June 30, 2009

sometimes even right is wrong

But I have no doubt
One day the sun will come out

Coldplay, Lovers in Japan

And my stomach is in pain.

reality check

Has anybody here noticed how sexy Chris Martin is? Or is it just my mind games playing tricks on me in the middle of the night? Haha. No matter. I want his jacket though. I love the sleeves.

Okay, forgive me for talking crap at this time of the day. Its just that, I have to write a speech for this Cyber Security conference next week on the 8th and I've just hit a brick wall. I don't know what else I should write eventhough I already have the guidelines. And I also have a mother's/father's day essay to write and I've only written three paragraphs of it and I don't know if its even related. Dear God, help me.

And now, my stomach is aching *sigh*


#1 Rolleiflex camera
No matter what, though, I still love the Minolta eventhough I think it is RIP already ;(

June 28, 2009

brief summary?

Its a Sunday and I think we're going out to watch Transformers later tonight. I don't feel like going because tomorrow's a schooling day and I hate sleeping late. God. Oh well, if I'm not going, I'll get dad find someone else to go instead of me.

Anyway, I'm headed to SPCA later. Might sign up for the volunteer thing after Rachel said she was already a volunteer. Well, I can play with cats then if I volunteer! Haha. I don't exactly get to have a cat. Not until, I live on my own? Oh well.

And yesterday was a schooling day. Because they were going to repair the roof on our block, we had to move out to the bengkel KH which was boring and, not to forget, hot. At least we didn't do much. Just had to copy off some notes during Seni and also do a latihan for BM. Thank God! And something funny happened yesterday during a conversation with Leon, Ervin, TKV, Rachel, Chay Fhei and Aisyah when we were talking about drumsticks.

    L : I bought them at Bentley near Pavilion.
    R : WHAT? You buy PANTIES at Pavilion?!
    CF : HA? Leon?! You buy panties?

We all ended up laughing our heads off. Luckily Cikgu Rasidah is real nice and didn't exactly scream at us to shut up but just told us off nicely and we ended up sniggering instead. God. I'm so lucky to have ended up in the same class as these people above :)

AND SYAZA! Come back soon leyyyyyyy.

June 26, 2009

500 Days of Summer

OHGODOHGODOHGOD! I want to watch! D:

good grief

I feel tired.
I want to watch a movie, or two. Okay. I'll update, later. My stomach is making me lose my "selera" to post something.

June 24, 2009

thank you speech

*Ehem ehem* Okay, I'm going to try and make this my last post about our debate competition yesterday-but in reality, I don't think I'll ever stop. I know you know *grin*

First and foremost, I really want to thank Ju Yi and Lim, Rachel, Edna and Pavithra and not to forget, Mr Cher and Puan Suryati for giving me such wonderful comments on my debating. Actually, if I had as many arms as an octopus, I'd just scoop you up into my not-so-famous big hugs. And also, thank you Ju Yi and Lim for writing such good comments about me. So, I'll write one about you guys too as a thank you speech :)

Ju Yi,
You were awesome. I was awed by your speech. I'm glad that God gave me the chance to know you and also the chance to work with you. And also, thank you for guiding and being ever so patient with me when I was a complete lost tadpole in this very very very big world. I think, I wouldn't have been able to write those debate speeches without you. And Ju Yi, its a shame that this is your first and last year of debating because I really would love to see more of your debates. No matter. Make sure you come visit us next year! *hugs*

Although I've only known you for....about four months, I think you're the best third speaker anyone can ever have. Granted, the CBN third speaker was better than you but I do not care Lim because you're just as awesome as them. Maybe it was just the pressure of us all going up against CBN that made you a bit kelam-kabut with your cue cards and such, but I liked the way you rebut them. I think I can never rebut anyone like you can. And the thing about you becoming a doctor with just a mere dictionary was terrific okay. So, lets kick their arses next year mayn!

Rachel, Edna and Pavithra,
I love you guys okay. Thank you guys for checking my speeches, my intonations and such before the competitions. And I'm sorry that I talked too fast eventhough you guys have already told me to slow down. I tried, but my nerves and adrenaline kicked in and thus, resulting in what happened yesterday. And Rachel, lets together-gether bring those pineapples down aye? I can't wait to have the chance to debate with you.

