January 31, 2009

not anymore

I wish I was feeling as happy as I was when I took that picture while mum and dad were debating over which chair to buy. Sigh. I feel like banging my head onto a wall or something. I guess this is all coming from viewing at other people's marvy pictures on Flickr just now. Damn. I feel like such a loser right now.

I think I want to go and walk in the streets of KL tomorrow. I have nothing interesting to publish on Flickr. Sigh. I'll give that suggestion to dad tomorrow. And anyway, he asked me if I wanted to go to that photography exhibition at the Islamic Arts Gallery. Said I wanted to go, but well, don't know if he'll be free to bring me there.

So, right. I think I'll just go continue reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and I might come online if I feel like it.


Clarks' Bamboo Palm shoes priced at rm298. Waaaaaaaaaa, I want 'emmmmm.
Mum says they'll look weird on me. Bah. I do not care. I like them and I am pretty darn sure that I'll wear them until they're as tattered as my black Marks & Spencer ballet flats which I've been wearing since 2007 until today.

Yeah. And now my coughing spell has returned due to God-knows how many glasses of iced-lemon tea while sitting under a fan with the rain pouring heavily. Sigh. Now I have to eat that black cough medicine which tastes absolutely disgusting. I also feel like barfing. Ah, I think its the caramel macchiatto. I was also jumping about while drinking it because I saw the Clarks shoes. Teeheee. My bad.

Oh, Mei. I see that you have a keyboard. Miahaha. Let's jam baby :D
And Zara, I didn't buy the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants just now. Booo. Oh! Are you, like, low on credit man? You didn't reply my text just now.

morning phone call

One Satuday morning, Zara's phone rang.
    K : Hello.
    Z : Aaaaaaaa? Hi?
    K : Hoi. Bangun wehhh. Pagi ni.
    Z : EH! A'ah lahhhh.
    K : Haha. Dah dah, bangun
Haha. Zara made me call her because she wanted to wake up early today. She's got add maths tuition and, well, she hasn't finished her homework and what not. Haha. Babe. Don't procrastinate anymore! 07:50 am,
HAHA. She fell asleep again right after that text. Zara, Zara (geleng kepala). Cepat habis add maths tuition. JOM BORAK LAGI :D

January 29, 2009

extra doses

This is what happens when my tonsils are less swollen and Zara is added to the medication list. Oh well. I can't sleep for no apparent reason. I think its the medication the doctor gave me because my antibiotics is-apparently-a pretty strong one. Oh, God knows. Haha.

I think if I'm feeling a bit better tomorrow, I'll start running on the treadmil like I used to and maybe after that I'll do a bit of revision. I hope I won't be distracted anyway because somehow today I haven't been able to do much of my homework.

You know what. I think I've been writing loads of crap lately. Don't you think so?

January 28, 2009

if you were a melody

    "I used only the good notes"
    -Miles (Jack Black)
The Holiday seems to be my number one favourite movie now. Don't know how it happened, but well. It already did. But I only watch it to see Iris' and Miles' love story instead of Amanda's and Graham's. Amanda's and Graham's seems a bit....I don't know....too cheesy, in a way, for me. Yeah, it does. Sigh. I think I'm going to rewatch it again =D

January 27, 2009

do you really want to know?

Oh good God. My brain is blank, my tonsils are swollen and I sort-of have a mild fever. What a great way to spend my holidays with. And not to mention that I don't really know who to talk to even though I can talk to a whole load of people and I have a literature presentation coming up in which I am NOT AT ALL prepared. Yeah, I'm well aware that I'm pretty much dead. Sheesh.

Right, enough with all the negative thoughts. OH! From Muar, we went down to Ayer Baloi on the morning of the 26th and I must say that the house looks real good. What with all the furniture which my dad bought at Rengit for a dead cheap price, it really really looks nice. But one downer: it's freaking cold. Colder than early mornings at my Nek Yam's house in Baling. But maybe it felt a whole load colder because I'm sort of down with a fever. Ah, who knows.

Mhmmm. What else. Okay, nada. I'll post up some crappy pictures in a bit.

January 24, 2009

run away with me

and lets go get ang pao together-gether! Haha.

Happy Chinese New Year fellas!

