December 6, 2008

hellos and goodbyes

Okay, for starters, I'm going down to Muar later this evening and will be there until, about, Monday? So, there won't be any posts you can expect from me. But yeah, I thought I'd fill you in of yesterdays activities. Well......I watched 27 Dresses, again and just watched The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Yes, I know. Its a bit too late for that but I don't care. Geez, Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) is so hot. I practically squealed during all of his scenes, even when Susan kissed him. Gah, jealousy attacked but yeah. I'm cool. Haha. And later I watched Quantum of Solace, which to be honest, I didn't understand at all. Well, the subtitles were dumb. Yeaaah.

And I think I did mention that dad bought an EOS 1000D in my last post. Yeah, well. Its not for me to use, but this morning dad let me experiment while reading the manual along with a few tips from the photography magazines which I bought! HAAA! Thank you dad! And well....he nicknamed it 1000Dijah this morning when he came in to wake me up. Haha. Anyways, dad uses full-auto, because he doesn't know how to set it. Well, he admitted it to me yesterday and, I know how to use M and Av now. I'm so proud of myself. Teeheee. Okay, diam Khadijah.

What else.....OH! Mum said she might be getting me the guitar before next year, so JACKPOT. I love yeh mum! And about the project with Zara, well....since we've already received all affirmations from Mei, Aisyah and Esah, we'll be commencing after Raya Haji, insyaAllah. I shall keep you updated :D Oh, Zara. I'll text you later tonight if I can yeah? And, one more thing. I miss you. Heeee.

Au dieu, and Selamat Hari Raya Haji to my dear readers. Will be seeing you in three days time.

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