December 3, 2008


I think I have grown rather fond of heels. Not just any heels, but the ones that make you tower above everyone else. Haha, I have no idea why. But well, I used to like them once when I first slipped on 4 inch platform pumps from Aldo during my very first visit to Pavillion. Haha, and then I somehow broke off from that fetish. And well, that fetish has returned again when I saw Versace's pumps. I mean, GOD! I love them.

Oh, the other day I went into Zara with dad and Yusof after our family dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and I tried on these wedges which were about, 3 inches high?, and I fell in love with them so much that I dream of walking around in them everyday. Haaa, talk about craziness. But yeah, I think I will wear them because they're not too short and not too high. Heee, I'm trying to get dad to buy them for me. But yeah, I don't really expect anybody getting them for me anyway.

Haaa, anyway. Ever noticed how gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe's eyes are? Gosh, I melt when I look at them. Haha. Damn. I still remember him in his first Harry Potter movie and he looked so innocent, and now look at the man he has become. Goshh *melt* Haha, yeah. I'm such a sucker for guys with pretty eyes. Especially guys with either hazel, blue or grey eyes. Heee.

Gosh, I think I'm the only Harry Potter nerd around here. Well, everyone is crazy about Twilight. Haha, yeah. And somehow, I don't feel like watching it anymore. The...enthusiasm is just not there. Yeah, nevermind.


that ultimate sakai said...

4 inches? damn girl, you're a walker ;D my highest ones are 3.5 and i can't possibly go any higher unless i wanna be a six footer.

sorry i just had to leave a comment this way. don't like flooding up your cbox x)

that ultimate sakai said...

oh btw, this is JuYi :D