As usual, I shall be away in Muar until this Tuesday so don't expect any updates for me eventhough mum's bringing her laptop along to finish some of her work and dad has the broadband connection via his phone. Ho ho. Right....what else. Oh well. I actually have nothing else to say but I just had to post something :D

Oh yeah. A picture of Hajar which I recently took, like about an hour ago. Haha. But yeah, I don't like the DoF. Its NO GOOD AT ALL. I miss Minolta ;(

Okay, bye bye readers. I'll see you in about three days time.


Damn, I envy Blanka Vlašić. She's the current world champion and damn I seriously envy the way she takes off. Its as though she's zooming through the air or something. AND, her legs. Grrrr. I bet that if I play basketball on a regular basis and high jump every freaking day, I just might get those legs. Sigh. And her personal best in outdoor high jump is 2.07m. How cool is that! I want to be like her too! Haha :D

Right, what else. HmmmmmmOh! Apparently (according to Aniq), the next camp, Kem Keahlian, is going to be held in two months time. HO HO HO. I am so freaking excited! I can't wait to go to more camps this year and earn even more curriculum marks! Gee, I'm so hyper tonight. God-knows why. Oh, anyway. I want that camper Swiss Army Knife up there. I think that'll make things easier if we go camping out of school y'know. But well, it is expensive so yeah. I don't even have any idea where to get one. Sigh.

Okay, I think I'll go to sleep now. Mhmm.

January 23, 2009

evidently, the world turned upisde down


  1. I can only take off from my left side during high jump unlike previous years where I take off from my right instead. I also got off on the wrong foot during the 110m jump. HOW FRUSTRATING!
  2. I've been chosen alongside Hazirah and Aisyah for high jump by Azfar. God-knows how that happened, but I'm a sore sucker. Seriously.
  3. There might not be anyone who's going for French class tomorrow. RIEN. Mon dieu. I don't want to go.
  4. Le Minolta CAN'T BE FIXED because they don't have any spare parts for it. BOO. And here I am taking pictures with theCanon and not really liking the perfection it creates. Sigh ;(
  5. I haven't drawn for nearly five days. Geez.

So, yeah. Thats basically it. Number 4 is the saddest news of all, adding up to one or two more sad news which I have kept to myself for the past three days. It amazes me how anyone can tell another person anything at all. Ha, I guess its because I know I can never actually do that. But well, I remember Mei telling me to just start by saying "I feel.....". Well, haha. I can never succeed in telling anybody how I feel.

Oh well, on top of everything, I'm aiming to get at least 80 for all the subjects in the next test. I know, not that much of an aim but most of my marks are around that region, excluding History of course. Haha. But now our teacher, Cikgu Ramlee, can make me understand. Ho, I love the way he explains everything. I think I just might get an A for my first test. Wish me luck readers ;D


January 19, 2009

late nights and technical pens

Last night I suddenly had the urge to practise cross-hatching with my technical pens for our Arts class, which is wierd because I've never done anything like that. Yeah, I'm wierd. Haha. And I also listened to Kelly Clarkson's first album while doing it. Ho. Super wierd.

Oh yeah, that's my newly refurbished table up there. It looks less messier because I've piled up most of the books on my table in the bookshelf. But well, after last night, it looks messier than before. Ha, you've never seen me drawing. Usually my stuff will be scattered all over the table and I'll panic a lot if I can't find something eventhough I know its somewhere under the mess.

And who watched AJL last night? I know I did. Haha. I think everybody knew that Meet Uncle Hussain (MUH) was going to win it, especially after Estranged won it last year. Their performance was superb because they added strings on to the song which is why my hair was standing up all the way until the end of their performance. Boohoo. I think they should record that version :D

Right, its 6.27am and I haven't ironed my tudung yet. Oh, another thing. I might not be able to use dad's phone anymore. So yeah dad. GET ME A FRIGGING NEW PHONE! D<

January 18, 2009


Its been about three days since my room has been painted and I've sort of rearranged it. Want to see?:

It looks much more roomy if you were to enter it. And yeah, its less messier than before. Ho ho. Oh, and see the mirror by my bed side? I am getting dad to move that out from my room because I really want more space now. And anyway, if I have that mirror, I'll be piling up more stuff there. And about the study table, I just might keep it because I've sorted everyting and its less messier. So, hurrah! Now all next for me is to rearrange my bookshelf and also sort out my clothes. Ho. Might do it next weekend, but who knows?

