December 19, 2008


Yeah, I haven't posted and gone online in five days and I'm sorry. Have I been sorely missed? *grin* Tell me if you do. Oh well...pooh. I've been studying Sejarah and making notes of 'em for the past five days. Yeah! I know, incroyable! But well, I had to start yeah. I'm way behind, and I've started doing Maths and Science exercises. Planning on starting my holiday homework next week before Langkawi. Yeyuh, I'm going to Langkawi on the 27th until the 31st! Just in time for New Years. Awesome-ehhhhh =D

Ah, well....I think I'll go online later tonight because I need to upload some pictures, update Flickr, Plurk and Twitter and of course, MSN-ing! Teeheee. I missed you guys, but not the internet. Boohoo, sorry internet. I did just fine with my Sejarah books and my darling Sony mp3. Oh la la. Will be going to KLPac tomorrow for Chrismast Carol (?) I think. Charles Dickens' isn't it? Haha, but yeah.

Okay, off to lunch. Maybe do a bit of studying what not. Toodle-doo.


Anonymous said...

i thought you were dead? :-S
got lotsa story to tell.

M. said...


Khadijah said...

Ultimate Machine,

teeheee, sorry laling.


ah, no where actually. i've just been a bit lazy to use the laptop and all.