December 3, 2008


Lately, we've been having black outs which usually stretch on to about an hour and a half. Quite annoying, I tell you. And just now, around 7.30pm, I was just about to check on Facebook and stuff and suddenly, BAM, the lights went off. I was like "What the?! Again?!" and Victor, my neighbour, was playing guitar and he suddenly like, "Woooi!". Haha, yeah. And I totally forgot about the black out. We had our lights back on around 8.40pm or so.

Yeah, thats about it. OH! And this morning, I had, like, fuzzy images of dad coming into my room and covering me with my duvet, which I so happened to kick off. I wasn't that sure, so I asked him just now, and he was all like, "Yeah. Tengok, I tolong coverkan you with your duvet." in this real mushy daddy-to-little daughter kind of voice. Haha. But yeah, thanks dad. I love you <3

Ah, well.....Gerard seems a bit off today. I don't know why though. Haha, but yeah. I wasn't in the mood as well. I napped, like, from 1.30pm to 3pm or so. Gosh, I actually hate taking naps but its become a regular with me since the start of the holidays. Yeah. Heeee.

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