February 15, 2010

it's funny

I could be looking through the pictures from last year and everything starts playing in my head like a movie. The way Syaza would laugh sarcastically, the way Aisyah smacks Ervin, the way Hazirah jolts up when she gets poked, the way Ervin gossips, the way Darrell goes "I don't want to be your friend for 30 seconds", the way Leon goes blur, the way Basyar makes his poyo face and goes "AAAAHHHHH". In other words, everything.

I feel like recording the whole year. I feel like buying myself a HD camcorder and making a movie out of this year. And I think I feel much more whole knowing that I have all these memories with me.

February 14, 2010

February 13, 2010


It's 2010, this is my first post. What an achievement *bimbo dance*
Okay, so, granted I haven't been around for a while. I got sick and tired of the internet until I didn't bother checking for two months. In that period of time, many things have happened: people came and they went; the workload came in piles; the art, not fantastic; and I go to school looking sad.

No, I didn't get SBP or MRSM and I don't care. Yes, I turned Adni down. And no, I don't like it when people think I'd do better in Adni than I will in Section 5. Who are you to say so? It's like saying I'll only succeed if I go to Adni. Excuse you, but I can do as good anywhere I want. Sorry. Two weeks worth of fury there.

Right now, my workload is up to my nose already. I study Bio all the time and I suck at Physics. I am in YE and I've typed so many name lists over the past few months. I have been sick for two weeks now and Abang Arif just made my day.

Okay, onto Chemistry now.