February 28, 2009

move your hips, do your thang!

I jogged/walked 4km in 1 and a half hours :D Damn bangga lah.

And, damn, it felt good. Really! I actually enjoyed jogging throughout the routes. What with Keke Palmer's Bottoms Up blasting through my earphones. Okay, technically it wasn't my earphones, it was Kar Vin's. Thanks ler dude for lending me them! But heck yeah, too bad I didn't cut Ju Ann when we reached the 5th checkpoint or else I would've placed. But I was just so damn tired that I only ran when I was near the school entrance and I didn't even place. Neh. No matter. I'll try again next year! :D

I actually planned to run with Huda and the gang but at the starting line, I was with Feeqa, and somehow I got seperated from her. I guess my mind was set on reaching school by 9:30am until I actually left them behind. But I guess that if I ran with them, I would've been slowed down. So well, overall, I'm just freaking happy I made it and when I reached school, I don't think that there were many of the kelas dua. Only about a few 20++ people

Oh! And I changed into flip flops after I ran and, unnoticeable, both of my feet became cramped and super swollen to an extent that I was literally limping. Because I couldn't stand it, I asked Huda and Najaa to accompany me to the Public Service first-aid thing and the kakak there rubbed some muscle reliever thing on my feet and then placed a packet of ice on them for about 15 minutes. There was this pak cik who said, "Ah, tu kena potong kaki tu!" And I was like O..O Huda, Najaa, Aliyah and the rest were just laughing their heads off. I guess the pak cik was trying to make me less tense.

So, now my feet are back to normal. Though they ache only just a little bit. Mmm, I feel like jogging tomorrow morning after dawn prayers because I really need to boost up my stamina level. Right. Off to watch Code Geass. Lelouch! I love youuuu! Haha.
And lesson of the day : Do not immediately open your shoes after running. Baka ne ._.

February 27, 2009

calorie-eating machine

Pepperidge Farm cookies + Code Greass: Lelouch of the Rebellion = LOVE.
Haha, yeah. After one long week of homework, I've decided to end it with some extra calories and Code Greass which Ayesha lent me on Thursday. Thanks love (winks)

So, I heard that our svian under 18 gals won 13-10. See Syaza. Berkat I tulis blog post tu tau! Haha. Nahhh. Maybe it's not just that. You guys are such awesome players lah, that's why you won! Ho ho. Anyway, good luck tomorrow for your next game and on Tuesday too!

And I placed a 14/15 for my oral presentation. I guess the nerves just kicked in during the presentation and thank you Ayesha for helping me practise my lines. I love you! Haha.

February 25, 2009

autres choses

I promised Syaza I'd do this post yesterday, but well, its never too late isn't it?

Good luck to the svian basketball team! :D

I truly hope you guys win because I know you guys have been training until you're all dark. Exception for Syaza who doesn't seem to be dark at all. Haha. But anyway, under 18 gals, GOOD FRIGGING LUCK LER DUDETTES! Bring back the gold for us so that Pn Sa'amah will smile so widely she can smile no more. Haha. Joke joke.

Okay. Hiatus awaits. Khadijah is due to return on the 27th of February. Don't wait for me (evil laugh). Oh yes, I've nearly forgot. I think I've written a poem? Haha. I don't know. I'll post in when I can. Right now I want to continue reading more of Brick Lane.

And Mei, you should know that Slumdog Millionaire was based on the book written by Vikas Swarup, Q&A. Want to borrow it? (kening kening)



You better make sure you pass you're driver's test so that you can kidnap me to your house and then we can jump up and down like a pair of nutcases. Haha. Yeah bebeh. You're 17. I'm so sorry I didn't text you or call you. Dad said he needed his phone back, and I didn't argue because I can't be bothered. The only sole purpose of that phone was an alarm clock for me anyway. Haha.

ANYWAYS. Zara, good luck in life and I truly hope you'll be happy until the end of your days. I don't like it when you're down. Its as though the sun is in a permanent eclipse. If that makes any sense. Haha. But well, Zara. I know you can get straight As for SPM, even my dad says so. Well, not exactly that but he did say you're one clever pot! Haha :D Happy birthday yet again. I envy you for turning 17 so fast. I want to be 17 too and be able to hang out whenever I want (evil laugh)

By the way babe, I miss youuuuuu.

