December 10, 2008

ah, mon dieu

Hello. My fingers ache, a lot.
Yeah, nothing much to say actually. I just needed to write something because my brain has been talking too much to my conscience and so, I couldn't stand it. Haha, and I couldn't sleep last night because I napped from 1.40pm until about 6pm. So, because I couldn't sleep I read, like, 8 chapters of Tuesdays With Morrie and then the conversation of my brain and my conscience started until about 11+pm. Very annoying I tell yah.
    C : What if you die?
    B : I don't want to die, yet.
    C : Well, what if tonight's the night?
    B : OMG, NO NO.
    K : Geez.
How dumb aye? Lol. And mum left the laptop at her office yesterday, so can't upload the pictures. Gahhh. Maybe tonight? I don't know.

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