October 30, 2008

i ramble more than i should

A recent picture of dad and I during the wedding in Baling. Thats my current favourite shirt of his. I like it mainly because of the paisley and the combination of colours. Looks like Cavalli's spring/summer 2009 moodboard. Oh God, what am I writing. More crap I presume. Ah, I'm too full of crap nowadays. I can't stand not blurting them out. If I don't I'll be, like, "Oh noooo. I need to write!". Yeah, you get the picture.

Ah, and I've drawn a few more pictures in my new sketch book and two of them I can say...I failed. One is a picture of Mischa Barton from InStyle UK which looked horrible because of the mouth which I drew was smaller than I intended. And another picture of this model, Kirsty Hume, also from the same magazine. It looked a bit of a failure. I don't know. I'll post them later. I'm not in the mood to scan all of them.

Currently craving:

October 29, 2008

just another question

Everyone asks the same question don't they: Will I ever get to marry my handsome friend? Hmmm. To be honest, I've never met anyone who married their "handsome friend". But I can't say that its not likely to happen because sometimes they do happen.

And thank you Alia. You've done me a great favour. Heeee *wink wink*

October 28, 2008

random fact number 1

I love using the eraser on the back of a mechanical pencil

I guess I could say its more of a quirk. Actually, back when I was in standard 3 or 4 I've never ever enjoyed using it. I'd always use the normal eraser instead. Though since I started drawing, it started to become a habit. I guess it saves more time and all.

So, my normal eraser would stay unfinished and will get lost somewhere at school or in my room while the eraser on the back of my mechanical pencil will be finished in just a few months because I draw at least 3 pictures a day and also a lot of doodles.

There you go, a quirk! But beware whenever you lend me your mechanical pencil *grins*

KL i missed you

Oh! Finally back in KL. You have no idea how glad I am. Okay, eventhough Kedah was quite good but I've been travelling too much in this past few months to cope with Kedah. I thought it would be as fun as travelling from KL to Muar and up to Kemaman, but no. It wasn't. I don't know why. I guess one of the many reasons was because I was sick. I still am actually; I'm coughing a lot and a bit of mucus in my nose.

Anyway, Kedah. Wow. It was freaking hot there. It was sunny throughout the whole trip. I think my grandma said it was the works of Tok Teh, my grand-uncle, who jampi-ed so that it would be sunny throughout the wedding. Well, miraculously it was. But the one downer was that it was so so so hot. And to my surprise, weddings there aren't the same as the weddings here. Par example, the hantaran isn't sent on the nikah but during the persandingan itself. Also, there isn't catering. Yes, no catering. So the villagers of the particular kampung, in this wedding Kampung Seratus, have to cook and serve themselves. Loads of muhibbah there I tell you.

Picture spam coming up as soon as the battery is charged. That reminds me, I still have three rolls of film in need to be processed. And, I need to figure out whats the problem with XG-9. I can't press the shutter. Dad thinks its the batteries but I've just replaced them. Iunno *shrugs*

October 25, 2008


Gosh, I've got the cough and the flu now. And somehow, the air pressure in my right ear is all wrong. Everytime I blink, I can hear myself blink in my right ear. Mum was complaining yesterday in the car.
    M : Haiya, you're like dad lah. Sakit sikit, bising. Sakit sikit, bising.
    K : Thats because I don't usually get sick. Tu yang asyik bising. (exasperated)
    M : Tapi sama je dengan dad tu.
    K : Well, tengok lah perangai I macam mana. I even read news papers like him whaat.
Yeah, I've been complaining because of my ear and mum, apa lagi, bising jugak lah. Hahahahaha. And I know most of you know how jealous I get over the tiniest little things, dad is also like that. So, there's a fun fact for the day. I think I'm going to post one fun fact about me everyday. Iunno. We shall see.

And I'll be going to Kedah tonight. Grhhh. I can't watch ANTM cycle 11! Oh no no no. Unacceptable. But I've noticed, since I've started watching ANTM, I can't seem to bother about GG. I guess because season 2 is a bit boring. I don't know. Haha. Oh look.

