February 14, 2011

I just had to

It's too light to be true. Oh yes, I wished I had gotten my Easy Tones instead but these are nice too. There was another line similar to this yesterday but...it was bulkier. Oh vell. I have these new babies and I'm going to put them to good use. I shall wear them until I can wear them no more.

And yes, I'm in the midst of my first intervension so...adieu :~D

February 5, 2011

adventures in a black Iswara

Alas, my topic sounds as though I've been driving for ages. Truth is, I had some, well, amateur driving class from an amateur with grandma, grandpa, ma and pa shouting from the house. It was funny and enjoyable. Minus the shouting of course. And Yusof constantly trying to hog the steering. I felt like ASDASDASD-ing him. But oh well, he's been away for two months and it's high time I started digging deeper for more...goss? *grin* Yeah. That's just how we roll.

So that's what I've been up to here in Ayer Baloi. And now I can try driving the blue Milo-tin of an Iswara back in KL. And then who knows, I might be able to drive out to Setiawangsa for tuition instead of waiting dad. But I still need to know how to drive. I only know how to reverse and go forward. Which consists of the clutch, the gear and releasing the clutch. Does not intrigue me at all. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait.

All in all, tomorrow I'll be back in KL and school starts again on Monday. Alas, what a good week it's been. What with my bronchitis and my meds which make me feel drowsy all the time. OH. But I forgot to mention, I met Mei on Wednesday before we got here. I must say I've missed her a lot. And well, it's like meeting the older sister who went overseas to study and only just got back. Ok. That's a bad metaphor but it's something like that. Mmmm.

Right now I'm hoping to see more of Mei, to jog more and get rid of my pretty arse and of course, study my head off. All is well :-D

January 29, 2011

ah, it's almost February

Hello all. No, I still haven't showered (hehe) and yes, I'M ONLINE! Yeah. Well, the boys are all out for Adni's swimming carnival. No girls allowed, not even mothers. Oh vell. Alas, here I am happily updating my song list. It's turning out to be a mixture of indie rock, alternative, post-rock and a hint of metal. Yes, metal. It's a new year so it's a new song list.

Alas. It's already the 29th. I can't believe January is ending just like that. Wished it could've stretched on longer. Even so, 10 more months people! I can take that long. It's not 10 years. But then again, it's not 10 days. Oh, and I just signed up for SPM and, yes, I'm taking 12 subjects. I've seen the French paper. It's a cross between DeLF A2 and B1 with oral mixed in altogether in the paper. Looks good. Let's just hope I can do good during SPM. 12 subjects is risky business. But then again if I get 12As that would just be awesome. I've got my sights set on dad's alma mater, Nottingham. But maybe I'd try and apply for Cambridge. Yeah. Even so, I haven't really checked online any of the campuses, class structure etc. I'll do it soon.

I feel sleep deprived too. In a week, I only get to have my afternoon naps once. If I'm lucky enough, I can nap twice in a week. But even so, I enjoy my afternoons during basketball training and Wangsa Raya practice. In spite of the muscle strains, my weak ankle and the sweat, it's worth it. My stamina is doing good and I've learnt to appreciate my training. Not to mention my shoes too! Haha. Speaking of shoes, I've been having shoe fetishes. Especially 'em pretty training/running shoes. Dad's ordered me a pair of Reebok EasyTone from his personal trainer, Cash and they're white! Hollah. I'm thinking of getting a pair of basketball shoes too. It's RM300+++ a pair though. Anybody care to sponsor me? Eheh.

Other than that, I'm doing okay. I finish my homework and notes on time, I enjoy singing randomly with Fatin dearest and alas, high jump. Nothing beats all that adrenaline. Also, I'm taking classes at Kristal Suria near the Setiawangsa LRT and truthfully, it's not bad. Nothing beats Mr Chan though. But the teachers are cool and so far I enjoy everything I'm learning and Kak Wan, the receptionist, is very very very nice too! Oh, and did I mention Ali Maju? Hehe. Nasi goreng ayam FTW.

Gosh. I think I can get fat like this. Ah no matter. When those EasyTones arrive I'll jog my ass off.

