October 31, 2009

because it wasn't any other song but this one

This is what happens when your brothers watch Transformers 2 every single day and at the point in which this song is playing, you decide to turn your head around and watch.

Honestly. I'm addicted.

something something 03

No matter how I try not to get my hands dirty during/after the painting process, it will always end up the same. Can't blame my clumsy hands, now can I? The painting I did today? It's on Facebook. I'll upload it here later tonight when the connection ain't that connection. Or maybe, i won't. We shall see, huh.

By the way Darrell, yet again, I have something to tell you so get onto MSN as soon as you can okay? :D

ah, mon dieu

I don't think I ever can stay at home after school. Know what I did yesterday? I two servings of nasi lemak in the morning and two in the afternoon. I napped for about an hour from 1pm and woke up and watched Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Earlier, I watched Valentino: The Last Emperor. Other than that, I did nothing. Fine. Maybe not nothing. I did sketch and that was it. My God.

One thing's for sure: I'll be occupied throughout the whole of next week. Why?
  1. Badminton. I don't know why I signed up. I just got bored.
  2. Netball. Annual thing. Can never, I stress, NEVER, be missed.
  3. Basketball after school. I need to fix my dribbling.
  4. Field trip to Zoo Negara :D
  5. More sketches. And that temporarily postponed canvas.

It is crucial to fulfill everything in said list and I don't care how. It must be done. That's all. And know what? I think I might've gotten slightly slimmer. Maybe. I don't know. See. Berkat kejar orang macam katak masa main basketball. Yes. I, apparently, play like a frog. Haha. I think it's good for my reflexes.

Apparently, I'm the agile one. And also the one who falls all the time. Bak kata Syaza, "Asal pandang belakang sure rasa macam ada orang jatuh" :D
Yeah. Granted, I am clumsy. So what?

October 30, 2009

something something 02

And this sort-of is the last sketch of my current sketch book which has now been reduced to tatters. Trust me, it really is tattered. The binding is destroyed and the front cover has come off. It's okay as I get to start in the Monologue which I bought months ago. Granted the paper smells peculiar but the texture and thickness of it is just lush. I thought I'd start today but maybe not. I tried sketching some stuff out but it just didn't work which sucks. Altogether though, I wouldn't want to ruin the first page of a real purdee sketch book now would I?

Either ways. There actually is another sketch after this particular Chanel one but I forgot to take a picture of it. I think I'll post it up tomorrow instead. And anyway, it isn't that nice. It's more of a sketch I did of what I wish I had. One of them is thigh-high boots. Just utter lushness. If only I had the thighs and, not to mention, money to own them.

Ok. What else. Mmmmmm. OH. Yes. If you've read on Aisyah's blog, I will be starting tshirts again. God-knows when but I will. Not this month though. I'm a little dry on cash.

October 26, 2009

something something 01

This would be one of my-kononnya-many distractions before PMR results come out. Yeah. I just took this book off the shelf from Popular because I didn't feel like reading anymore of Jodi Picoult's or any other books I've been eyeing. I suppose one needs a change of view once in a while, don't they? The description in the back sounds interesting so this could keep me entertained throughout the upcoming long weeks.

Speaking of long weeks, I can't wait to go to school tomorrow. Killer with them people, if we are needed, lending some helping hands for the teachers and hardcore basketball with Aisyah. I am going to lose my weight, I SWEAR. I think over last week, I lost 2kg or so. I was jumping about like a high jumping jellybean in the stor sukan when I went to see Cikgu Syamsurri to get my Scout marks.

Speaking of losing weight, I wore my kebaya earlier today which I last wore during Cempaka's Fame and, JACKPOT, it fit nicely. The other day it was tight around my waist but now it's quite loose so, eat that momma. Okay. Not. Sorry. But well, if I play basketball nearly everyday I guess I could lose some more fat and weight.

October 25, 2009

a case of mistaken identity

K : *makan dengan lahapnya*
U : MUM. Tepi mum!
K : *makan lagi*
U : MUMMMMMMMMMM! Tepi! I nak duduk!
D : Umar, tu kakak lah.
K : Ha? Oh *gelak gila-gila* And this is not the first time eh Umar? *grin*

This is the second time Umar thought that I was mum. Honestly, can't you tell the difference? I'm way fatter than mum and mum is shorter than me and never ties her hair up. Umar's making me feel old which is.......suck-ish.

Brothers will be brothers won't they?


Uncle Wan and Adli.

I actually have more pictures from the family day in Malacca but due to the broken wireless and ever so slow broadband connection, I can't be bothered to upload them now. Maybe when I can get to a place with WiFi. Ah. This sucks.

Dr. Frankenstein?

I got the idea of painting this while listening to Nickelback's Savin' Me but I imagined the background to be blue instead. Like someone is falling through the sky and asking for help but somehow, I did red. Okay. It's not red per-se, but yeah. I was thinking of selling this but it's only a small piece: 12" by 12" only. But no matter what, I don't think dad will allow me to sell it. He already said so just now when I finished it. I guess he's going to hang it somewhere. If he doesn't, I will immediately put it up for sale. Not that I'm hoping for anyone to buy it.

And I still have another canvas to finish. I've only finished the face but not the rest. I somehow haven't got the feeling to do it. My mood is swinging like mad so I don't dare paint it yet. This is to avoid sudden ugly colours. The picture? Maybe later. Haha. Remind me.

Oh. Darrell, join Janiz's class! She told me a couple of things about you just now during class. I will tell you when you call me or see me or whatever :D

October 24, 2009

one liked track

I am certainly no Mathematician
Yet never has a sequence of numbers looked more tempting

-Prime Number; Dizzy & The

blardee hell?