The wireless signal from my room is "Good". Haha. But when I'm on the bed its like, "Very low". Wierd. I wonder why.

October 23, 2008


Yet again, I am sick. Thanks to the non-stop evening rain at school during this past exam week, and also thanks to my seating position in class according to the name list wich requires me to sit directly under the fan. And, the fan is on full blast. You have no idea how much "joy" I've had sitting under the fan during the exams.

So earlier this morning after tuition, my throat suddenly felt as if it was sheared. I thought by drinking water I would reduce it. But no, the pain was getting more and more intense, Next at school, I suddenly started sneezing eventhough it didn't rain and I was wearing my sweater in class. Mad, I know. I thought it was my normal sinus but, uh-uh, no. It wasn't.

Try imagining wearing a sweater over a layer of tudung and baju kurung, what with the temperature outside being at least 32° and I'm still not sweating. It must've been some sort of a miracle. I even shivered when I woke up from a nap I took about 20 minutes before the English paper ended. Right after that the teacher came up to me and asked, "Tak sihat eh?". Whoa. It seemed like she noticed me shivering.

Lucky mum didn't bring me to the doctor. I hate visits to the doctor, and taking medicine. But under certain circumstances, I will. Like taking Difflam and the grape flavoured Strepsils. Both of which give me a numbness for the pain felt in my throat. Thank God for the person who created Difflam and grape flavoured Strepsils.

did i hear you say

Oh yes, I think I did. Haha. Happy Merdeka fellow evening session sVians.

And in a few more weeks, holidays begin. Oh the joy. Celebrate jom? *grins*

October 20, 2008

saturation is a big no no

We're almost halfway throughout finals and still my brain is saturated with History, History and more of History. I don't know why. But because of this particular saturated-ness, I somehow can't stop drawing. I draw at least two to three pictures a day, and that takes up nearly 40 minutes of my time. So, I can say that it is a big distraction.
My drawings are usually copied out from In Style and Vogue. The one on top here is Ralph Lauren's Fall 2008 collection. Also on of my favourites from that particular collection. I wanted to colour it in but I'm scared that I might ruin it because I haven't got the correct colours. I'll post it up once I have coloured it in.And this, I must say, is my most favourite. I don't think its quite the same but yeah, I think I managed to nail it *grins* I'm so happy. Haha. But then......hiatus awaits. Oh, no no no. Me no likey.

But no matter. A new, 18 paged sketch book is sitting quietly on the table waiting for me to draw on it. Ahhhh, j'aime j'aime!

October 18, 2008

when there's happiness there's a heartbreak

Qulle suprise, I was quite happy and not at all tired during my French class. Impressive, I know. And I answered a lot of questions correctly today, so my kepala kembang sebesar-besar gajah. Haha. But yeah, here's a downer: I went to accompany one of my French mates, Liyana, to Subway with Thalitha. So on the way to Subway, we dropped by Starbucks and I bought myself a rm15 venti sized, hot, caramel macchiato. Later, we went to Starbucks, Liyana bought herself a footlong Subway, oregano and chese sandwhich and we headed back. When we were at class, I put my Starbucks on the table and because the table wasn't sturdy enough, plop, the cup fell and so did 3/4 of its contents. I was like, "ZOMGA! My rm15!". Darn the table.


I have a secret which I shared with dad last night when we picked mum up from the KLIA. Those of you who know the people I'm about to talk about, do not tell them. So, here goes. Ad and Al told me that Am, Na, In and Hd don't like me for some reason which, of course, they wont tell Ad and Al. Dad's conclusion : Maybe they feel threatened that you're much more cleverer than them. Anyway, they're going to KLCC to watch KAMI after the exams but won't bring me along even though Al was backing me all the way. According to Al, here's how the convo between Al and Hd went.