February 22, 2009

should i, should i not?

YES! Apparently they do have SATs here over at the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE). Yeah, I was supposed to look for it last year but I kept procrastinating and then I forgot. Well, typical of Khadijah ain't it. Anyway, dad did suggest for me to take SATs for I-don't-know-what reason. And I read the guide for SATs and I think the Mathematical Reasoning (a.k.a Math) questions are okay? Haha. I don't know. What do you think of this question:
    How many egg cartons are needed to hold 300 eggs, if each carton can hold one dozen (1 dozen = 12)

    A. 15
    B. 18
    C. 22
    D. 25
    E. 28

    (the answer is D!)

That's a ratio question ain't it? Well, all I knew was that I was laughing my head off when I saw the question. Yeah, I did. I was like, "OMG. Gila senang. Give me another one ler dude!" So, well.....Should I sign up for it?

But I haven't finished reading the rest of the guide so I don't know how the other questions are going to look like. Haha. Yeah, well, I love Maths a lot you know.

February 20, 2009

triple whooperoo

This week has been tiring. Being occupied with reference books and short notes is no fun at all. And besides that, worrying so badly about the JPWP papers being hard was so not worth my time because it turns out the papers were quite easy. I think I might bash my head somewhere if I get a C for any of my papers. Or maybe, I should transfer to another class? THAT sounds better. Good God. I don't even know what I'm doing in 3 Azam. Sigh.

Alright, so. Quelle suprise. I got my first A for Sejarah. Haha. Imagine me "Whoop"-ing like mad when Cikgu Ramlee gave my OMR sheet. Boy was I happy and it really made my day. So now I'll just have to find a way to maintain my score all the way to PMR and land myself a place in MRSM (evil laugh). Speaking of MRSM. Amirul is no longer in Section 5! ;(
Darn. Seems as though Pengakap is starting to lose all the fun people. Gosh. This is no fun at all.

Speaking of Pengakap, apparently the Kem Keahlian is next month on the 13th. Whoppeeeee! I honestly can't wait. I don't know why I'm even going because I already have the Keahlian badge. Might just go for fun? Haha. I miss camping. I truly do! And on Sunday, I might go meet Rozreen. Tripple whoppee! I've missed her a lot and I have loads to tell her. If dad doesn't let me meet her, I honestly am going to throw a tantrum. Yeah, I am (evil laugh).

Okay, I feel like eating. Haha.

February 15, 2009


Early morning anouncement:

due to return : Friday, 20th February

Goodbye humans.

cure of the text book disease

This song is very.....I don't know. I really love it.
And I think I'm going to learn how to play this. Oh yes, I am. I have the basic idea on how to strum and pluck throughout the whole song and here I am choosing in between two version of chords for the song.

and right now, I have a saturated brain.

February 14, 2009


Khadijah is BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Haha. Well, I'm only back online for a few days and then I shall remain in my hiatus mode until exams are over, which is on Thursday. But if Syafiq decides to push the date of the Kem Keahlian to the 20th, then I shall be on hiatus for a week or so which is good because I can't wait to go camping again! I've missed camping so much that I keep thinking of camping everyday. But what I miss most about camping is hanging out with them scouts. Booooooo. Syafiq, buat lah kem cepat sikit!

Oh, and as some of you know from reading TTJ, Bestarithon was held earlier on today. It was......I don't know. Haha. Awesome I guess? Mei was there and she helped me pluck off all the thorns from the roses. Thank you Mei! Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you just now :(
What else, what else.....Oh yes! Faris gave me a rose. Thank you lah dude. Still can't believe that we're such good friends now eventhough you used to tease me a lot.

Yeeaaaahhhh. Also, I met Paan when I went to pick Yusof up with mum at Adni. I saw him in the rearview mirror, and I think he saw me too. I waved like mad and he, typically, did this face :P Haha. Dude. I miss you and your crappy jokes.