The wireless is somehow not working. I checked it and it looks as though someone has snapped the antenna thus, no wireless connection. So, will have to depend on the broadband connection. Luckily there's 3G connection in my room or else I would be bantering myself against a wall because of the zero connection.

Much to update but I don't feel like doing so. Many pictures to come as well but........we'll see first. Right now, I have to get myself updated with the Facebook world. Seems as though I've missed quite a lot.

October 16, 2009

i sayang mei

She doesn't need to know how much I love her because she already knows, even if I don't write it down, loud and clear here :D


Seriously, this is a must watch. Watching the production at Cempaka Cheras the other day was mind blowing and I bet the movie would be like, daymn dude. So.....I wonder if the DVD is already out. Dad, hint hint hint (:


Now, I'm back to my normal life. As if it wasn't normal before this, but yeah, you get the picture. Finally, no more late night studying, no more homework to do, no useless tears because something can't get into my brain and no more everything else which made PMR painful. But it was indeed a very good experience. Especially when you have a bunch of awesomes along the ride with you aye?

So, I've played basketball, helped Faris train for RMC and still have loads of plans. Ervin has plans to go out for a movie on Monday with the whole lot of us and this evening, am headed to Beverly Heights for Raffil's party. Whooooo. After getting invited to his house every single year since 2007, I finally get to go. But need to know whether Aisyah and Chay Fhei are planning to tag along or if they're going with someone else. Oh well. I shall call them in a bit.

Right now, I've been up since 5am and I've finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife-which I will lend to Mei or whoever else who wants it-and I've watched The Proposal and now I've been Tumblring, Twittering and Facebooking since, what, 8am? And I smell like coffee.

Okay. I think I'll find some other things to do now.

October 11, 2009

*evil laugh*

Something which oozed out of my brain a couple of weeks ago. Maybe before PMR started? I can't remember. This is what I've been excited about all week. So because I couldn't contain the excitement no more, I've already bought a 24" by 30" canvas and some tube acrylicss so you shall be catching me on the verge of turning into some Dr Frankenstein painter. Like, seriously. You will :D

One thing's for sure. I might make a collection of it. Dad's excited. So am I. At least I will have all the time in the world before results come out and that's not for another few months. So, yeah. I was also thinking to sell the collection off-once it's done, of course. So......keep your fingers crossed yeah?

wishlist 07

The 8GB one. Please? :(

October 10, 2009

two-eyed cardi

Something weird happened today. I don't know if it's weird or awkward. Don't they both have the same meaning? Okay. Khadijah's at it again. But whatever it is, it happened as I was drinking a mango passion fruit slushie from Starbucks at Borders, while browsing for books. Oh well. Weird-awkward things happen now and then don't they? Wait....do they? Haha.

And there was a Yusof Gajah thing at Borders when I went. Only thing was that I arrived when they finished up and the only people left were some photographers and an event organizer or something? Yeah. Bad luck. Other than that, I got myself a black journal to write in all my quotes-not that I don't have one already-and The Time Traveller's Wife :D

One sentence:
distractions to not get stoked when PMR ends

Okay. I am hoping to get art supplies. My brain is slowly oozing big ideas for a collection I might do after PMR and, hopefully, sell them. Amin. That said, mum owes me a watch and dad owes me a laptop. But I want an iPod instead ah dad. Creative people need lots of space. Comme moi. Okay. Self-love oozing out of my fingers now. Please, make it stop already.


wishlist 06

BG 5601

BG 5600

BG 2000

Thanks to Syaza, I'm addicted to watches. Since I saw an advert of it in a past-issue of Nylon I bought, I immediately opened the website and drooled. And these three caught my eye. Actually, there was a fluorescent yellow and pink which I wanted too but it'll be ugly against my dark skin.

So....anybody care to buy me one? :D

October 9, 2009


5 papers down, 3 more to go
Tuesday, do come knocking on my door faster would you?

I've postponed piano class to either Tuesday or Wednesday. Teacher Chris didn't seem to mind as most of her PMR students have postponed theirs as well. And thus, I have got plans for basketball with the "family" consisting Aisyah and Syaza, Chay Fhei, Ervin, Rachel, Darrell, Leon, Low and who ever else there is. I just need to burn my fat *pinches flab around the tummy*

I think I might just switch into hardcore-basketball mode after PMR. And one thing I know for sure, I'm not going to stay at home. I'd rather be at school rather than bashing my head at home and dying of boredom. What with the unaccessible computer and the (currently) non-existant guitar, I guarantee you I won't make it through a day, let alone a week.

And so far, PMR is fine. Don't ask whether or not it was easy or difficult. I wouldn't want to jinx anything and get too cocky before results come out. Let the cockiness run rampant the week before results come out, aite?

Okay. Food-hunting begins.


I click here and I click there. I scroll here and I scroll there.
And it all comes down to finding out that I'm actually wasting my time when I've actually known this myself since an hour ago. I think I can be stupidly dumb sometimes.

I feel like looking for my kebaya. God-knows why.

October 3, 2009

Letupan di Angkasa

I can swear that I listen to this every morning before I go to school.
Just, don't ask why :)


I'm counting down the days to when PMR comes knocking on my door and it isn't helping the slightest bit. Haaaa. I know I've studied and all bu my brain juice is running dry and I'm scared that it my be fresh out on the day itself and I wouldn't know where to restock it. Oh. Haller.

Anywhoo. I'll be finishing my second canvas today and I have a birthday party to attend later after class. Goodness. I don't know where I'll cramp my study session in. Looks like I'll be up late tonight after all. And I'm very sorry for the no update. I'll update on everything-and I really do mean everything-after PMR. Just get yourself ready for the goodness-knows how many photos over Raya.

So......let me just take this chance to say
Good luck fellow PMR mateys :D svian or not.
See you at the finishing line.
XOXO, Khadijah.