Mr Cher and Puan Suryati,
I don't know what more there is to say but thank you so much for giving me the chance to represent school. You have no idea how big a favour you've done for me. And also, thank you for coaching me and especially Puan Suryati for all those lifting advices you gave to us. I honestly felt like crying when you said that "no matter what, I'd still be proud of you my children". I love the way you said that. And Mr Cher, thank you-to the power of infinity-for pushing us to do all those psychology related theories which you gave us. Honestly, if you hadn't I think that we would've merely lost to CBN without a struggle.

And to every single person who've been praying for us especially my awesome 3 Azam classmates, thank you. And also, mum and dad. I wouldn't have even thought of joining debate if it weren't for the both of you♥

With this, let me give you a *superawesomekhadijahhugggggggg*

but we never were

I'm gonna let you starve, gasping for air
I'm ventilation, you out of breath
Hope you ain't waiting

Mariah Carey, Obsessed

Do not ask why I'm listening to this song on repeat on my Window's Media Player for I have no answer to that. All I know is that, I'm obsessed with picking out lyrics from songs and posting them here. Wierd. I think I should make a Tumblr for all my favourite song lyrics. Maybe this weekend. I'm too lazy now.

looking back

Them kiddos

I never even remembered that I took this picture until....about a minute ago. I wish my eye was as good as it was back then. Oh well, I'll improve won't I?

"you know you can't fool me"

Lost in love and I don't know much
Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch?
But I'm back on my feet
Eager to be what you wanted

Air Supply, Lost in Love

Heard this song in Auntie Yati's car on the way back from school after extra classes and immediately fell in love with it. Ahhh, how oldies make me fall in love with them? I'll never know.

June 23, 2009

i just couldn't

I was so happy that I couldn't breathe :D
Trust me, I was holding on to my chest and breathing heavily while Aisyah and Syaza were worrying over me like mothers. Haha. I missed their motherly behaviour. Therefore, I shall be in school tomorrow. You cannot deny, oh 3 Azam readers, that you've missed me *grin*

Okay, going to finish off my rumusan and headed to sleep. Oh, glorious sleep!

i am satisfied

If you haven't heard, we lost to the pineapples. But, like Ju Yi said, we lost a fair fight and I'm pretty darn satisfied because of that. Honestly, I thought it was one heck of a heated debate. The CBNs were really good speakers but honestly speaking, I didn't really catch their points. They were talking about the evolution of language? Erk. Haha. Sorry CBNs but either way, I salute you. They were eloquent man which scared me, but yeah, I don't think I showed it to them.

And I think we really did the best today. Ju Yi's reply speech was awesome, Lim's rebuttal was good but he didn't manage to finish it and our POIs, they couldn't answer okay! That was good man, super good. (Sorry) but I actually enjoyed looking at their faces when I laid down the stand for the government panel. The look on their faces, honestly, a sight to behold. But even the first speaker of CBN told me that when we talked about active linguistic features, they totally didn't know what to say. Oh well, Mr Cher is awesome for making us do all this even at the 11th hour. Props to Mr Cher maynnn.

Oh, and the first speaker gave me this POI which goes something like this : How can you talk about ambiguity when LOL is being standardized as "laugh out loud"? I was like, honestly, I got pissed and I think I sort of shouted at her : How can you say that LOL only means "laugh out loud"? Do you know that LOL can also mean "lots of love"? Mr Cher was already yes-ing and I think I saw Rachel, Pavitra and Edna were smiling.

Later on, we treated Mr Cher at Old Town White Coffee and we all had fun. Mr Cher transformed from the "aku cikgu disiplin, kau mati" into the "I'm funny and nice like an ordinary person" which was awesome. Talked and discussed over coffee and toast. Had a great laugh with Pavitra. I think we're satu kepala. We can speak in Science speak, we laugh like maniacs and we played with the sugar container on the table and ended up laughing like crazy. Lim then had a debate with Pavitra about the Bermuda Triangle and Ju Yi was saying "Aiya, and I'm here in the middle". Oh well, svians, what else do you expect from us? We ain't stereotypical, I can tell you that.

