December 11, 2008

a tad bit late

Okay. First things first, 1000D is my sort-of best friend now-besides Gerard that is. Yeah. And well, you read: Hello. I did that on Wednesday right after waking up. I remembered an article from one of my photography magazines and set up the shutter, apperature, ISO and all and voila, work of art in under 30 seconds. Teeheee. Yeah, but I miss Minolta. Don't think I'll have time to fix it by the time our trip to Langkawi comes though. Big bummer there because I miss the not-so-perfect pictures which I get from it. And also, the lens. Eventhough the 1000D's DOF is okay, but the Minolta's is way superb. Mmmmm.

Ah, and I might not be going to RANtAi this year. Big bummer, because 1000D just arrived and yeah. Ha, but yeah. No matter. I don't really mind actually. Okay, actually I do. Oh. And mum might be taking the day off tomorrow. So, yeay! A chance to go to Ampang Point, grab a few reference books and maybe buy myself a mic and web-cam. And could probabbly drop by at the guitar shop opposite Ampang Point or go to Yamaha to get my Maxtone restringed and what not. Ah, well. Its missing a string, and one of the knobby things are missing. Haha, how sad. But yeah, I play it nearly every hour of everyday!

Dad actually warned me that he'd confiscate it if I don't start studying, so well....I studied a few pages of Sejarah today. Well, better than nothing ain't it? Y-yyeaaaah, maybe not to dad. But well...Haha. Okay, lets see. What else....ah! I wonder where's Zara. Gah. No matter, I'll wait for her because she's been waiting for me since Saturday until today. Zara, sorry. I miss you.


Anonymous said...

it feels like a year man! >:8(
HAHAHAHA but yeah you're back!

Khadijah said...


Yes I am darling! HAHA :3