December 19, 2008

for starters

Maybe will update later?
Tagged by Zara:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
a four year old girl with maggi curls who spent most of her days watching Sailor Moon, non-stop.
yeah, i am one heck of a Sailor Moon fan =D

2. What are 5 things on your to-do list today
  1. study History and what not
  2. watch more DVDs
  3. reorganize my wardrobe.
  4. ?
  5. ?
3. Snacks you like
darn.....turkish delight! and Cadbury Black Forest and Bytes =D

4. Places you have lived
Melawati and Ampang

5. Things you would do if you were a billionnaire
  1. buy my parents a villa in Bali
  2. invest in my studies and buy myself a penthouse =D
  3. books, books and ultimately, MORE BOOKS
  4. a walk-in wardrobe with loads and loads of clothes + shoes
  5. i shall donate the rest
6. People you want to know more about
  1. Aisyah P
  2. Fana I
  3. Syaza S
  4. and anyone else on my link list (?)

and Syaza tagged me:

1. Do you think you're hot?
uh, am i?

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!

3. Why do you like that picture?
i guess because i look so, like...whatever?=D
and also my dressing looks like Rufus'. HAHHA

4. When is your last time you ate pizza?
i can't remember. two weeks ago i guess?

5. The last song you listened to?
Walking Life, Schuyler Fisk
me loveee :3

6. What are you doing rite now beside this?
on MSN with Zara.

People I tag.
  1. Zara
  2. Aisyah H
  3. Fana
  4. Biqah
  5. Kamal

8. Who is number 1?
gossip mate! kot? haha

9. Say something about number 5:
one of my best mates

10. How about number 4?
super cute!

11. Who is number 2?
my darling Syaziqer. i miss you!


DropDeadJULIET said...

thnks fer the tag, but seriously, i love ur shirt. retro abis ;3

Khadijah said...


haha, thank youuuu :D

Hariry Ariffin said...

hi! :D

Khadijah said...

Hariry Ariffin,

hello =D