Okay. I'm talking too much. No matter. Last bit of news: Mr. Cher has asked me to try out for debate. I am happy, and worried because Mr. Cher says that we must be very eloquent and I don't know if I'm one who's like that. No matter, I am going to try out and make dad cry. Haha. Well, dad was on the SDAR debate team back in the day and he also made a first impression on mum when he was debating. Know what mum's impression was? She said that dad is "berlagak". Haha. And look where they are now: happily married with five children and coming to six.

Yeah. My mum's pregnant, again.

February 9, 2009

last say:

Back to HIATUS

I love revision books. I love revision books. I love revision books.
Okay. That, up there, shall be my daily mantra from hereby onwards. Well....what to do. At least there won't be internet until Friday. And I'm sure dad will be restricting my usage for the weekends. So, well, yeah. You get the idea.

And I wonder if anybody will be selling heart-shaped balloons during the Bestarithon this Saturday. Haha. How cheesy. Oh well. Don't know why I've been thinking about that lately.

big boy aren't yah now

Happy 15th Faris Aimannnnn!
Haha. All grown up aren't you now? I remember how you used to bully me with Paan and Naqib. That was just plain brutal, but oh well. We all move on don't we? Okay. I know you might not be reading this but first and foremost, I really do hope you get 8As and beat me for PMR :D I don't want to beat you again like during UPSR. Haha.
And also, you owe me a basketball game weh! Haha. No matter dudeeeee. Happy birthday! See yah on Tuesday mate ;D

February 8, 2009

picture update:

My craving for cake has been fulfilled. Miahaha :D

mon dieu

I can't believe this but I actually napped throughout the whole evening. Goshhhhhh.

I don't know why though. I've just been sleepy since morning and I actually just woke up about 10 minutes ago. Mayn. I can't believe this. And I haven't even studied nor finish my homework. Damn.

February 7, 2009

i wish for red wellies

I've only just watched it three days ago. Yes, you do have my permission to say that I hereby am lame. No matter. I don't care. Ha ha. But overall, I think the music on HSM3 is way better than the other HSMs. So, (if I may do so) I am going to head down to MPH at Great Eastern Mall and grab myself a copy of the music book. Well, I actually want to learn how to play two of the songs, but well, I can't find a free copy online so, yeah.

And I need a new notebook. The one which I bought at AFG@The Annexe the other day is nearly finished. I've written most of my notes in there, including my French notes. So when I open it up at school, I can revise some of my French. How practical is that. And because it has no lines, I've drawn some pictures in it as well. Only, I just can't be bothered to lift the heavy flatbed scanner into my room. Heh. No matter. Maybe one of these days.

Okay. What else. Oh. I have to write a 250-word essay on politics and what not. Heh. And guess what. We talked about Napoleon! And I wasn't listening. I guess I was just sleepy, and anyway, we talked about Napoleon for nearly half-an-hour. How brutal is that. All I know is that Napoleon got rid of slavery and also made divorcing valid or something. Yeah. And he also has two wives. Forgot their names though.

Alright. Off to bed I go. I just needed to ramble for a while.

February 4, 2009

vite vite!

Quick updates here. I need to go eat dinner and, later, finish up on some homework and read a few revision books. Bah. Tiring, and pretty much boring.
  1. My tonsilitis are back. Ugh. Damn it. I nearly had a fever today. Cuss youuuuu.
  2. Apparently, only form 1 and form 2 topics are coming out for Sejarah. Nada of form 3. Oh good God. My form 2 is sucky.
  3. Puan Norhayati sort-of complemented my writing *evil laugh* She said something like : Tulisan sebijik sebijik je. And I think she had a smile on her face. Teehee :D
  4. Circles is getting harder. I can't really solve most of the problems. And it doesn't help that I feel like crying everytime I can't answer a question. Heh. How pathetic is that?
  5. I feel fat. Period.

Right, I guess thats it. And also, received our PMR sign up sheets and guess what? NO FRENCH. I was, upset and happy at the same time. Told dad and he said "Oh, you can just sit for French during O Levels." Which is when-lah? No matter. And dad's signing me up for MARA right after first semester test results are out. Ho. I guess I really am going to boarding school next year. That is even if I do well. Apparently, according to Aiman's mum, MRSM considers students who gets 5 As in PMR. Hmmm. Thats good....innit?