Okay, what else.....OH! Mum baked more cupcakes today and it looks much better than last week's cupcake and much much more delicious. Dad decorated some of them in flowers and what not while I drew a picture of a dslr, a guy wearing sunnies and I also took some song titles from Mamma Mia! because my dad's friend was around and he was singing the songs from the soundtrack, so I thought of writing the titles. Ho ho. I guess it turned out quite good.

Oh, and I think I want to take art classes. But well, maybe not? Haha. I don't know. My schedule is quite full as it is. Alrighty, I don't think I have much more left to say so I'm off to read W magazine and find a picture to draw.

January 17, 2009

only just

I've forgotten how much I loved OneRepublic's Apologize until I thought of searching for the tutorial on You Tube. Haaa, so yeah. One of these days, I'll be trying to play Apologize. I'll let you know how it'll turn out yeah. OH! And David Archuleta did a duet with OneRepublic during one of the episodes of American Idol and I must say I love it. Teeheee. The strings in Apologize are just love! I've always enjoyed songs which combine the piano and strings.

So. Yeah, I had school this morning and it ended around 12.30pm or so which was quite good because our last period was Maths and to be honest, our Maths teacher is a teeny tiny bit boring. What else. French class wasn't that bad. We were talking about the difference of Malaysia's and France's politics. I, of course, didn't participate much because I was coughing my head off and also because I don't really understand politics. Not that I don't want to, but yeah.

Also, one of my bookshelves have been transported outside but my room is still in a mess. Hoyea, it is. God-knows when I'll come round to spring-clean my room. Damn. Also, I'm craving Korg's PA50 keyboard *drool* Can someone get this for me for my fifteen birthday? Haha.

you wish you knew

I want:

  1. Snow Patrol's A Hundred Million Suns
  2. The Fray's self-titled album
  3. My own phone. And, please, not Nokia.
  4. To be able to high jump. Baisser.

I'm pathetic and I'm lame. And I'm going to try out this macro tutorial which Afiq gave me. I also am thinking of making my pictures grainier. Haha. Wierd. Anyway. I've got school tomorrow, I haven't actually packed my sports stuff for PJK tomorrow morning. And I need to figure out how I'm going to rush from school to Alliance Francaise by 2pm. How nutters is that?

Right, what else. Oh, Zara. Good luck babe, with everything. Sorry I didn't go online on MSN just now. I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk to anyone, so yeah. Right, I think I'm off to bed. Maybe fine a paper bag or something to bring my stuff because my bag is frigging LOADED. Au dieu darlings.

January 14, 2009

ha ha ha

    "You sound sick. Are you sick?"
Haha. Thanks for asking John, but no, I am not sick. But I do have a sore throat. Oh, yeah. He called to ask me if I'll be going for training tomorrow. So, yeah. There you go. He also inquired of Syaza, whom he calls Za za and I totally blanked on that part. How lame :D

So, I'll be off now. Need to search some material for that French essay I'm about to write tomorrow.


I've only just realised that I've been in some sort of a mini hiatus since I started form 3/morning session which is both good, and bad. Good because I can finish my homework on time (which I do so oftenly nowadays) and bad because I miss out on the fun talking on MSN with Zara.

So, right. Whats up with me now? Here's whats up:

  1. Homeworks have been finishing on time lately
  2. I think I've gotten a bit thinner since my diarrhea
  3. I'm no longer in photography club. BOO D:
  4. Might not enter the sidang this year
  5. I starting to like Snow Patrol like shizz
  6. I'm sleepy all the time now
  7. And my room has become some sort-of a mini white room.

Well, its because they did the undercoat for my coloured wall and the rest of my walls are white so I don't think they'll be doing the undercoat for the white walls. My room has also been rearranged by the painters. Must say, it looks much more spacious this way. So I'm thinking of letting dad have my study table and placing the bookshelves outside in the family living area so there'll only be a mirror and my wardrobe in my room. Sounds cool. I'm also thinking of asking dad to bring up Gerard into my room. HAHA. But well, if dad doesn't want to do that, I'm thinking of saving up money and buying myself a keyboard from Yamaha. How bout that aye?

Right, now I'm thinking of what to do next seeing as my homework is all done. Oh wait, no. I still have the French essay to write. Oh good God. I think I'll do it tomorrow and get the facts tonight or something.

January 12, 2009


Good fricking luck for yer diagnostic!

Thought of texting you, but oh well, its still early. So yeah. No negative thoughts yeah babe! I'm sure you can do well. And I miss talking to yeh too babe. Maybe one of these days we'll chat like crazy on MSN or maybe after your diagnostic? How bout that (:

So, good luck yet againnnnnnnnnn!

January 10, 2009

sway me

Lately I've been trying to change my drawing style. I find it a bit too detailed. Oh well. I'm still practising. And also going to improve my charcoal drawings and attempting to draw using pigment pens. I bought the Faber Castell ones in a small pack of four and it was rm21.60. Dad was angry, thats for sure. But well, wanted to try different media. Even so, I suck at it. No matter, I'll practise until I can do it.

And I'm considering taking up arts as an extra subject along side the Science stream. But well, who knows aye.

Picture by Danny Roberts of Igor + Andre.

est-ce que tu m'accord?

    "Foot ball is an annoying sport". What do you say?
    But all men like football.
    -Now that is a cliché

Well today our class mixed with the upper independent users because their teacher has went back to France (I think). So, lets cut to the chase shall we? Well, we were doing an oral exercise where we were given a sentence and we're supposed to either agree or disagree with it. Something like a debate. So well, Éléonore asked the above question and Tan answered, "Absolutely!" and one of the girls said "But all men like football" and Éléonore smiled and said "Il est un cliché". Damn, I really can't get that convo out of my head. God-knows why.

So, anyway. Earlier today we had the bestari program thing and right after it was finished, I felt as though some bomb landed on my lap. I mean, all the kerja kursus have to be finished by June. How pressuring is that man! And ontop of that, I know dad is secretly hoping for me to sit for DeLF B1 this year. Honestly, I don't think I will. Not with PMR and all the classes and kerja kursus and all. So, yeah. And somehow, my family has high hopes on me getting 8As. Oh shiznits. I feel like I'll cry. Ho ho.

Ah darn. I have a 100 word essay to write on the position of women in Malaysia or whatever country I want. And in French! Damn. I think I'll be doing it at school. And I still haven't found the drawings for Seni. Shiznits. I think I'll do it now.

rubber stamps and sods

    "Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?
    -Hello, I love you."
Yeah, I'm a pathetic sod I am. Teehee. Goodnight.


Mmm. By Zara:

1. Was 2008 good for you?
honestly? not so.

2. What was your favorite moment of the year?
fooling around with Aiman and Kamal after school, talking with Zara until the wee hours of the morning

3. What was your worst moment of the year?
ahmm....something. i won't tell you.

4. Where were you when 2008 began?
i was sitting at my uncle's balcony texting people Happy New Year.
haha, typical of me.

5. Who were you with?
my phone. haha

6. Where will you be when 2008 ends?
just arrived from Langkawi after a one hour flight. haha

7. Did you keep your new years resolution of 2008?
yeah, one of 'em i guess

8. Do you have a new years resolution for 2009?

9. Did you fall in love in 2008?
oui? non?

10. If yes, with who?

11. Are you still in love?

12. Did you breakup with anyone in 2008?
you know.

13. Did you make any new friends in 2008?
the sidang guys. and Kamal! teeheee :D

14. Who are your favorite new friends
Kamal kot? haha.

15. What was your favorite month of 2008?
it was....a sucktastic year. so not much of supertastic months

16. Why this month?

17. Did you travel outside of the US (or your home country) in 2008?
nopety nuuu

18. How many different places did you travel to in 2008?
Langkawi, Terengganu, Cameron, Pahang

19. Did you miss anybody in the past year?
oh! someone. i've never told anyone of this, and i never will.
yeah, i never will.

20. What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2008?
Penelope, Juno, P.S. I Love you.

21. What was your favorite song from 2008?
mmmm, loads.

22. How many concerts or plays did you see in 2008?
about.....i don't know. three or so?

23. Did you have a favorite concert in 2008?

24. What was your favorite book in 2008?
Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes, and Mitch Albom's Tuesdays With Morrie

25. How many people did you sleep with in 2008?
damn. ZERO lah.

26. Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
always have, always will

27. What was the biggest lie you told in 2008?
i'll....never tell you. never.
you might not ask anyway.

28. Did you treat somebody badly in 2008?
yeah, i know i did. i'm an ass. i know.

29. Did somebody treat you badly in 2008?
well, i'm going to plaster a smile on my face and proudly say, "No" eventhough there are.