    Al : Eh, tak ajak Kat ke?
    Hd : Takpayah lah. Nanti ayah dia ikut. Menyibuk je.
    Al : Tapi, mana tahu ayah dia tak ikut?
    Hd : Ah, tak kisah ah. Kau jangan ajak dia!
Heart breaking, I know. And to think I've known Hd for nearly two years now and I thought she'd be like Es, Sy, Hz and I; not so close, but close in a way. Imagine, talam dua muka. And yet, Hd acts so goodie to me. The rest, I don't care because I've never liked them anyway. But Hd. Damn her. How could she. I spent my last three nights thinking of what she said. But anyway, I won't go out with her. She's no fun. I'd rather go out with my dad than with them.

I don't care if they're reading this, especially Hd. She really needs to realise who she is. Bossing around like she's better than me and then telling me off just because I share my marks, which are higher than hers, with her. She can go and have those other talam dua muka friends if she wants. I do not give a damn. Not a single damn I tell you.

October 15, 2008

Igor + André

Don't you just wish you could draw and paint like Danny Roberts here. The moment I saw his pictures I was filled with total envy and now I want to take drawing lessons. Thank you Zara for introducing me to his blog, by the way. I think I'll make use of the Vogue magazines I have and try to draw pictures like this. Ahaaaa. Brilliant. But I doubt I'll succeed. Iunno. We shall see.

Ah, I love this picture second after the one on top. This is a picture of Lily Cole and Gemma Ward. I truly love the picture of Gemma Ward the most. The colours are just pretty and captivating. And eventhough the pictures are very simple, they're just so so pretty.

His prints are definitely on my wishlist now :D
If this laptop were mine, I would've put the picture above as my desktop wallpaper.

(Via : Igor + André)

October 14, 2008

failure occurs

Looks like my hiatus just can't be done, not while my phone is broken that is. I don't know why. I keep getting distracted by either the piano, my sketch book, food, listening to so-not-me genres (Drop Dead, Gorgeous mainly) or just watching Ratatouille. Yes, I've been watching Ratatouille lately. I have no idea why because usually I'll either watch Pride & Prejudice or P.S. I Love You but instead, I watch Ratatouille now. Maybe...just maybe, I want to become a gourmet cook! Rofl. I don't know.

Anyway, after Science tuition I managed to finish the final chapter of the form 2 History syllabus. Then I headed straight to the piano and tried figuring out the chords for These Streets. After playing a series of distorted chords, I finally got it: E♭ minor. I think to play it, its a 2/4. I don't know. I haven't exactly figured it out. And I'm trying to figure out the new version of Yuna's Blue Sands. I've nailed the intro, I think. Haha.

Oh, and mum's going to Bali tomorrow. Dad will be sending her to KLIA early tomorrow morning because her flight is at 9 am. I hope I do wake up so that I can follow. Anyway, I asked mum to get me an ukulele and she goes like, "How am I supposed to fit it in my luggage?". And dad said, "Can't you just get one here?". Lol. Ah, no matter. I don't mind anyway. It was just a request. Not that its urgent or anything. But I actually secretly wish for a baby grand piano. Apparently it costs at least RM8000. I was like, whoa.

Ah, I'm also in desperate need of a piano teacher! Can you believe I've forgotten what time signatures are. I mistaken them for tempo. How dumb, I know. Well, looks like its time to open the piano books and re-study. Oh, that reminds me. My grade 2 cert is still with my old teacher. I guess I'll text her or call her when my phone is recovered.

Eeeep, I'm bored.


Helloooo Hiatus.
Long time no see old buddy.
Oh yes. Starting from 2 am until Finals are over, I shall be on semi-hiatus-because I can still sort-of use my phone *grins* But anyway, the laptop shall be left untouched until some so-called urgency comes along.

Before I go, you have to watch Jeff Dunham! I can't stand watching him. Especially the one with Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
    JD : So listen Achmed, where did you come from?
    A : Your freaking suitcase *snickers*
    JD : Look, if you've been to my suitcase all this time how can you get through security at the airport?
    A : Oh thats easy. They open the case and I go "Hellooooo! I am Lindsay Lohan!"
Hahaha. Dumb, I know. I think this is funnier than Potter Puppet Pals but I love them all the same. Oyes, thank you Abang Shaz for sharing this with me <3

Uh-oh. Nearly 2 am. Haha.