All I can say right now is that I'm satisfied that we went down with pride and now I can finally get a good night's sleep :D

June 22, 2009

one obstacle through

God, after a nerve wrecking day, we made it through Padang Tembak. I don't mean to brag or anything, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The POIs weren't so bad either. But either way, I was shaking up to a point where I couldn't refer to my point on my cue cards. I don't know whats wrong with me. I hope that doesn't happen tomorrow. AND! Ju Yi got the best speaker of the round. Awesome mayn :D

Walaweh. We're up against CBN tomorrow and here's the catch, they have one advantage over us tomorrow: they've seen our styles and our weaknesses. Oh God. This is bad man, just bad. I hope they don't come up to what we have cooked for them *evil laugh* Okay, I think the first topic speeches were the best, but nonetheless, for the second round, its quite okay.

I think we're leaning more towards opposition this time. Oh well, I don't care. I get to rebut those pineapple girls. Haha. Right, off to edit my speech and find statistics.

June 21, 2009


Debate is in about 8 hours time.
I'd better redo my cue cards and try to memorize and pick up the important points to say. I wanted to call Aisyah or Syaza and drone all about me scaring myself, but well, haha. Nonetheless, I promise to do my best and to not stutter or slur my words or anything of that sort.

Yet again I say, please pray that we get government tomorrow.
Other than that, will be in semi-hiatus for the week until debate ends.

i feel better

Right now, I think I finally have a speech which is 8 minutes long. Only the government side of it anyway. I still have to throw in some statistics, examples and such into my opposition speech as well. Walaweh. No matter. I feel confident right now. In the team we've got two kick ass speakers; Ju Yi and Lim, at home, I have my parents praying for me and at school I have friends wishing me good luck and knowing that we'll do good. I don't feel as nervous as I did yesterday, but it's still there.

Thanks mum and dad for believing in me, thanks Syaza, Aisyah and Zara and everyone else who has wished me good luck over the past week and well, basically, thank you everyone who's praying for us.

Therefore I, as the first speaker, assure you that we are going to try and cut the pineapple trees and let the number five reign above the rest :)

don't know anymore

I think I've posted this song God knows how many times before. I just can't help it :)

"Now stand next to me as I cry for help
Sing next to me as I beg for a solitude
Breathe next to me as I gasp for air"

nervous rambling

I'm feeling queasy inside but not because of the debate speeches, but because of the POI's. I'm scared they'll bang me until I lose confidence and end up crying, or anything of that sort. Yeah, I'm not mentally ready. God. Aisyah gave me a pep talk last Friday and gave me her hugs and Syaza also gave me confidence yesterday when I was on the phone with her so I feel a teensie bit better. My God. Its tomorrow. TOMORROW D:

Sigh. I hope I won't stutter. I hope my pronounciation will be okay. I hope I don't drop my cue cards. I hope I don't feel like falling when I stand up tomorrow. I hope that my hope's will come true and I hope we'll win the cup and cut down the pineapple tree down. Well, in other words, beat CBN. Haha. Okay, I feel slightly better.

Moving on.
Yesterday, tagged along with mum and dad to Yusof, Ibraheem and Umar's report card day at Adni and they were selling books. And I was suddenly inspired to buy this book: Great Women of Islam. I actually secretly wish that I'll be like one of them; faithful servant of God, strong hearted, obedient and everything else which makes the women in the book a great women of Islam.

Right. Okay. I think I'll go practise my speech?

June 20, 2009


One frickin' day folks.
Shiver me timbers, I haven't finished making my cue cards yet D:

June 19, 2009

shall i retire now?

You make me wanna pick up my guitar
And celebrate the merry odd ways that I love you
Zee Avi, Slow Hands (Interpol cover)


I got depressed. I shed a few tears. Because I couldn't take it anymore, I listened to John Mayer, John Legend and Zee Avi. Browsed through magazines and had the sudden urge to draw. I think I drew at least 4 pictures in between browsing the magazines. I immediately felt better right after that. Maths class later in the evening made me feel even better. Did linear equations, sneezed in between solving them. Mrs Wong told me to be careful now that I have the flu. Thanks for the advice :)

Right now, I don't feel like sleeping. My head is filled with thoughts on debate, my yet-to-be finished BM folio and also Zee Avi's cover of Interpol's Slow Hands. I think I'm thinking too much. Okay *sigh*

midnight prayers

When I get my guitar back, this will be the first song I'll learn to play. If I have the time, but I trust I will. And when I've learnt it, I'll teach Mei and we'll do a duet together. Haha. So let us all now pray together that I'll get my guitar soon.

