April 28, 2009

i feel sad and soppy

I cried again because of my second intervension as I did for my first intervension. I don't know how many times must I say this but I feel like the stupidest being in Azam. I think I'm not trying hard enough or maybe because I just feel scared of all the other super smart people in my class. I don't know. I wish, I wish that.......I don't know :(

"Khadijah, you know you can do it. But you don't believe in yourself."

April 26, 2009

BOTB 2009

The promised pictures. Okay, fine, not all of them. But there are more in my Flickr. I just can't be bothered to flood my blog. So, head down to my Flickr lah. Links in the sidebar *points that way*

And if you still want more, pass me your thumbdrive and I'll give the whole lot of pictures to you, okay?
Muchos love, Kat :)

oh yes yes yes

Yesterday was hell fun, period.
Pictures later. I'm too tired now.

April 24, 2009

tayar pancit giler

Had a practise/jam session with Aisyah and Syaza earlier this evening for tomorrow's BOTB and we changed, loads (?) of stuff which is one heck of a surprise for everyone. Don't think anyone will be expecting it from us. Oh well, the idea came up randomly anyway while we were practising. And yeah, Aisyah is super fascinated with my yet-to-be-named flute which I've had for about 4 years now. I feel like taking up flute again. Seems cool. Dad dad, can I? :)

So, right now, we're all very pancit and Aisyah seems to be coming down with a flu while Syaza, on the other hand, is worried she might not get used to the keyboard she'll be playing tomorrow and, me? I'm just scared I'll be short of breath and suddenly become all jelloid. Haha. Well, wish us the best of luck yeah? And MEI IS FRIGGING COMING! My God. I miss her :(
Yeah, I know. I've posted it on TTJ. Can't help posting again *grins*

End of practise session: Giggles and rofl-ings on the sofa.
And Aisyah, get well soon lah!

April 22, 2009

hovering tension

Intervension 2 is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yes, I'm happy like heck.
But sorry, the tension is still hovering around 3 Azam. Know why? This is because, apparently, only 11 people got A for History and for Science, out of the 20+ papers Puan Mahmudah has marked, the highest mark is only 40, out of 60. This can only mean that we're dead meat. Yeah, we are. I'm seriously scared and I'm trying to forget all this but somehow, it keeps coming back

One big D:

April 21, 2009

lets release the tension

I napped for exactly 30 minutes during our Geography paper. Wierdly, I really did. Haha :D

I guess I was really tired. I slept at about 2am last night reading History and bits of Geography. Oh well, I've been too busy to study. Anyway, our Geography paper was quite mild. So was the History paper, but somehow, I'm feeling a little unsure of my answers. Oh well, I can just pray now that I'll maintain my A from the last intervension.

Oh yes! If you've noticed, the sky is literally blanketed in clouds over here. But there's a hole in it and you can see a bit of the sky. Man, that is just so cool. And did you notice the stars last night. Damn. God's gifts to mankind is truly great isn't it? Also, God gives me the best cook slash baker mum. You know what mum baked? Only the most sinfully delicious cherry-chocolate cupcakes! Absolute lush. I've tasted two and the taste still lingers on my taste buds. Mmmmm. Love!
Hmmm. So I guess thats about it for today.
Oh yes. I counted how many log books I have to complete and it all comes down to a big fat five. Nutters. But oh well, I want the Pengakap Muda lanyard by September. Have to work extra hard lah ;)

April 18, 2009

random blabs

This week....I don't know. I can say that its been a bad week?
First of all, I think I've sprained my left ankle during volleyball earlier today and tonight is my uncle's wedding. I wonder if my day will get any worse. Second, I think dad is pi--ed at me for...some reason I won't share. Third, my life seems to be going down. Oh well, God is reminding me of Him ain't He?

I hope I'll be strong.

April 13, 2009

new recipes?

- Abang Rusdy with a grinning face. Imagine that :D

Yeah, wierd name. Awesome creation. Abang Rusdy actually made the recipe up for breakfast on the last day of camp. Its actually a combination of tomyam and also curry flavoured Maggi and cooked with eggs. I didn't try it but there was this one picture of Ashekeen and Kak Mee eating it like they've never tasted anything as good as tomkarlur. Haha. And that same morning, Cedric ate the curry flavoured Maggi's soup with Milo balls. Wierd, no?

And on the second day for lunch, Hannah fried some sausages for lunch to be eaten with our instant chicken curry and telur masak kurma. We were all eating the sausages until Hannah scolded us. I tell you, I cannot tahan anymore! I love Scouts so much!

Right, there I've said it :)

pride of la Khadijah

Lencana Maju, I finally have you. Oh yes I do.
It happened on the third day of camp during the closing ceremony. Kak Ashley was saying out the names of the participants who achieved Lencana Keahlian and Lencana Usaha (so unfair, because it took me a year to get Usaha). Later on, Kak Ash announced the names of the urusetias who got Lencana Maju. I thought I wasn't going to get it, so there I was, happily talking to Abang Rusdy and Anati and suddenly I saw Ashekeen mouthing words at me while pointing at me from the stage.
    A : Weh, Kat! Kau lah weh!
    K : Ha? Ape? (tunjuk diri sendiri) Aku?
    A : Iyeeee. Naik weh, naik!
And there I was walking up the stage to receive my unexpected Lencana Maju. Who knew lah?

Actually, loads more happened. A few interesting things; I met a guy named Cedric and also Syafie (both are from Zon R1) and Syafie can't say 'pengakap' propperly. Anati and I tried desperately to teach him but we all ended up laughing our heads off. So, I can really say that this is one of the best camps I've had so far next to Kem Kemahiran. More camps please Kak Ash :)

Oh, and a big hearty congratulations to Malik and Ashekeen.
They both got a big fat Lencana Jaya lah weh! Envy. Haha :D

April 3, 2009

enough said :)

So far, I think life has been great. I think thats the only word there is to explain everything right now. I just hope it doesn't come crashing down too soon. I want this to last until the ends of this year, and for the years to come.

Full update when I feel like it. Aye aye?

April 1, 2009

and then death takes over

I had-and actually still have-mixed feelings. I felt incomplete, I felt sad and frustrated, I felt like I wanted to die, I felt stupid, I felt insipid, I felt pathetic and I felt slightly happy. My head, on the other hand, is killing me. I've been having migraine a lot that I feel like crying, but like Mr Cher said, "There's a price to pay", and this is the price I'm paying for participating in debate. Its a painful price isn't it.


Moving on.
Well, for English month, there's this Talent Time thing going on and there's Battle of The Bands. I'm planning on participating with Syaza. Being the usual Yuna fanatics we are, we will oubviously be performing any one of Yuna's English songs (grin grin) and Syaza wants to perform Blue Sands so, Syaza wants to to book a room with a piano to play at Yamaha we-being Aisyah and I-to have our sort-of jam session this weekend. But, we'll see first yeah babes. I hope mum and dad agrees, amin.

And the internet is down right now. Opening links from Google: no good; Trying to access to Hotmail: no good either. My God. How the heck am I going to do my opposition speech lah weh. And I can't even update my Twitter! Hello, Streamyx people-or whoever, whats wrong with the Internet? *sigh*

And some randomness for today:
La, who's going to crap with me during Science?
-Darrell, when I said I won't be going in for Science because of debate. *grin*

In the lab, I sit at the same table as Darrell, Farah, Haziq, Syahmi and Ilman, and boy, do we talk a lot. I think Farah is the only one who actually concentrates whilst Darrell and I are the ones who keep on blabbing about *grin*

Other than that, I like Dizzy & The's No Questions Asked.