30. What was your proudest moment of 2008?
i don't know.

31. What was your most embarrassing moment of 2008?
ada something.

32. If you could go back to any moment of 2008 and change something, what would it be?
yes, and no. but....nevermind.

33. Where did you work in 2008?
no where -__-"

34. Favorite TV shows(s) of 2008?
Gossip Girl, The Lily Allen Show, 90210

35. Favorite Band(s) of 2008?
Coldplay, Sigur Ros, The Script, Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Air Traffic, Rooney, Simple Plan

36. Favorite Food in 2008?
sushi :D

37. Favorite Drink in 2008?
venti-sized caramel macchiato

38. Favorite Place in 2008?
no where is a favourite place. honestly.

39. Favorite person(s) to be with in 2008?
Aliyah, Mei, Zara, Syaziqer et the scouts.

40. Favorite person(s) to talk to in 2008?
honestly, Zara and....my conscience. i've never been able to share anything with anyone anyway. not even a best friend, or close friend.

41. Favorite trip in 2008?
all those camps with the scouts! :D

42. Favorite stores in 2008?
Zara, Tangs, any shop which supplies art stuff

43. Hardest thing you had to go through in 2008?
i won't tell you. least of all the people who know the person i'm talking of. you'll think i'm a pathetic minger won't you.

44. Most exciting moment(s) in 2008?
mmm, late nights with Zara on MSN and i don't know what else.

45. Funniest moment(s) in 2008?
meeting with Zara during IU day. also with Fian. teehee. padahal tak tegur sangat pun dengan Fian. how lame.

I tag:
i don't know. maybe Fna, Ikyn and Bqah. yang rasa nak buat, buatlah.

January 9, 2009


Work and notes area piling up, my brain is very nearly fried, my fingers are destroyed, my daily timetable is full and I think I'm getting paranoid. Here's why:

  1. Wangsa Raya training + maths tuition on Thursday
  2. (Sort-of) report card day is tomorrow
  3. Loads of stuff to be revised
  4. I'm getting fat

I wonder if I can handle all that. Especially number 1. Damn it. I think I need to shift to the night session until training is over. Maybe. I'm also thinking of going for the basketball tryouts. But I suck, and well I think I'll be left out. And, I suck, big time. Right Izzat?

Hmm. What else. I like the word shizznit.

January 5, 2009

ignore me

First day was okay, I guess. Yeah. I landed a seat next to Syaza right by the window and it gets really hot there around 9am+. Daymn. Anyway. I looked like a downright nerd today. Haha. But well, innit good? Oh, and I'm the bendahari. I think I'll suck at it.

Psst, Mei's coming tomorrow. Miss yeh Mei! <3
And Zara, gewd luck babe for your diagnostic next week!

Oh dear, 10:30. Au dieu.

Langkawi 2008

Ha, our second trip to Langkawi was great! Except for the part where I get diarrhea. But all together, it was awesome! Oh, Ibraheem got stung by a jellyfish and mum had food poisoning. Yeah, okay. It wasn't that awesome. Pictures follow:

Yeah, ain't that great. Haha.

January 3, 2009

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash :

To be honest, I don't feel like going to 3 Azam. Haha, yeah. I don't know why. I guess because, I'm scared I won't fit in. Heh. Typical of me. I always think I won't fit anywhere in this world *eye rolling* In that case, I think I should move to Provence and spend my days in bistros talking of olive oil while listening to Richard Anthony singing Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini on the gramophone. Haha.

Okay, I got that idea from reading Encore Provence and watching A Good Year. But to be honest, Provence is a real nice place. What with the lavendar fields and the bistros and what not. And I could practice French y'know! Well....maybe I'll go there with dad one day. Dad does want to go there. If I'm not mistaken, its one of his dreams *aksi angkat kening*

Oh well. Provence, je voudrais te visiter et photographier ton scenes. Tee heee. Okay, I should stop parler-ing en French. But well...I can't help it you know! Haha. Honestly Khadijah, ARRETER! Au dieu.

D'accord. Je voudrais un moment, s'il te plait. Oh well. I think I want to buy myself a gramophone and play Richard Anthony's vinyl records. Maybe some of The Beatles, ABBA. Hmm...what else? Haha. I should stop. Toodles.

January 2, 2009

how exciting!