June 18, 2009


I am Bo.
Syaza called me Bo yesterday after I told her that I got that name from a quiz on Facebook. And Bo means precious. "Hi! I'm Bo, precious" so not me I tell you. But I like it. Bo Bo Bo Bo. I am Syaza's Bo Bo. Haha.

Okay, the only reason I'm posting this at 2 in the morning is because I've just finished the Star magazine thing and also my opposition speech for the second round. I couldn't come round to finishing the government speech though because I didn't really find that much of elaborations on my point and I got stuck trying to elaborate my stand. Oh well, my brain juice is running dry and my bedtime has been irregular this week. I sleep at 2am at the very least and wake up at 6am sharp everyday. I yawn and rub my eyes in class. Hmmm.

I'm sleepy inside but I don't think I'll land onto my pillows just yet.

June 17, 2009


Its only 11:59pm and I feel like its already 3am.
Why am I forwarding time? *sigh*

Second round debate speech is underway, by the way. But I'm stuck. Oh God, I forgot what I'm supposed to write. I'm such a shame to the debate team. Oh well, I'm going to try work something out and then discuss my arses off with Ju Yi, Lim and Rachel tomorrow.

i wish to fly into the sky

Right now, I long for last weekend where I rode on a swing and ran around like I was back in my childhood, carefree world. Oh well. I'm getting older and responsibilities are piling up. It's what they call fate.

Hmmm. Oh well. And finally, my Geography folio is nearly done. My first round government and opposition speeches are done and all thats left now is to prepare for the second round and also do more research on the Star magazine thing for Puan Hasnawiah. Will do it later tonight. Maintenant, je voudrais manger! :D

June 15, 2009

oh dear dear me

Debate is in a week and I'm rewriting both my speeches and still have the second round to prepare for. Not to mention the third and fourth round. And if we don't get another Malay on the reserve team, then I won't be able to pull out if I get sick etc etc etc. Homaigod *pulls hair*

Okay, fine. I'm thinking too much. I know I'll do fine. I just need....lots of plain water, support and a strong heart and I know I'll make it through this without dying. Not literally, of course.

Alright. Going to continue writing.

June 14, 2009

towards the end

Must say, I had a good weekend.
Yesterday, spent half the day with my cousins on my dad's side. We were occupied by two Canons and a Sony, a park, swings, slides and craziness. Could be one of the best days of 2009. But the best is yet to come. So yeah. And later that evening, headed to my auntie's house and heard awesome tales of Mekah and Madinah. How I long to go there.

Full update later. Heading out and I need a quick shower :D Pictures later.
Oh, I moved to Facebook. Myspace has lost my favour. And anyway, more cousins there than in Myspace. No offence, but you guys are awesome too!

June 12, 2009

plus plaisir

Do you see that pretty red Louis Vuitton bag? If you do, nod your head :D
Okay, thats not my point. Haha. Well, actually, I never thought that LV bags were pretty but I only gave an exception to one of the monogrammed totes and when I stumbled upon the LV bag designed by Sofia Coppola (up there) I melted as fast as an ice cream does under the blaring hot sun on a summer's day. Mmmm. I wish I could lay my hands on one. In cobalt, please. But the jasper is also pretty

*sobs* I want oneeeeeeeee

my nose is irritating

Source: Garance Dore

I wish I had the courage to wear something like that. Hmmm. Okay, maybe I shall try to do so one day. And somehow, I've started liking blazers-boyfriend blazers, line blazers etc. Mum thinks wearing blazers with casual attire looks ugly. Oh well. Haha. And I also like her dress, and boots. Waaa. My fashion sense right now is so bad.

Fine, I admit. I'm bored to death right now. I still have a bit left to do for my History folio and Geography folio awaits. I can't be bothered to finish it. I'd rather read fashion blogs and drool over shoes. Speaking of shoes, I'm currently wearing my old tattered Marks & Spencer ballet flats. Somehow, they look good with the Esprit jeans I'm wearing. One thing doesn't look good though : my thighs and glutinous maximus. Oh God! I have to start jogging or something D:

And, ignore the title. That was the first thing which crossed my mind when I started writing this entry.

June 11, 2009


Um. Haha. My results are...unlike me. Sort of. I mean, hello, I'm not music smart. Who on earth gave them that idea. Oh well. Multiple intelligences, our top secret artillery for debate. Fine, its not top secret. I hope no other schools go Googling this. If they do..*gasps*....we're dead. And, I think I'll do my opposition speech over the weekend. Right now I want to finish my three folios.

And dad is wierd today.

D : *comes out of room* Khadijah, dah solat belum?
K : Uhhhh, no? Why?
D : Go solat and then we're going out to KLCC.
K : *grins* Pour quelle raison?
D : Just hurry up *goes back into room*

Ha, yeay? Haha. Might drag him to Arzu later. I want to get new shawls! And maybe, to Zara too.

A Hundred Million Suns

Crack the shutters open wide,
I wanna bathe you in the light of day,
And just watch you as the rays tangle up around your face and body

Crack The Shutters, Snow Patrol

This never gets old.

ain't alone in the freezingness no more

K : Johan, what do you want to be when you grow up?
J : Ummm, I want to be a race care driver.
D : Do you knowwwwww, Johan used to like pink when he was small!

Haaaaa. I'm bored. At least my dad's partner slash our used-to-be neighbour, Auntie Shila, brought her kiddos along. Don't know how long they'll be here for though. Well, better than just listening to the printer whirring :)

And somehow, I'm looking forward to lunch. But then again, when have I not looked forward to lunch aye?

June 10, 2009

this sucks

I don't know what I'm doing right now. I'm sitting in this, wierd position on the chair and God-knows-what made sit like this. At least its only been a few minutes. So, well, after a whole day in front of this computer, I only did the hasil kajian. I think I'll be doing the rest at home. Or maybe....tomorrow. Alas. Life goes on.

Anyway, I spent the whole of my afternoon browsing through several sites selling shawls. Other than that, I listened to John Mayer's Slow Dancing In A Burning Room quite a few times today and I ate two Maggi cups and drank loads of water. Right now, I just want to go home, shower and eat more Maggi. Yeah, I love to eat.

Right now my fingertips are cold and numb, my bladder is bursting and I feel like writing something. I don't know what, but yeah, something. I'm also envisioning the Nike Yeezys right now. Yes, you can slap me :D

oh well

If I ever feel better,
Remind me to spend some good time with you
If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix

Oh God. I'm tired.


If you've been reading my Twitter updates up there, you'll find that I'm currently at my dad's office "happily" finishing my History folio. Am only doing the penghargaan and hasil kajian first though because the rest is quite easy. But the hasil kajian, oh good God, its making me dizzy. I'm getting myself confused with the Resident Station and also the current Railway Station. Lucky I found this website with a short history of the Railway Station and it says that the Railway Station was built to replace the Resident Station so....I think, I'm okay. For now anyway. I still have to write about the architecture of the building and also what big event happened at the Railway Station.

Moving on. School starts in less than 4 days! YIPPEEEEEEEEE! Can't wait to see Syaza and dish out the latest news and also, Aisyah's coming back! Missed her a lot over the holidays. And, well, debate is getting nearer and we haven't practiced. Ha, Mr Cher's premonition of us leaving things to the last minute have come true. Oh well, can't blame any of us. We've been too busy.

Alright. Off to the pantry to get Maggi and then to dad's room to get the USB cable.

June 9, 2009



Okay. I've let that out of my system.

let me die

Back in KL after four long days in Ayer Baloi. Did nothing much there. Spent most of my time watching Planet Mechanics, Mythbusters, CSI, Project Runway and tennis. School starts in a couple days. I haven't finished my History, Geography and BM folios. My Science notes are complete and I haven't practised nor rewritten my debate speeches. Yes, I'm doomed to die.

Right now I'm waiting for mum to take a day off, bring me to Arzu at KLCC and get new scarves. And I want more flannel tops and, importantly, Nike Yeezys! I die at the thought of them. Also, I miss my RM60 Maxtone guitar. Its been 3 weeks since I sent it for repair. No matter, patience is virtue. Also, art classes start next Saturday and I hope I'll be signed up for piano classes in the near future.

And I hope that dad can send me to school later. I want to watch the Romeo and Juliet rehearsal/practice. Alright. Off to stalk some sites.

June 5, 2009


I think I have officially gone crazy because I think of those Nike Yeezys everyday and night.

