May 29, 2010

something something 12

Attempt 1 : It started out ok. I was using Artline. Towards the end, the ink started turning purple (?). Mind you, I was using Artline. How was I supposed to know wether or not it's waterproof or not, it wasn't written anywhere on the pen. Which is...dumb. If only I had the time, and money, to buy my usual Faber-Castell pigments. It would've been fine.

Attempt 2 : Janiz bought me new pigments! And it's Unipen. Janiz says that it's better than Faber-Castell and it's cheaper. So, kudos to that. But for the mean time, project has been put on hold. Kak Ashley borrowed my pigments the other day for her art folio and after I reached home from school did I realize I left it with her. So, anywhos, it's with Chay Fhei now. Just have to hold on to Monday. HM!

It's taking me quite a while to finish this. Too much lines, even for me. Nevermind, patience will reward me. The first attempt though, anybody wants it? Before I chuck it down the dustbin.


May 28, 2010

kehadapan ex-mak mertuaku

Yang mungkin bakal menjadi mak mertuaku kembali *cough cough*HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY C:
You know the reason why I wished you this late. Not that I don't love you, but it's because I do. Everybody wants to be the first person to wish you on your birthday. Okay, granted, not everybody, but well, you know what I mean. Haha.

Ok, menantu mode:
Saya minta maaf atas semua kesalahan yang telah saya lakukan. Saya minta maaf atas Milo wafer yang tak terbeli-beli lagi. Saya minta maaf kerana selalu annoy mak dengan mood-swings saya. Saya minta maaf kalau ada masakan saya yang tak cukup garam dan gula dan sebagainya. Saya minta maaf jikalau saya tidak dapat mewarnai hidup mak secukupnya. Saya sayang mak.

Haha. How's that for a belated birthday wish ha? :D

May 27, 2010

that's dumb, haha

K : YUSOF! Gambar jom?
Y : Malas lah. And, I tinggi, you pendek. Malas nak
K : Masalah betul. AH SUDAH. Gambar jugak *click*


May 21, 2010

wishlist #entah berapa jugak

I want my hair that short. Or maybe just the parting and a bit of layering. Yes or no?


Do you know how sometimes the real may seem unreal? Do you know how it makes you swoon and just think about it all day; replay all the moments in sequence throughout the night and later you start to think : did it really, actually happen? It's those things which make you want to smack yourself on the forehead and go "Oh my God, wow".

It's weird when things start happening again the way they used to. It's weird how you say the things you never thought you'd say again. It's weird how you start feeling things you never thought you'd feel again. It's weird to have that nagging feeling which says that things will be better the next time round. It's weird to have the smell of that person lingering around much more longer than they used to.

I suppose things happen because they do.

May 20, 2010

selamat pagi yang buta

I thought I wasn't going to be a part of Sidang this year, I thought I'd just send in my pictures through Aniq. In the end though, I stepped in to fill in the place of someone who dropped out. Gosh, life seriously works in weird ways.

Speaking of, Puan Sarimah asked for the pictures and, she called me Kat. Diabolical much?

May 19, 2010

kejayaan #1

It's amazing how I haven't had propper lunch and dinner for the past 5 days. Propper lunch being rice, lots of it, and anything mum has cooked. It feels weird. Weirder still, my old Pengakap slacks which I couldn't fit into was suddenly so baggy around my thighs. My mouth dropped and I was laughing at myself.

Kejayaan yang amat pelik *muka tak boleh percaya dengan two thumbs up*

May 9, 2010

Mr Chan's favourite


wishlist #(entah berapa)

Terra 55
Mantel 26
Fulcrum 35
Quantum 55
I've wanted one since ages. Care to buy me one? And anyway, Jamboree is coming up this Friday. Yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay! *runs around like a hooligan*