December 23, 2008

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

Tired. Worried. Excited. Anxious. Scared. Happy. Greatful. Dead?
All of which I'm feeling at once. How can anyonepossibly cope. Heh. But hell, in the end, I do cope even if it takes a bucketfull of tears and packets and packets of junk food in the process.


I'm starting to miss using Minolta and the MD Rokkor focal lens. Heck, 1000D ada. But...the satiscfation isn't there. No matter, the last time I sent it for servicing it took two weeks. Not long but I can't wait.

Also planning to try black and white film and expired ones as well. I forgot to ask the auntie the other day. Mmmm. What else. Homework ain't done, bags aren't packed, books aren't sorted out, room looks like a tongkang pecah-as my Tok Abah puts it. Heh. Terrific innit?

Okay...what else. D'accord, rien.


Aisyah said...

You're not alone baby!

Anonymous said...

If you like your b&w film quite contrasty, try Fuji's Neopan 400. Their Acros 100 is nice too, although I haven't shot any of it.

You'll probably be able to get Neopan/etc cheaper than you'll be able to get T-Max/Tri-X/Pan-X/HP5/the like, too.

You might want to try chromogenic b&w film, too (b&w film but developed in C41). Kodak BW400CN and Ilford XP2, namely. Expensive, too, but you can develop it in C41, which is cheaper. Some people like them, some people don't.

Expired film is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes the results turn out ok, but sometimes they don't.