October 13, 2008

trés rouge

This was today's sunset. A blood-ish, red colour. The wind was blowing so hard, it scared me. Yes, I'm a scardy cat. Albeit it all, I loved every single second of watching the sun go down. It was fascinating; the movement of the clouds, the sinking of the sun, the colour of the sky.

Oh yes, do take note that my phone crashed this evening so I can't reply any texts. But I can pick up calls. Even so, I think I'll just turn off my phone until either I get a new one, or my current one is fixed.

Et oui, before I forget. I'll try to be on permanent hiatus until Finals are over. I can't be distracted anymore. I'm left behind on Geography and Islamic Studies.

oh no no

Darn, my old Hirschsprung operation is aching now. The scar is right above my groin, under my stomach on the far right hand side of my body. It feels so tight around that area, I could cry. I can't even sit up straight. It aches. I can't even turn my upper body or defecate. Ahhh, it feels as though someone is tugging on it.

Its not that agonising but then again, it hurts. I hope the pain will be gone by tomorrow. I can't afford to be clenching the operation spot during tuition tomorrow. Ah, the pain has lessen as I'm typing this. Alhamdulillah, thank God.

Lucky it isn't my cysts, or else. So, so dead. I'll have to go see Dr Ashar, and my appointment isn't due until December.

October 12, 2008

testing one and two and three

I intended it to be a prose, but it seems a bit too long to be a prose. I don't know.
But anyway, I might make a short story out of it. Usually 'short story' in my book would mean a story which is at least four pages long. Lol. I describe things in too much detail. I'll try to minimize the details though.

Once I'm done, you'll be the first one to know.


Sunyi sungguh perpustakaan. Yang ada hanya aku dan seorang pustakawan yang sedang menyusun buku di rak. Aku mengeluh dan kembali menulis sajak yang perlu dihantar tulat kepada cikgu Bahasa Melayu. Beberapa buku sajak tulisan A. Samad Said terbuka di hadapanku; kononnya untuk inspirasi, tetapi aku baru siap separuh daripada serangkap. Macam mana ni, hatiku keluh. Aku menggigit penku, sebuah tabiat jikalau sedang kebuntuan.

Tiba-tiba seorang lelaki melintas di hadapan meja di mana aku sedang duduk. Aku menoleh ke kanan dan dia sedang membelek-belek buku. Aku memerhati penampilannya; rambutnya seakan-akan rambut The Beatles, kemeja putih berlengan panjang yang dilipat ke paras siku dipakainya bersama sepasang seluar jeans faded, sebuah beg sandang berwarna hitam disandangnya.Dalam kelekaan aku, dia menoleh ke arah aku. Malu, aku memandang ke buku A. Samad Said yang terbuka di hadapanku. Dari tepi mataku, aku nampak yang dia sedang tersenyum lebar. Alamak, dia nampak lah, hatiku berkata. Tanpa berfikir dua kali, aku bangun dan melulu ke arah tandas.

Ketika aku kembali ke mejaku semula, aku perasan yang dia duduk di meja yang betul-betul bertentangan dengan mejaku. Aku berpura-pura tidak nampak dan mula menggeledah begku, yang di dalamnya terdapat sebuah kamus milik abangku, untuk mencari mp3 player Sony yang aku dapat masa hari jadi aku awal tahun ini. Aku sekali mengeluarkan kamus abangku. Sambil-sambil itu, aku memasang lagu Yuna. Aku membelek kamus abangku; di sebalik muka hadapan, sehelai paper napkin yang bertulis:

    Abang tahu adik pergi perpustakaan esok. Ingat nak ikut, tapiada assignment pulak dah. Takpelah.

    Nanti adik balik, nak baca tau sajak tu. Tak bagi, siap. Harapan je adik nak ikut abang pergi Starbucks nanti. Hehehe.