I have just posted my first post on The Travelling Journal! Yeah, this is the project which Zara and I came up with one late night after an extra dosage of YouTube. Teeheee. Check it out. I'll be posting on Fridays, because I'm the youngest, so yeah. Make sure you read it! We'll be posting random stuff, you know, clippings of our daily lives and random topics and challenges and what not. So, stay tuned! *wink wink* And the family consists of Mei, Esah, Aisyah, Zara et yours truly. I think if you enjoy their blogs, I'm sure you'll enjoy The Travelling Journal as well ;D

Anyway, school kicks off next week and I think I've grown two centimetres tall? Haha, probabbly not. Well, we'll see won't we. Damn, I can't wait. Even so, I'm nervous. And I think you'll be expecting A BRAND NEW NERDY KHADIJAH. Well, what do you expect anyway? But well, if I do turn out into a nerd, I'll be happy. It's one of my resolutions anyway. And I forgot to type it in. Lol.

Ah, and I pray that I can go to New Zealand after PMR next year. OKAY. Not to stay there permanently but to see how the schools in New Zealand are like. Oh well....I'd love a change of weather. It gets quite boring after staying in a continental country for 14 years. But it'll be cold in New Zealand and my sinus will act up on me and that is the absolute downer of living in a four seasoned country. I guess I should just stay in Malaysia until I fix my sinus or something. Teehee.

Okay....what else. I want a trutle! Haha. Yeah! I don't know why I'm excited over getting a turtle. Oh well. No matter. I actually asked mum if I could adopt a cat from SPCA but mum said no because Ibraheem has got his asthma problems and mum went on and on that I won't change the litter and what not. So, I asked for a turtle instead. I hope dad'll get me one before school starts. Teeheee. God-knows why I want one before school starts. Haha.

Oh, well. I guess I'll go now. I want to start reading Pride & Prejudice anyway. Haha.

January 1, 2009



Oh well. I got back from Langkawi last night around 12, so well. I celebrated New Years on the plane, looking out the window and seeing nothing at all, having dhiorrea (however that's spelled) and with a tiny little Chinese boy kicking the back of my seat. How awesome was that? NOT. Haha. Anyway, its the 1st of January today. Another fresh new start for me, et pour tout le monde (for everyone).

So, of course, I have resolutions at what not which I am tempted to share. Yeah, I'm lacking inspiration here people. And this computer's mouse is dumb so I can only be bothered to blog and not do anything else. Heh. Anyway, les resolutions pour 2009:
    1. 8As for PMR.
    Yeah, everyone wants that. Who doesn't?
    2. Get myself thin.
    Which I have failed to do last year. Even so, I made it for a few months until I ate a hot dog and I thought I won't eat another one. Turns out I ate more and more of hot dogs after that. Yep, one hot dog and I never turned back *aksi angkat kening* Haha.
    3. More artsy fartsy stuff from me.
    Sketches, drawings, poems, short stories, articles, proses and whatever heck you know I can do. Or whatever. Haha.
    4. Piano classes.
    GOD! I need one. I'm still stuck on grade 3! Shizz me head off. Whatever that means. And my piano playing sucks terribly. Ask my parents. Gah.
    5. Speak plus de Francaise.
    So, fair warning. I might go on rambling like shizz in French next year. I've already started loads of rambling today, so, consider yourselves warned.
    6. Make up my mind on what I want to be.
    I'm still choosing between taking up law or a medicine. Law because: a) I can take over dad's firm b) I'll be boss (HAHA). Medicine because: a) I love Science, like, A LOT b) Uhh, I don't know? But well. I'm sure I'll know what I want to be.
    7. Get comissioned for taking pictures.
    But well, I don't think I'll go with this one. I somehow can't make myself take photos of what people want. Especially when I am not in the mood. Or maybe when I am pressed.
    8. Read more books.
    Well, I already have two shelves in my room and both of which are filled up. So....well. I wouldn't know where to put the books which I'm planning to read this year. I think I need my own mini-library. Dad, can I get one? (HAHA)
    9. Play more classical pieces on the piano.
    Yeah! Dad expects me to do this. Gosh......but that said, I need a piano teacher first. Help?
    10. Fulfill all of the above.

Hmm.....Yeah. Thats about it I guess. Shizz. I think I'm going to go play some song on Gerard. Je ne sais pas. Bof.