September 18, 2009

DAY 29, in other words hiatus

I can't believe that it's already day 29 and Raya will be around the corner. No, I'm not that excited as I know I will be distracted by cookies, cakes, ketupat and such and not by the (kononnya) beloved books which I have to read as PMR follows a week after that. After PMR is over, I'll go into hibernate mode. Okay, maybe not. Have some things planned with Aisyah and Syaza as well as everyone else.

Right-o. I won't be away that long I suppose. All of us have loads to do when we're back in KL; cupcakes to be baked for my aunt and I have a birthay party to photograph, as a favour for my dad's old friend back from when they were in England. I know I have to enjoy every waking minute before PMR so as not to breakdown into tears on the day itself. I know I can do well, I know all of us can.

So, to-do-list as of 18th September 2009:
  2. I will be a moral support bank starting today, so any of you who needs my shoulder or anything else, feel free to lean on mkay? I love you guys :)
  3. Decide; PB&J cupcakes or banana cupcakes for Auntie Winnie
  4. Restrain from eating loads of cookies and cakes
  5. Fast throughout PMR
  6. Hug everyone

So, aite? Anything you need, just buzz me. I'll be using mum's E71 over the Raya hols. Oh and um, Aisyah, Syaza and Chay Fhei. I have news. You'll hear from me soon :D


Have fun with your families and fellow form threes, do not stress out okay? If you do, remember that I'm a moral support bank as of today. I love you.

September 7, 2009

would you?

She stared into his eyes, "I'll take you to where the sun comes up."
- Second Glance; Jodi Picoult

Second Glance

Heroes didn't leap tall buildings or stop bullets with an outstretched hand; they didn't wear boots and capes. They bled, and they bruised, and their super powers were as simple as listening, or loving. Heroes were ordinary people who knew that even if their own lives were impossibly knotted, they could untangle someone else's. And maybe that one act could lead someone to rescue you right back.
- Jodi Picoult
I think I've liked so many quotes from that book that I'll be dedicating them to people from time to time. I know there might be one in which can relate to Mei. But I don't know. I'll post it up, and you tell me.

Alright. So, I'm done with the book. Who's next? I know Annas wants to borrow it, Syaza and Rachel as well. No matter, if you guys are reading this, I'll be bringing it tomorrow and who wants it just take it from me first thing aite? ;)

September 5, 2009

Raya suggestion #1

1) Boyfriend Oxford shirt, Gap
2) Real Straight jeans, Gap
3) Double-breasted blazer, Gap
4) Silk paisley dress, Banana Republic

Awuuuuuuuu. I need these D:

September 4, 2009

maximum awesomeness!

Today, I received yet another Pos Laju. It was from Mama Pid, my aunt. I was grinning and laughing while I opened it and inside, there was a red sketchbook and a card. God, I love these people. I know what I'm going to do with my purty red sketchbook which has lush, thick paper :D Wait and see. Anywhoo, Dd, I shall buy you the kebab which we usually eat, aite? After PMR though. 34 more days away!

I also received a pencil box from Mak Chu Ella which I haven't used yet. Maybe during the last few weeks before PMR. Hee :)

Thank you for the good luck cards ♥

September 3, 2009

eff this

My fever has been going on and off. Last night, I had slight temperature. Popped in Panadol, Rinathiol and some antibiotics and this morning the fever was gone. Suddenly it came back in the middle of this morning's assembly and only resolved around 10.30 am after sweating the shizz out of me in the Bilik Jahit. Back home, after watching Narnia my fever came back again. I fell asleep and I felt as right as rain and suddenly during breaking fast, my fever came again.

I wish this would all go away soon. Its no fun having an anxious brain with millions of no-good thoughts running in my brain, and on top of that; a fever. Honestly, I can't think straight.