    Jaga diri tau budak kecik .
Aku tersenyum dan menyimpan paper napkin itu di dalam bekas pensel. Aku mengalihkan perhatian aku kepada sajak yang aku sedang tulis. Tiba-tiba ilham tercetus dan aku sambung menulis sajak aku yang sudah hampir seminggu terbengkalai. Sampai sahaja rangkap keenam, aku berhenti menulis dan membacanya. Aku berpuas hati dengan tulisanku dan melihat jam di phone aku; 5:20 pm. Abang sampai jap lagi lah, hatiku berkata dan aku mengemas barang-barang aku. Sejurus itu, aku bangun dan mengambil sekali buku-buku yang telah ku ambil untuk meletakkannya kembali di rak buku.

    ‘Hei, awak !’
Aku toleh ke belakang, lelaki itu sudah berhampiran dengan aku. Di tangan kirinya, ada sebuah buku yang dipegangnya. Aku tergamam seketika dan tanpaku sedari, kedua-dua kening aku angkat.

    ‘Ye saya ?’
    ‘Tak….uhh….awak ni can-eh ! Bukan bukan!’
Aku tergelak melihat di gagap, sambil itu aku meletakkan buku terakhir yang telahku ambil di raknya. Muka dia kelihatan makin cemas. Aku kerutkan dahiku.

    ‘Ya Allah. Apa aku merepek ni!’
    ‘Relax lah. Saya tak makan orang.’
Aku senyum, dia pandang aku dan cuba menenangkan dirinya. Kelihatan dia makin cemas apabila tengok aku senyum. Haiya, aku keluh di dalam hati.

    ‘Encik abang, boleh cepat tak? Ni, abang saya dah nak sampai ni.’
    ‘Oh. OH. Okay. Tak, saya nak bagi awak buku ni.’
Dia menghulurkan sebuah buku. Rupa-rupanya aku tertinggal sebuah buku semasa aku hendak memulangkan yang lain. Aku mengambil buku itu darinya.

    ‘Haha, terima kasih. Tak perasan pulak tadi.’
    ‘Ah, takpe. Hal kecik je.’
Sekali lagi aku senyum pada dia. Dia senyum lebar dan jalan menuju ke arah mejanya. Aku meletakkan buku yang dia hulurkan di raknya dan menuju ke arah mejaku untuk mengambil barang-barang aku. Aku mengambil beg sandangku dan menyandangnya dan terus menuju ke arah pintu keluar.Tiba-tiba aku dengar bunyi langkah menuju ke arahku, aku memandang belakang dan ia adalah lelaki itu lagi.
    ‘Boleh saya jalan dengan awak?’
    ‘Uhh. Haha, okay.’
Aku memandang ke arah matanya dan baru aku perasan warnanya hazel, warna kegemaranku. Aku tersentak, dia memandang saja aku.

    ‘Helloo? Apa hal ni?’
    ‘Tak. Mata awak….’
    ‘Oh, haha. Mak saya separuh Perancis.’
    ‘Cantik warna dia.’
Dia tersenyum. Aku terus memandang matanya; tak tahan aku tengok. Dalam kelekaan aku, tiba-tiba phone aku berbunyi. Aku lihat skrinnya: Abang Arief. Aku menjawabnya.

    ‘Ye abang, dah nak keluar ni! Sabar lah.’
    ‘Eleh, budak mengada. Cepat sikit. Tinggal karang.’
Aku keluh. Lelaki itu memandang aku.

    ‘Um, nak nombor boleh?’
Dia menghulurkan phone nya. Aku mengambilnya dan menulis nomborku dan senyum. Aku melambai kepadanya dan berjalan dengan pantas ke arah pintu keluar, takut sahaja Abang Arief marah. Tiba-tiba lelaki itu mengejar aku lagi. Aku berhenti.

    ‘Apa lagi?’
    ‘Tak, nama awak lah cik kak!’
    ‘Oh. Haha. Elis.’
Dia senyum sahaja. Aku membalas senyumannya dan berjalan ke arah pintu keluar. Abang sedang menyandar di luar keretanya. Dia senyum menyindir.

