December 14, 2008


I could've used Twitter to update this, but well.....too lazy? Anyway.
I have a whole load of pictures I want to upload.
Yes! Most of them are pictures of Hajar and dad in our (not-so-pretty-and-cared-for) garden. But yeah, nice shots I tell yah. Most of them taken in black and white, and dad has more headaches after I tell him about all the apperature and shutter speeds and what not. Haha. And dad is like, "Minolta is mine, Canon is mine". Then, what am I left with? Heh. But dad says, I am not "responsible" because I let other people use the camera. Uh...okay.

But yeah, anyway. Will be going out for lunch later at Pavilion. Pictures shall follow, I hope. Also planning on buying another Jodi Picoult book, and I've got my eye on a messanger bag from Gap and also suede oxfords from Zara priced at rm178. I am going to save up money then *grin*
Oh, Zara. Sorry I didn't go online. My cousin's here, and I had to watch The Dark Knight with her last night. Maybe tonight?

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Anonymous said...

tonight it iz! :8)