December 25, 2008

un jour joyeux?

Am happily chomping on Snyder's of Hanover garlic bread flavoured nibblers which mum happily bought for me just now from Cold Storage after I got my hair cut. Yeah! I have a new hair cut. Mum asked for a bob and I also had a bob in mind, so a bob it is. And the auntie flat-ironed it so now its temporarily straight. Teeeheee. And to be honest, it looks better when its straight.

Ah, anyway, dad had a shopping spree today with Yusof at Pavilion while I was happily eating O'Brien's sandwhiches with mum. Dad bought me a pair of Mary Jane Crocs in cotton candy, and I think I'm in love with the colour. Me likey. Okay....what else. Hmm. Well, I bought Mitch Albom's new book, For One More Day and, uh, another book by Jodi Picoult. Forgot the title and I can't be bothered to check anyway. Haha.

So....well. OH! I don't really know who to share this with so, yeah. Yesterday, mum called me and she said that Faris went to school to check which class he's in for next year. He also checked mine, and guess what?
I'm in 3 Azam.
Heck yeah, I am. God. I'm worried.

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