    ‘Abang dah nak tinggalkan tau tadi!’
    ‘Eleh, abang. Jahat gila.’
    ‘Nasib baik abang sayang Elis tau.’
Aku tersengih dan dia membuka keretanya. Aku masuk ke dalam kereta. Sambil dia sedang menghidupkan enjin, phone aku berbunyi. Aku melihatnya : 1 message received. Aku membukanya.

    ‘Hello Elis. Tersengih ke tu? Hehe.

Aku senyum diam-diam.

oh baby

The promised picture spam. Sorry if its too vain. You know how I am with the camera *grins* Especially with Mei's Supersampler.

Hello dear paper bag monster :D

I'm so fat. Look at my thighs. Ahhh.

My darling Awat monster. Can you say "Raaaaaar"?

I'm a Facebook addict. Everyone knows that. Lol

And in the midst of boredom, my Pakistani brother sent this. Thank you dear brother for reminding me, NOT.

It was raining outside and I was terribly bored.

Exams are around the corner and I have promised myself that today will be the last day I'll ever be online and then back to hiatus until after Deepavali because I'll be in Kedah for yet another wedding and I'll be back on the 28th. Crazy, I know. And yesterday I was in PJ for a wedding as well; the continuation from the one in Kemaman the other day.

So, studies are going pretty well. My brain is currently saturated with History; perjanjians, the Brooke family, names, places etc. In my brain, all I can think of is History, History and more of History. The other day while I was playing piano to unwind, suddenly pops out the areas of Sarawak which the Brooke family conquered back in, uh, 1853 until the early 1900s *sighs*

And I haven't finished my art folio yet which we're supposed to submit this...Thursday. Darn, I'm sooo dead. My dad was like, "Asyik folio je". Yeah, I know. Hello, Ministry Of Education. Can you stop these abundance of folios! We've got to study for exams lagi, and you guys expect us to do folios. What lah. We're tired you know.

Ah, and today's Yuna's EP launch. I think I mentioned once about Dizzy and The. I can't remember. Anyway Auntie Alia, who's my dad's cousin; also (I think) a friend of Yuna's, offered my dad to bring me to Yuna's EP launch. But dad conveniently said I had exams, so I can't go. Darn darn darn );

Oh, and picture spam coming up. I'm going to edit some of them first, but Picnik is...I don't know, wierd? But yeah, I'll post some pictures. Of yesterday's wedding and also some from my photo shoot. Yeah, I did one in my room. I couldn't stand anymore of History so I set up a mini-so-called-studio in my room and put the camera on self-timer mode. Haha. I'll post them up :D

Here's a mini preview:The background is actually a fabric which dad bought from Ikea. I was supposed to sew a bag for myself out of that fabric, but the sewing machine is at the shop for servicing. So...yeah.

October 6, 2008


Raya holidays are over and-literally-hell starts. Final exams are about to start in a week's time and there are nearly 11 subjects to study in that amount of time. I don't know if I can cope. I can barely start studying as it is, but I've promised myself to start studying tomorrow night. I'll be making a last minute timetable just for the finals and after that I'll be sticking to my old routine.

Anyway, today's Monday and its also the first day of schooling after the Raya holidays, which seemed to have passed by like a breeze. At school, Raya stories were exchanged here and there, duit raya requests being made from up, down, left and right, open house invitations being extended and such. Speaking of open houses, mum said we might be having one next weekend. And not to mention, in the midst of the finals! Grhhh. I'm feeling more mundane than ever.

Also, to add to the mundane-ness in the air I have recently acquired dermatitis. My skin is covered with little spots which has fluid in it and it is supremely itchy but the doctor gave me a small tub of Betnovate cream which is siblings to Bactrobane and also this other medication. Pill more like it, but I forgot the name. No matter.

