December 2, 2008

fill me in

I've just realised that I haven't posted a propper post in days. I guess I've been feeling self-doubting. God. It just, snaps in so easily. Well, thats how vulnerable I am. Lucky for me, I have a few guys who cheer me up everyday and also Pete & Arlene's pieces which are just superb! I've been listening to them for a full one hour or so while playing Pet Society and MSNing with Dd. Yeah, how great can life get aye?

So, anyway. My daily routine during the holidays are basically boring. I start of my day by waking up around 8-9 am and then if Umar is watching Star Wars or whatever, I'll join him. Then followed by a work out session. After that I'll go downstairs, grab a fruit to eat and join Hajar and the maid out in the sunshine. After 5 minutes, I'll go inside, shower and have my regular sessions with Gerard. And for the rest of the day, I'll be reading a book. When night falls, I'll be on the laptop. Heh. Boring, I know.

But well...that has been my holiday routine for the past few years anyway. Yeah, and! Wow, its snowing in Kerfuffle's neighbourhood in Pet Society. Gosh, I was like: Wow, snow! Haha, yeah. I know I sound wierd and all. Oh, and you know what. Everytime I'm playing my piano, the name Gerard will automatically come to mind like theres nothing else much more important than his name. Haha, well I suppose that Gerard does fit for my piano. Teeeheeee.

And I think I'm addicted to Pete & Arlene. Especially Impromptu Six and Seven :D

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