December 20, 2008

fricking awesome!

Teeheeeeeeee. Dad's bringing me to Art For Grabs tomorrow. How cool! Finally, I can get Minolta fixed and also get some cool stuff and what not. I can't wait, I can't fricking wait! So, Zara. If you decide to go tomorrow, drop me a comment down there or in the Cbox in the right column =D
Oh, and might be going to school to check out what class I'm in next year. Oh yes, my dear svians. Class lists are out. Damn. School is starting. No matter, the faster the better. I can't wait to finish PMR. HAHA.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm going to A Christmas Carol later tonight at KLPac. How cool kan kan? And I don't know why I'm excited beyond compare. I guess because I am frigging DONE with my French-for 2008 that is. Haha. Bonne Anée 2009 et, beh oui! Joyeux Noël aussi! If you're wondering what that means, it means Happy New Year 2009 and Merry Christmas. Teehee =D

And we had our annual French exam today, and the written was easy peasy. Okay, the oral comprehension was a bit hard, mais, the oral production was so hard! And eventhough I had my sentences sorted out, as soon as I faced Eléanor, our teacher, I was like speechless and I felt like I was going to die. How dumb. But yeah. Our exam is DeLF B1 level, and I think I'll be taking B1 next year. The faster, the better. Though, I hope I don't get any murderous examiners for my oral production. I'll fail fo sho.

That reminds me, I haven't taken my A2 cert. And I passed eventhough I was stuttering during my oral production. Luckily the examiners were nice Chinese ladies though. I like 'em *grin* OH! And the written was....easy? Haha. Okay, I need teh get ready.

I'm sending you my love. Hope you get them my darling readers =D
Okay, what the heck. I'm being so cheesy. Pray it shall not last. Au dieu mes amours.


Anonymous said...

Lol you're really hyper in this post ^.^

Khadijah said...


Yeah! I knoowwww :D

Anonymous said...

I would be at Art for Grabs tomorrow, but I have a gig to go to and friends whom I haven't seen in ages to meet. It would also be too dangerous for me to go there again, since I know I'll spend more money there.

But, of course, if my friends aren't going to the gig then I'll waddle over to CM and burn through more rolls of film, of course.

Khadijah said...


Haha, I saw the stuff which you bought on your blog. They look tempting! I can imagine how much I'll be spending later today =D

Ooooohhhh. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I would have bought more, but somehow I never really buy that much at art for grabs.

There's lots of good stuff there, though, so I'm sure you'll find something you like.