Ohyes, Izzat had a hair cut. And it looks like The Beatles haircut. Haha. Since watching Across The Universe I'm into The Beatles. But then again, who wouldn't be into The Beatles? Hoyea, they're awesome :D

Here's some of the tracks which I enjoy listening to:
  1. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
  2. All You Need Is Love
  3. I Want To Hold Your Hands
  4. Yellow Submarine
  5. Hey Jude
  6. Blackbird

October 5, 2008

shuffle on

a) Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle.
b) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

Your wedding song:
Can't Take My Eyes Off You; Muse
pardon the way that I stare, there's nothing else to compare

When your parents yell at you, they scream:
Is Anybody Listening; Danity Kane
can you hear me, show me, is anybody listening

The song that best describes you:
Secret; The Pierces
its a secret, can you keep it?

The song that best describes your friends:
Stranger; Hilary Duff
you're not the person I once knew

When your mad, you play:
Stab My Back; All American Rejects
you nearly broke my heart, just look at what you’re tearing apart

The song that will be played at your funeral:
Reverse Of Shade; The Windupdeads
what to feel when we are down

The song you'll sing along to in the shower:
Lucky; Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat
lucky we're in love in every way

The song you listen to when you're happy:
Better Together; Jack Johnson
but I will still tell you one thing; we're better together

Fight song:
This Is Ours; Yuna
stupid conversations in your car

How you feel when you see your crush:
You Belong To Me; Jason Wade
just remember darling, all the while, you belong to me

Song that describes your life:
These Walls; Teddy Geiger
I got to step outside these walls

Song you'll sing at your graduation, or the song you should've sung:
Just Like A Star; Corinne Bailey Rae
I've been confused and in the dark, now I understand

Song that describes your pet:
Rocket; Yuna
like kitten in a box

The song you mosh to:
They'll Never Get Me; Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Song that describes when you and your friends are together:
Nothing Lasts Forever; Maroon 5
everyday with every word whispered, we get more far away

Song that you think of when you see your enemy:
I'm So Sick; Flyleaf
so you'll shut up and stay sleeping, with my screaming in your itching ears

Song you think of when you wake up in the morning:
A Thousand Miles; Vanessa Carlton
and I wonder if you ever think of me

I tag: You who's reading my blog, and my link list

and another

Oh Jim Sturgess, I'm in love with you.

I know, I'm helpless. I fall in love with every scruffy, cute, good-looking guy. And not to mention, he's got a real good voice. Want proof? Watch Across The Universe. I watched it two nights ago with Fara and Sarah at the hotel as a midnight movie. Well, Sarah wasn't exactly watching because she was drawing something.

But anyway, its a good musical.

yet another Raya passes by

Raya this year was okay. But it wasn't as vibrant and lively as the previous years. Maybe one of the reasons is that my dad's younger brother wasn't there on the first of Raya because his children had to celebrate the first Raya with their mum only to come back for Raya with their dad the next day. So yeah, you get the idea. They're divorced, but that's another story.

Anyway, first day of Raya was the same as every year. Everybody frantically searching for missing brooches, sampins, songkoks etc. Anyways, as usual nearly everyone went out for Raya prayers at the surau behind embah's house. The rest staying at home were etiher watching tv or preparing breakfast in the kitchen or getting ready. Around 9 am, everyone was at home eating at the table. After breakfast, we had our photography session which went on quite fluently eventhough Nabil, Umar and Ibraheem were running around the house.

On the second day of Raya, we didn't exactly visit anyone because we had Hajar's belated birthday celebration at home which started around 1 pm. But mostly everyone started arriving at 2 pm or so. My aunt cooked laksa Johor and there was a banana-choc Secret Recipe cake. Oh yeah, we do have Secret Recipe here in Muar. But even so, I only ate half of a piece of it. I thought I was going to eat much more than that, but I didn't. Impressive innit. Haha. Anyway, I had fun.

Third of raya, we went up to Terengganu because my uncle is getting maried. I'll post about that later today, I hope. Oh and I didn't take that much of Raya pictures with Minolta but I did take a lot of pictures of the nikah. None of the persandingan though because Yusof and my other cousins just had to use, like, 10 shots of the film. And I'm going to demand him to use his duit Raya to get me another roll of film.