December 20, 2008

short et simple

I'm keeping this short and simple because, to be honest, I can't risk staying up late and not wake up early for Subuh prayers tomorrow. Dad'll slaughter me. Okay, I just got back from A Christmas Carol and it was superb! Second favourite play after Cats. Well, because Yusof was sitting beside me throughout the play, I couldn't exactly concentrate because Yusof kept laughing at things which aren't supposed to be funny. Dumb, je sais. Yeah, anyway. The lighting and everything was superb! And geez, I like Scrooge. Eventhough he was the grumpiest grouch in the town, I like him.

Oh, and I saw Lyana but I don't know whats wrong with this dumb head of mine and I didn't even bother saying "Hello" to her. Sorry Lyana! And Alia was there! Dang. Mum saw her and she was organizing another event which was going on at KLPac. I regret not following mum out during the intermission. Hello Alia! And today, I belanja-ed my dad rm5 for the program booklet and another rm5 for Yusof's 100Plus. I'm not going to claim the rm5 from my dad because its considered a "taxi fare" for tomorrows trip to CM. Yeah, dad, okaaaay =D

Ah, I guess I shall hit the sack. OH! I need to charge the camera's battery for tomorrow. And also, might be headed down school before going to CM to check what class I get into. Pray I'm in a class where I have friends. One last thing:

ZARA! Good luck matey for your......performance =D
I hope you read this before your show. I might just text you tomorrow *wink wink*
Okay, and I hear Victor playing my favourite song of the Disney Princesses movie, Colours Of The Wind. HAHA. Yeah! Its true! I love that song with all my heart. I think I shall play it tomorrow. Yikikikiki, good night.

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