

sweet seventeen aye

Shizzang! Happy 17th Meeeei!<3

Well, I would've texted you but my phone broke and my dad hasn't fixed his old phone for me to use yet so yeah, here would be the best place to wish you happy birthday. Gosh, Mei. You're 17 already. Maynnnn, it seems like it was only yesterday that we just got to know each other and look at where we are now. Teeheeee. Again, Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay :D

So here, I wish you the best of luck in your life and, of course, I do hope that you get good results for SPM. Heee, well. Wow, Mei. Haha, I have to stop saying that. Yeaaah, anyway. I don't care how old, or young you are but I will always love you. And and, you know what. You're the best Mei. Heee, well. When you're name pops up in my mind, somehow "best" is the first word I can relate to. Honestly, it is (:

Ahah, yes Mei. Happy Birthday, yet again. And may God bless you with happiness and wealthiness in the years to come. I love you.


Lately, we've been having black outs which usually stretch on to about an hour and a half. Quite annoying, I tell you. And just now, around 7.30pm, I was just about to check on Facebook and stuff and suddenly, BAM, the lights went off. I was like "What the?! Again?!" and Victor, my neighbour, was playing guitar and he suddenly like, "Woooi!". Haha, yeah. And I totally forgot about the black out. We had our lights back on around 8.40pm or so.

Yeah, thats about it. OH! And this morning, I had, like, fuzzy images of dad coming into my room and covering me with my duvet, which I so happened to kick off. I wasn't that sure, so I asked him just now, and he was all like, "Yeah. Tengok, I tolong coverkan you with your duvet." in this real mushy daddy-to-little daughter kind of voice. Haha. But yeah, thanks dad. I love you <3

Ah, well.....Gerard seems a bit off today. I don't know why though. Haha, but yeah. I wasn't in the mood as well. I napped, like, from 1.30pm to 3pm or so. Gosh, I actually hate taking naps but its become a regular with me since the start of the holidays. Yeah. Heeee.


I think I have grown rather fond of heels. Not just any heels, but the ones that make you tower above everyone else. Haha, I have no idea why. But well, I used to like them once when I first slipped on 4 inch platform pumps from Aldo during my very first visit to Pavillion. Haha, and then I somehow broke off from that fetish. And well, that fetish has returned again when I saw Versace's pumps. I mean, GOD! I love them.

Oh, the other day I went into Zara with dad and Yusof after our family dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and I tried on these wedges which were about, 3 inches high?, and I fell in love with them so much that I dream of walking around in them everyday. Haaa, talk about craziness. But yeah, I think I will wear them because they're not too short and not too high. Heee, I'm trying to get dad to buy them for me. But yeah, I don't really expect anybody getting them for me anyway.

Haaa, anyway. Ever noticed how gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe's eyes are? Gosh, I melt when I look at them. Haha. Damn. I still remember him in his first Harry Potter movie and he looked so innocent, and now look at the man he has become. Goshh *melt* Haha, yeah. I'm such a sucker for guys with pretty eyes. Especially guys with either hazel, blue or grey eyes. Heee.

Gosh, I think I'm the only Harry Potter nerd around here. Well, everyone is crazy about Twilight. Haha, yeah. And somehow, I don't feel like watching it anymore. The...enthusiasm is just not there. Yeah, nevermind.

December 2, 2008

random fact number 5

I am quite vulnerable.

Not quite, but yes. I am vulnerable. Dad could be joking about some stupid thing and I'll go haywire: locking up myself in my room, listening to my mp3 on full blast and letting Drop Dead, Gorgeous blast through my earphones. So, yeah. I'm sorry if my vulnerability has....I don't know. Yeah, you get the point.

I don't exactly know who this "sorry" goes out to, but yes, honestly, I am sorry.

fill me in

I've just realised that I haven't posted a propper post in days. I guess I've been feeling self-doubting. God. It just, snaps in so easily. Well, thats how vulnerable I am. Lucky for me, I have a few guys who cheer me up everyday and also Pete & Arlene's pieces which are just superb! I've been listening to them for a full one hour or so while playing Pet Society and MSNing with Dd. Yeah, how great can life get aye?

So, anyway. My daily routine during the holidays are basically boring. I start of my day by waking up around 8-9 am and then if Umar is watching Star Wars or whatever, I'll join him. Then followed by a work out session. After that I'll go downstairs, grab a fruit to eat and join Hajar and the maid out in the sunshine. After 5 minutes, I'll go inside, shower and have my regular sessions with Gerard. And for the rest of the day, I'll be reading a book. When night falls, I'll be on the laptop. Heh. Boring, I know.

But well...that has been my holiday routine for the past few years anyway. Yeah, and! Wow, its snowing in Kerfuffle's neighbourhood in Pet Society. Gosh, I was like: Wow, snow! Haha, yeah. I know I sound wierd and all. Oh, and you know what. Everytime I'm playing my piano, the name Gerard will automatically come to mind like theres nothing else much more important than his name. Haha, well I suppose that Gerard does fit for my piano. Teeeheeee.

And I think I'm addicted to Pete & Arlene. Especially Impromptu Six and Seven :D

December 1, 2008

oh gosh

Thank yehh Dd for making my day!

Gosh, I was literally squealing like a piglet. Haha, but yeah. Thank you cousss. I really appreciate it because, well, I was a bit frustrated. And well, thinking of myself as some...I don't know. A no one? Haha. Yeah. Thank you Dd♥

Ceh, macam baca sebenarnya en kau. Teeheeee.

craps on the first

Its the 1st of December already, and I feel....I don't know. Well, 30 days to go til 2009 at which point that's the start of PMR year which means non-stop studying for the rest of the year. And there's DeLF B1, which I'm sure I'll fail just like that. And I'm planning on taking SATs which, I know, is going to be so so hard that I won't score. Okay, merde. Why am I being so pessimistic. This is just...wierd. Heh, anyway.

Hell-o 1st of December 2008.

Oh. I'm not getting a new phone. I'll be using dad's old Nokia 5300 which isn't that big on image quality, so yeah. At least I can transfer images from the lappie into it. Teeheeeee. Okay, Khadijah. Stop. Yeah, even if I did get a new phone I'm not so lucky enough to get the one of my choice. Nasib lah. So, instead of a new phone, I'm getting a guitar and I don't want lessons. I want to learn myself. Heh. And, I don't understand why....God. Nevermind. I don't want anyone to know.

Oh, and I think I'm naming my piano Gerard. Haha. I was thinking of Gerard Butler, and yeah. I think my piano's a male so, there you go. Gerard, the German piano. Wow. Sounds a whole lot better than Horugel. Gerard Gerard Gerard. I love you Gerard. Haha.

Oh! And Pete & Arlene is good. I love his pieces. Arlene is the piano by the way. Yeah. Arlene. Nice name I tell you (: