September 30, 2008

avec l'occasion

I would like to wish my dear blog readers; Muslim or Non-Muslim:

Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

If I've ever done you wrong, or talked bad about you behind your back without you knowing, or said something that hurt your feelings, do forgive me as I am only human.
Oyes, hope you get loads of duit raya this year :D

September 28, 2008

être satisfaire

Ah, yes. I'm very satisifed today. Not very, ultimately. Yes, ultimately satisifed.
  1. Brand new, ultra-sparkling TRIPOD! Yeyuuh. Thanks dad <3
  2. My room isn't so much in a mess anymore.
  3. Oyes, a new compact camera as well. Though I can't actually use it.
  4. Raya is two days away! *grin*
  5. I have Twilight, which I'm going to read on the way to Muar.

Other than that, I haven't got much to say. I'm running out of words very fast. And I need my Clarinase. My nose was suddenly filled with a ton of mucus earlier this evening, and since than I've been sneezing my head off. Baka baka.

Oh, the Ouran High School Host Club marathon is over. After, what, 12 hours or so its finally over. I must say, it was quite good. But even so I'm sad that its over and I wished that they could've shown who Haruhi ended up with. Oubviously it would've been Tamaki. But who knows?

Now that Ouran High School is over, I'm going to start watching Pretear. I had the whole box set once but (of course) my younger brothers just had to leave them lying all over the place. Now they're all gone, some of them are scratched. Ah, at least there's still YouTube. Even so, YouTube will eventually delete them *sigh*

Ahmmm, I can hear Victor playing the guitar. He plays it, like, every night. And each time he plays guitar, I grow with envy. Ha, I can't wait to get my own guitar and learn to play like him. Well, so far I've only heard him strumming and plucking. I haven't heard him play any songs yet. Hmm, maybe not just yet.

Can I also have my own Hikaru? *puppy eyes*


I am soooo addicted to Ouran High School Host Club now. Sarah and Fara introduced them to me last year. I watched it on YouTube but then YouTube deleted the videos and suddenly, they reappeared again this year. Awesome, I know! So, I'm starting to watch it again. Wahaaaaaa, I love.

Their jokes are really dumb and real crappy. I can spend the whole day watching Ouran High School and not get bored. Same goes to playing Pet Society and Word Challenge on Facebook *grins* I know, I'm childish eventhough I sound mature.

Try watch it. You'll like it fo shooo.

September 27, 2008

cheers to the first

Happy 1st my muffin, Hajar!

Haha, she won't be able to read this yet but yeah. Happy birthday darling. You're one year old today, and you know what. You're getting fatter. Look at you tummy, bulging out like that. Lol. Yeah, I know. Kakak pun gemuk. We're sisters after all aren't we? *grins*

long lost and found

After nearly a year of not-contacting, I finally get to talk to Bazz. How I knew Bazz you ask? Haha. Through a conversation between Zara, Bazz and I last year. Coincidentally, it was also during this time of the year. Eh, no. It was after Raya, if I'm not mistaken. But yeah, about this time of the year.

I haven't talked to him for nearly a year now ever since he finished his SPM and he's now in college, grhhh. He suddenly buzzed me on msn just now. I was, like: Zomga! Its Bazz! So yeah. Darn, I missed him. Oyes, he looks a bit like Nickasaur! and wears braces. He's also supremely tall and stick thin. He also denies being, how to put it, appealing. Haha. Okay, enough said. Anyway Bazz, if you're reading this : I MISS YOU!

I know Zara, unbelievable of him to suddenly msn me :D

September 26, 2008

the ex-files

"Google 'revenge' and get"
-Dan Humphrey
Oh so true my dear Dan Humphrey :D

By the way, ever noticed how season 2 is waaaay awesome-er than season 1? Oyes, you bet it is. You'll go "ZOMGA"-ing when you start watching season 2. Ain't that right me fellow Gossip Girl fans? *grins*

cinque jours

Raya, 5 days away *sighs*. And it felt as though it was only yesterday that we started fasting. Honestly, I'm sad that Ramadhan is passing by quickly. During the last 10 nights of Ramadhan, supposedly one of them is Lailatul Qadar. Despite me being determined to get this particular night I can't seem to drag myself off the bed to perform some prayers eventhough the phone alarm rings in my ear like crazy. Ah, I guess I'll try again next year.

Speaking of Raya, I'm in the midst of making a Raya card which I plan to send later. Maybe just via email. But yeah, I'll be sending it. The card is a bit plain, seeing as I'm fresh out of ideas now. Hmmm....I guess ideas will come along in, a few days. I hope. And I have three drafted poems which I mean to post before Raya. Maybe one of these days.

Oyes, I owe my so-called Pakistani brother, Aiman, a McDs apple pie. At least I have money *grins*. Maybe I'll treat him after the Finals. Ahaaa, by that time I'll already have duit raya. So, yeay me! And Kamal keeps asking when am I going to start learning guitar (nak jamming katanya). Darn, I want to! Ugh, and just now I heard my neighbour play guitar again. Envy envy. Dahlah bilik sebelah je. Grrhhh.

One more thing. Any idea where I can get expired film around Ampang? I want to try them out with my Minolta this Raya. Shizzbang, I need to remind me grandpa to search for the tripod. Ah, I'm too lazy to do so.

I also had a really long talk with me darl Esah. I've only realized how long it was since I had a girl-to-girl talk. I'm glad I had one. Thank you ma cherie. Infinity of hearts for you my dear <3

September 24, 2008


This book is by far the best in the Inheritance Cycle and take it from me, you won't ever regret reading this book. It was so gripping I couldn't stop reading it, but saying so, I finished it in three days even though I couldn't stop reading it. But I guess three days for a 748 paged book is quite fast.

I don't know if any of you have read this. Maybe you've watched the movie but nothing beats the original story. But then again, I won't give out any crucial information in case you decided to read the Inheritance Cycle. But this one is quite moving. I cried reading two parts in this book. And here's a big clue from Blagden (from Eldest) to one of the parts which I cried at:

    While two may share two,
    And one of two is certainly one,
    One might be two.
Might not be much. But if really, its a major clue. Not so understandable now, but once you've read Brisingr, you'll sure get it. Gaaaah. And I love the part where you actually understand what Blagden is trying to say. Oyes, Blagden is (if I'm not mistaken) Queen Islanzadí's raven. Ah, I'm starting to geek over Brisingr. I should stop.

Aghhh, I can't wait for the fourth book to come out. Drat. It'll be quite a while until the last one comes out. No matter, I've signed up for the newsletter so I'll be updated. But at times I can't be bothered to read it anyway. I just scroll through it. Lol.

je n'ai pas triste

Quelle suprise when I found my name on the wall of the toilet on our level.

At the time, I was accompanying Aliyah to the toilet because she forgot to tie her hair up during the previous visit to the toilet. While I was waiting for her, I faced the wall opposite the mirror and saw two names on the wall: one was..well, Iqbal's (and he guessed it was someone from our class who wrote it). The second one was, surprisingly, mine. Apparently, its been there for nearly a week. It wrote:

KAT 2J bajet hot

Lame, I knoow. And did I burst into tears? No. I was laughing my head off. Yes, I was. Haha. Just because I'm sensitive doesn't mean I burst into tears when I read or hear someone talking behind my back. I mean, come on lah weh. You write something that isn't true about me and you expect me to cry my eyes off? Hah, I'm not giving you that satisfaction.

Aliyah was surprised that I wasn't at all mad at whoever who wrote my name on the wall. Actually, deep down at the bottom of my heart, I was. But well, its not worth getting mad at anyway. Its just a little glitch. Not even close to little. Microscopic would be more suitable. Yes, microscopic glitch.

I told Iqbal about it when we got back from the toilet and he did have his suspicions. I didn't jump to conclusions though. I didn't dare say anything, because it could've been anyone. So yeah. If that someone who wrote that about me is someone I know, I might not forgive her even if she cajoles until the day she dies. Honestly speaking, these kind of people are not worth knowing and acknowledging.

Wanted to tell Esah about it, but I forgot to. Sorry :(

September 22, 2008

sur l'occasion

At times, accoustic is needed to seek comfort in this world. By far I think Bo, Paolo Delfino, Yuna and Otam have the best accoustics in town. Don't trust me? Listen to them as they strum their guitars and let their magic sway you in your deepest dreams.

Okay, I don't know where I got that from. Super wierd I tell you. Anyway, enjoy.

"don't you dare say you don't love me because i know you do"
Something New; Bo


Iqbal, Malik, Izzat and the gang have the pre-Raya madness going on. Singing Raya songs at the top of their lungs, using melodies from other songs and replacing the lyrics, going on and on about duit raya. That sort of thing. Hello, wake up. Raya is still a week to go. Don't get too excited. Haha, as if I'm not. Well, I am. But not excited to an extent where all I talk about is Raya.

But Raya has got me worried: worried that I'll put on weight. Pathetic innit. But get this, an open house is equal to 1500-1600 cals or so. Imagine if you have to visit 3 open houses in a day, multiply that with..say, 1500 cals. Nuts. I know. It will take, like, 3 months of working out. I'm not going through that. Haha.


Aliyah and I are hooked onto Nickasaur!. Well, she was actually and then I joined the party. It all started when I was talking about NeverShoutNever! with her at school earlier today and she said, "Oh, do you know that Nickasaur! is a friend of NeverShoutNever!" and I was like, "Awesomeeee". And we went on and on about them for a good 10 minutes, I'd say. In the end I said, "English indie kan is better than Malay indie" and I do not regret saying so because it is the truth. Face it people.

And I must say, Nick is quite hot. Haha, I know. I tend to go on and on about guys a lot. Well, what can I do. I am just a teenage girl.

September 21, 2008

je suis s'ennuyait


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 0612
Name: Khadijah/Dijah
Sisters: actually 2, one deceased
Brothers: 3, want one?
Shoe size: 7, 8
Height: 5'4"
Where do you live: Taman Zooview, Ampang

Favourite drinks: Starbucks, and Ribena
Favourite breakfast: hot cakes!

Have you ever been on a plane?: yeah. duh.
Swam in the ocean: yeah, but its hard because you get salt water up your nose :
Fallen asleep at school: usually on the day after i get back from any camp
Broken someone's heart: perhaps. iunno
Fell off your chair: like, duhh. haha
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: no.
Saved e-mails: on occasion

What is your room like: imagine stacks of books, but everywhere.
What's right beside you: pillows, and Hajar
What is the last thing you ate: murtabak, i think.

Ever had chicken pox: standard 5, horrible
Sore throat: thrice a year. feels like someone cut through my trachea
Stitches: nooo....
Broken nose: thank God, no

Do you believe in love at first sight: no, not really.
Like picnics: OMG, yes!

Who was/were the last person you danced with: entahlah, Aliyah i guess.
Last made you smile: who was it aaaa, oyes. Hajar
You last yelled at: Umar, i think.

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: i like everyone, so yeah. i did
Kissed anyone: yeee-no, no.
Get sick: sort of. darn, im always sick aren't i.
Talk to an ex: no. mhhhm
Miss someone: Syaziqer, Fadhil, Nazifa, Mei..semua tu lah.
Eat: just now.

Best feeling in the world: to achieve accomplishment. ahhh :D

Do you sleep with stuffed animals: no. im allergic
What's under your bed: dust, matchbox cars. i have three brothers, what do you expect?
Who do you really hate: dua perempuan yang talam dua muka.

What time is it now?: 0620

Is there a person who is on your mind now: yeah, i suppose
Do you have any siblings: sure, five. want one?
Do you want children: yeah, i guess
Do you smile often: lately, yes. pelik -.-"
Do you like your hand-writing: its...okay.
Are your toe nails painted: no no.

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: no ones, thank you
What color shirt are you wearing now: whiteee
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m. yesterday: i was...chasing Hajar around the house

I can't wait till: the skinny jeans trend wears off. seriously

When did you cry last: i can't remember (?)
Are you a friendly person: i...have no idea. maybe i am.
Do you have any pets: Kerfuffle. but she's not alive. lol
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: entah.
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now: Hajar? haha, no.
Do you sleep with the TV on?: occasionally

What are you doing right now?: saying nothing while Hajar tugs on my hair -.-"
Have you ever crawled through a window?: yeah, last year! haha
Can you handle the truth?: sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Are you too forgiving?: you can...say that.
Are you closer to your mother or father?: father. we go shopping together yanooo.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?: i...can't remember.
How many people can you say you've really loved?: uncountable. haha. i love nearly everyone don't i?

Do you eat healthy?: haha, trying to. no, actully striving to.
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: none. i deleted them.
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: not exactly. maybe, iunno
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: Esah. idk. haha. i rarely have bad days.

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: more to loud i guess.
Are you confident?: no. not at all. i'd fail.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. i had these, AWESOME curls
2. chubby, like gila
3. enjoying life without siblings (LOL)
4. had, barbies. loads
5. watched Sailor Moon, excessively. haha

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. get new spectacles
2. take out the curtains
3. Raya cleaning! lol
4. read Brisingr :3
5. remembering things which need remembering

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Cuppacakes' cupcakes
2. Esah's brownies
3. Snyder's of Hanover's honey & mustard pretzel pieces!
4. Lays sour cream
5. Mum's mini-cheesecakes

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Aller à La Nouvelle Zealand et La Grande Bretagne
2. Get everything on my wish list
3. Buy a villa for my parents in Bali
4. Donate to old folks' home etc
5. Buy loads of Snyder's of Hanover's pretzels

5 of my bad habits:
1. Lazy
2. Loud
3. Worries over the stupidest of things
4. Procrastinating
5. Talks alone

5 places I have lived in:
1. Taman Melawati
2. Taman Zooview

5 jobs I've had:
1. A sister
2. A friend
3. A prefect D:
4. A terrible piano player
5. An unofficial-wedding photographer ;)

5 people I tag: Aisyah Hamid, Aisyah Pahmi and the infinite universe.

rant rant

Je pense que je suis être amoreuxe.
Ah, mon dieu.

ayeee cap'n

Nothing much happened yesterday because I spent the whole afternoon sleeping on dad's new couch. He's going to kill me for it because no one is allowed to sleep on it. Anyway, dad bought me Brisingr and although it's not the hardcover version, I am truly satisified because I've been waiting excitedly for this book to come out and now I have it! Dad said there were only two left when he went to Borders that afternoon of the release. Awesome. Haha.

So now I'm just waiting for the 4th book. Darn.


Out of boredom, I made a Tumblr account. Yes, I made yet another blog. I made it because lately, I'v been posting a lot, and most of it is not really worth putting it here. In other words: crap. So yeah, hello Basically my junks of the day put into a pretty blog.

And I have NeverShoutNever!'s EP. Oh, yes I do baby and now I'm so proud. Yeah I know, kecoh. But I can't help it now can I?

NeverShoutNever! - Smelyalata

September 19, 2008

i dont feel well

Darn, I think I caught my flu from Adlin yesterday because she was also snuffling and such. Now I've got it: pulsing headaches, mucus running out of my nose and (I think) a fever. God, I feel irritated.

But albeit it all, I would like a soft-seve ice cream.

picture from Hunsoonisgroovry> Flickr

September 18, 2008


Twilight is coming out November 21st, and its a to-die-for. Darn, I can't wait to watch it. I'm currently rereading Breaking Dawn because-oubviously-I have nothing better to do. And yeah, I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the rest of the saga. Once you read it, you can't put it down. Trust me. Its like reading Harry Potter minus the wands, cauldrons, spells etc.

Okay, so Robert Pattison looks okay in the movie. But his skin is much too white. Whiter than what I imagined. But he really suits Edward well, and yeah. He's cute. Aghhhh, I can't wait! I wish I had the cable to my phone so that I can upload this picture into it so that I can covet all day. Oyes, and Jacob has shoulder-length hair. Not at all what I imagined. I pictured him to have, like, messy hair. Grhh. No matter, he is MINE. M-I-N-E. Zara, you can have your Chuck Bass :D

And I asked dad if I could go to Yuna's EP launch on the 12th of October. He said, he doesn't know the plans for that particular Sunday so we'll just have to wait and see. At least its better than a 'no'. Oh, and Syaziqer invited me to her open house! Dang, I want to go. I miss her terribly. Asma as well. Grhhhh.

c'est trés mignonne

    " Will you be my boyfriend for 5 minutes?"