Okay, I've let that out of my system so I guess I'm fine. But for now anyway. Haha. One day I'm going to have to drag either mum and dad to Sole What@ The Gardens to get me those Yeezys *drool drool drool*

Just got back from KLCC and now happily listening to Paulo Nutini and Marit Larsen. Bought a sketch book which looks like a Moleskin and also this book on guide to illustrating. Yeah, I can't really draw that well yet. Heeeeee. Oh, we passed by Adidas and I drooled over a couple of white sneakers. Okay, I don't know whats wrong with me but I'm having a sneaker fetish. Used to be heel fetish. Wonder how that changed. Oh well. Haha.

Oh, and dad bought Hajar Legos. I feel jealous. I want Lego and Playdoh too. Okay, seriously, there is something wrong with me. I'm reverting into someone I'm not. Haha. I'm going off to drool over those Aerial 7 headphones and also the ones which Haleeque brought to school the other day which were so purty and heavy. Don't mind me. I think I'm babbling.


When, as occasionnaly happens, a cell fails to expire in the prescribed manner, but rather begins to divide and proliferate wildly, we call the result cancer. Cancer cells are really just confused cells.
A Short of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson

"Cancer cells are really just confused cells". My God. I laugh like a mad person every time I flip the page open and read that particular sentence. Okay, maybe its not that funny but, well. Haha. Gosh. I love Bill Bryson. Now I'm reading another book of his, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, which dad bought a year ago and I'm only starting to reread it again. I'll tell you how it goes yeah :)

Okay, au dieu.


This is Johnny (aka Nonny to Hajar). Ain't he cute? :D
Somehow I feel like scooping him up and cuddling him until he can breathe no more. But, I wouldn't want to do that. I'll miss his cute yapping everytime a car or motorcycle passes by. Oh well. But anyway, I can't hold him either ways. So, I wish I had a cat.

Anyway, the first portion of holidays are over and I haven't started my History folio. My Geography folio is nearly done. I only have a couple of pages left. Can't be bothered. Maybe I'll ring Syaza and ask her how she's done it. And I have the BM project too which I haven't found any articles for it yet. This is frustrating. I wish I could just hide myself on a blanket of clouds and listen to Sia the whole day.

Hmmm. And since Syaza mentioned how cool the Toy Watchs are, I've started to take a liking into it. Especially the Fluo collection. They're all a pretty fluorescent colour but well, I have dark skin and surely the colours will make me look, wierd. Mum said she was going to get me Swatch but then again, Fossil's also cool. Haha. Oh well.

Song for the day: Sia, Breathe Me

June 3, 2009


Today's the third day of holidays and I feel like its been 3 years. At least the mornings go by quickly with mengaji and lunch, right after. A short nap follows after except for today. I only got 15 minutes of nap time because my room easily gets hot in the afternoons. Hmm.

So, long story short, I can't wait for holidays to end. Firstly, because I have art classes right after the holidays. WHOPPEEEEE! Secondly, I need to finish my PAFA which I'm supposed to do this following Monday but I can't because I'm going back yer Baloi, yet again.Thirdly, I can't wait to see Aisyah. Booo. I miss her ;(

Hmmm. Right. Okay. What else. OH. I want to go ice skating tomorrow with Chay Fhei and the rest. Need to persuade dad more later tonight. Dad, if you're reading this from the confinements of your air-conditioned office, I WANT TO GO!

Alright. So, I'm done. I want to go see Johnny, my next door's dog, downstairs. Kawaii!

June 1, 2009


Woke up at 5.30 am to the sound of the maid opening the sliding doors to the wet kitchen. I tossed and turned for a whole hour and I realized that debate is in another 3 weeks. Immediately freaked-I haven't done my opposition speech and the government speech still needs brushing up. Anyway, after scaring myself for about 15 minutes, got out of bed, did my abolution and did my Subuh prayers. Got back into bed and played Quadrapop. I beat my own high score. Haha.

No, thats not a new phone. I'm using my grandma's. My uncle gave her a new one so I'm borrowing this one. Right, thats not the story. Actually she was supposed to use dad's Nokia and in exchange, I'll be using her Sony. Somehow, the Nokia ended up with my auntie and my grandma just brought her LG and other Sony phone. Oh well. The complications in life.

Right. Cheers to the first, boring superlame, holidays.
Song for the day : Lover, Devandra Banhart