Okay. I need teh eattttttt. Au revoir. Back to hiatus. See you in three days time! ♥

February 2, 2009

last say for the day

Maintenant, je sais de mon position dans votre vie. Merci pour fait'il plus clair. Sigh. Sometimes, I wish I could just tell you that. Guess that some things are better left unsaid aren't they now? Right. Since this is going to be my last say here until only about Friday, I guess I have to welcome an old friend back into my life.
    Hello hiatus. Comment ça va?
Damn, how I love speaking in French now. Haha. Sometimes it amazes me that I can say endless things like shooting with a machine gun. Aussi, papa était convaincre qu'il y a de Française pour PMR. Oui. Haha. But I won't mind taking French for PMR. Apparently the SPM paper is A1 standard and that is freaking easy. Wonder what standard will it be if there is a French paper for PMR. Teeheee. I'm grinning like mad now :D

Damn I don't feel like sleeping yet, but well. Il y a dejà dix heures. Je voudrais dormir. Good night readers. See you guys in a few days time.

shut-eye for good?

Quel supris when dad got back from picking up the boys with this cute fella. Haha. Turns out I won't get that pig-nose/snout turtle after all. But, one thing. This little fella somehow hasn't open its eyes at all since it arrived from the shop. I'm quite worried (Oh God, I sound like a mum!). Told dad, he said it might be sleeping. Yeah, right. It walks around with shut-eyes huh. But well. What to do. Hmmm.

And school. Sigh. Starts in 11 hours time or so. Damn. I'm actually not looking forward to it. Don't know why. And there's art tomorrow. Double sigh. I somehow have fallen out of love with arts because I've only just realised that my drawings are ugly. Yeah. And I haven't drawn anything for quite a while which is, like, whoa. I spend most of my time now with Gerard. Am trying to play Hans Zimmer's Cry. Ho ho. I love that piece :D

Okay....what else. Hmmm. Nada. Haha.

photo update:

Some pictures from the trip to Ikea. Few more on my Flickr.

qui sais?

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Elle peut chanter!
"Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi, 23 December 1967) is an Italian-born, naturalized French songwriter, singer, former model and First Lady of France. In February 2008, she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy."

Quite a personality isn't she? Well. I went to Ikea with mum and dad today because I did so many exercises and mum was like, "If you don't get 8As, I'm going to keep on talking about it". Haha. Okay mum :D

So, we were at The Curve and we headed to Ikano. There, I spoted Rock Corner and told dad I wanted to go there. I wanted to buy The Bravery's CD The Sun and The Moon but I didn't find it. Suddenly dad called me and put on a pair of headphones and played one of the tracks from Carla Bruni's album, Comme Si de Rien N'Etait, and I immediately went like "OMG OMG. BUY IT!" because her voice was just mesmerizing. Dad bought it so that I could "learn my French". Haha, yeah right dad.

February 1, 2009

hello new buddy

My wishes for a turtle has.............not come true. But instead the turtles went to Umar and Ibraheem, who've been carrying them about the house like mad, instead. The main reason why that happened: dad's going to buy me a pig-nosed turtle instead. Haha. Honestly, they do have that. But well, I'll just be patient anyway. I think I'm going to rearrange my room yet again, and I'm planning on doing on doing a Minolta wall. Haha, yeah. A Minolta wall, because most people have lomo walls so, why don't I do a Minolta wall instead? Teeheee.

And mum and dad aren't working tomorrow. Apparently they're going out to Ikea to get study tables and chairs for the boys room. Bah, I want to follow. But then again, I have a bunch Maths topical practises which I'm sure I'll enjoy doing while singing along to the tracks on my mp3. But then......the idea of sitting at home. God, no no.Another thing: I want to get earphones. Mine are kaput. I think that, um, I'm going to save up money and get Aerial 7 headphones like the ones up there. I want the left one :D Oh yeah, I am going to freaking do that! Hari usahawan is coming up......Esah suggested I should sell those mini-cheesecakes. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should (wink wink)