Darn. I want to watch Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. And I think I need new set of earphones. Je ne sais pas. Its just a thought.

And Nazifa just texted me! All the way from Sudan. Ahh, I miss you sayang. Come back home soon. And do you know that it's only about 1540 there? Darn.

je suis triste

You can probabbly say that I'm currently in dismal. For what you ask? Here are several reasons:
  1. I can hear my neighbour, who just got back from Singapore and also used to be my playmate back in the days when I first moved to Ampang, play guitar. I am so jealous right now. Super jealous.
  2. I've gotten bored of the tracks in my mp3. Any new tracks up for recommendation? Grhh
  3. I have gotten a bit fatter. Darn, I have to start working out, again. Or else I won't get to fit in my jeans. My clothes are okay though.
  4. My piano-playing is getting rusty. As well as my flute. Yes, I play flute. And my flute needs to be serviced. As well as the piano because Ibraheem and Umar had this brilliant idea to stand on the piano's keyboard and start stomping around on it. So the B key can't be played. Anyway, it needs to be tuned.
  5. Yuna's EP launch at KLpac, 12th October! I want to go. Jom Syaziqer.
  6. I want the box set of Grey's Anatomy. Which I'm supposed to borrow from Abang Shaz. Ohyes, he still owes me a couple of pictures and a present. Wooot.
  7. I don't remember my French grammar. Ah, mon dieu!

That's a long list. I know. Dismal, dejected, depressed, triste, morbid, distressed and everything else which has got to do with sadness.

And I want soft-serve ice cream. Darn it

September 15, 2008

j'ai d'insomnie

I can't sleep, and its already 2:22 am. Mum's going to slay my head off if I don't wake up for sahur later. I guess I wont sleep. Maybe I'll read Sophie Kinsella's Shoppaholic & Sister or perhaps Roddy Doyle's The Barrytown Trilogy to occupy my time afterwards. Oh yeah, Isyak prayer. Lupa -.-"

Speaking of The Barrytown Trilogy, despite it being a very easy book to read, I'm taking a bit too long to finish it. I'm already at the third book of the trilogy, The Van, and yet I can't get as close as halfway through it eventhough its been, what, three weeks of reading it? Damn, I wonder why. But its a good book though.

And as soon as I'm finished with The Van, I'll start on Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Lucky for me, dad has the book. So, yeaaaay! I can occupy my time with it while waiting for raya. Ahh, I just love dad's selection of books. Oh, that reminds me, I want to get Peter Mayle's A Good Year.

Dad said he has it. But it is "somewhere", which basically means: it is lost. I've watched the dvd though. Its quite good, and there were a few French songs which were quite good. Especially Richard Anthony's Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini. But I can't watch it anymore because the dvd is with dad's friend. Grhhh, how frustrating.
Ah, I think I'm starting to lean more towards fiction now albeit the fact that I still read a few fantasy novels. And of course, chick lits. Yeah, en conclusion, I am wierd. D'accord. Bon nuit.

je suis triste

Je suis trés triste parce que:
I can't believe I lost my old blog, and I loved it so much because from there I saw how much of me was changing. Now, I have to start fresh and I'm actually lazy to do so. And all my old memories, my old thoughts. Gone. Perished.

It all happened just because I reverted from the new template to the old template to make a few changes to my blog. And then when I tried to revert from the old template to the new one, I just couldn't. Damn. I guess that's what happened to Syaziqer's as well. I really do hope that the creator/moderator/etc of Blogger will fix it.

I think I'll be mourning a lot for the next couple of days. But then again, life goes on kan. So yeah. Anyway, the Akustreka sale is still on just so you know.

Interested? Drop a comment, or leave a message in the box. Oui?
I lost my old blog. Nooo. Cursed template. No matter. Here's to a new start.