January 7, 2011

end of week one

Its already the end of the first week of school. Truth be told, I feel okay about 5 Bina. The people are cool but I still miss the good old 4 Azam. But its a new year so its all going to be new whether I like it or not. I'm sitting beside Fatin and she's got this vibe which makes me want to do something all the time, which is good. Hehe. I've been studying these past few days which, evidently, is a good start :-)

Okay what else. Yusof is coming back this Sunday! I missed you big guy. Its been ages. So its another 48 hours minus 'til he's home. And Mr Chan is as cool as ever. Last night I was doing my Add Maths and somehow our conversation got to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants. Awesome huh. This is why I adore him so much. And as much a I'd like to get extra classes elsewhere, I don't think I will. Haha! And I've got a new mate from Danau Kota. Her name is Farah and she's pretty nice. And I told Mr Chan that a few of you guys (ahem) are joining and I think he's excited. Oh goodie! I miss Hana and Hanan though. Even so, Iskandar will be around during the holidays. So all in all, I'm good yaw.

And going into the new year, it looks to be pretty tight. Extra classes are starting in school and it'll be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wangsa Raya training is on Wednesday-and Azfar is about to kill us all, and alas, basketball next Tuesday. Art folios start in February and I'm pretty sure about taking French for SPM. Yeehaw! And I like form five Physics. I'm already starting to like Waves.

All in all, 2011 looks good.

January 1, 2011

I might be on hiatus for the next...365 days. Don't wait up ;-)

janvier, deux mille onze

So, it is now 2011. Today at One Stop when I was getting my school uniform etc, the shop-assistant behind the counter asked which form I was in. I hesitantly answered, "Form five kak" and I smiled. I think I felt some sort of achievement in me. Hello, I'm a senior this year. I'm sitting for SPM and I can't wait for it to be over with. I want to get out of Malaysia as soon as SPM is over and study. Then again, I can't wait for Monday.

A recap on what has happened over the eve of New Year's eve, New Year's eve and the new year. I spent the eve of New Year's eve in art class with Darrell, Janiz and Elsa eating Popeye's, celebrating Darrell's 16th (HOORAY! :D) while constructing our models. Had Mr Chan too later at night. I spent 2 hours doing Electrolytic Cells while listening to Iskandar and Izzat chat about random random things with Mr Chan. Hanan was in for a bit and I got some 2010 SPM papers (Y).

On New Year's eve, I spent my morning watching season 9 of CSI: Miami. After Maghrib, we went out to Wangsa Walk to get our school bags, bottles etc. In the end, we only bought bottles from Popular and ate Subway. I texted Yusof and bought a Bros bottle with cartoon-Bento pictures on it. I slept around 11 only to be awoken by fireworks. God-knows why there were fireworks at 11. And I read TIME magazine for a bit and fell asleep again. Woke up at 12 to hear fireworks, again. I didn't send anybody any New Year's texts. And I sleep-replied Mei's text going "Happy new year to you tou too mei ♥". Sorry for the wrong grammar. I blame it entirely on my irritation towards the fireworks disturbing my sleep.

And today, well, I had some leftover Subway for breakfast. Went out to KLCC with the whole lot and I scored a bag from Reebok. It's a pretty pink one too with geometrical shapes all over. I feel happy. I think next-eh, this year will be a good one. New class, new bottle, new bag and one not-so-new Khadijah. Yeah! Oh. And I got mum to buy me Yuna's Decorate so here I am, happily listening to the album on repeat. Spent my evening out with Dd and Danial at NZ, and that's dinner.

Now, here I am typing away, synchronizing dad's (not-so) ancient iPod Nano, hypnotized by the LED coverage indicator of the Storm 2 and listening to Yuna. What a good way to end the holidays. Hopefully, tomorrow's stationary shopping will be awesome.

To end this post, here's a New Year's picture of yours truly for you readers *sexy wink*
Yeeeeah. I'm changing my style. I'll post up the the tutorial when I remember. If I don't, then you'll just have to wait. But if you're too ecstatic for the video, you can get it from Count The Thread. Dig deep. It's somewhere there C: