March 31, 2009

Alia's cool like that fo sho

I think that I have the coolest auntie in the history of mankind! One: She's a member of Furniture and also Dizzy & The; two: she taught me how to play Blue Sands; three: she helped me buy Yuna's EP and also made my mum buy me a copy of Dizzy & The's EP. And if you deny her awesomeness, I'll personally make you meet her. How bout that aye?

Okay, Yuna's EP is very good and mum has somehow fallen in love with Blue Sands after I listening it in the car on the way back to tuition. I like Yuna's new version of Backpacking Around Europe most *grin* And Dizzy & The's EP, awesome too. The combination of the piano and also the poetry is pretty much LOVE.


Okay, well, I'm having my migraine attack and my stomach is grumbling. I need to research some stuff for the opposition speech and I still haven't found that much of examples and statistics for my government speech. And, eeeek!, I haven't found my delivering style. Oh my God. I'm drama queen-ing, sorry. But well, you have a rough view of whats going on in my life right now.

Also, in class, I cried for the third time. Syaza was all whippety whoo saying that she got number 9 in class and, unconsciously, I cried. I mean, how pathetic is that? Aisyah also threw a pen at me for crying. Haha. Thank you. I needed that.

Alright. I need to research some multi-intelligence theories. Au dieu.
And happy April by the way! :D

March 29, 2009

end note

Trust me, Flica is a must listen. I wish I had his tracks on my mp3. I also wish I could compose songs like his. Very soothing yet nice. Anybody have any ideas where I can get his album Nocturnal? You'll be doing me a great favour if you do.

Happy early 17th Farah! :D
I just want to say that I like your poetry and I pray to God that you'll get good results for SPM. But yeah, I know you can, and that goes without saying.

Okay. Going into hiatus mode. See you...around?

March 28, 2009

and we have arrived on Pluto

Earth Hour 2009 8:54 PM

Yeah, I did participate in Earth Hour. The whole top storey bit of our house was in darkness and only the kitchen was alighted because mum and dad were baking but heck, I did it! Haha. 1 whole hour chatting with Mei, Aliyah, Ellya and Izzat while doing random surveys on MySpace and Twittering a sort-of countdown actually made time fly faster.

Alright, enough of typing. My mouth has started watering. Off to the kitchen for toast!

one hour to launch

A mere 4 minutes left to Earth Hour!
My insides feel as though they've been filled with butterflies. Haha. Excuse the previous post. Somehow, Yusof came rushing into my room and turned off the lights and said, "Earth Hour lah kak!". Over excited brothers, what to do *geleng kepala*

So, yeah. See you in an hours time!

Thanks for breaking my spirit down mum. Merci pour tout. I really appreciate it.


Earth Hour.
You don't need celebrities telling you to switch off your lights for a mere one hour because you know you have to do it.

So well, I'm freaking excited for tonight! I've been looking forward to it since last week. I've been bugging mum today, telling her that I'm going to switch of the lights and she was all like, "Yes Khadijah. I won't be baking anymore cupcakes today". Haha. Yeah. And...I think, I'll be doing some live picture updates on whats going on in my house. I really hope that the whole of my neighbourhood will be switching off their lights. Damn, I'm excited!

Well, my aunt came over this morning to sign some papers for my dad and later we played Scrabble along with my cousin. God, it was funny. Every time either I or my aunt figured out a word, we'd be laughing hysterically. I was like, "O-kaaaaay. I never knew doctors had crazy Dr. Frankenstine-ish laughs" and my cousin nodded and grinned, "Yeah, they do". My family is just awesome lah. Haha.

And am planning to go to National Library tomorrow morning with Aiman. Don't know what I'm going to do for our History folio yet. Might either do the Sultan Abdul Samad building or the KTM one. But I think the KTM seems much more cooler? Haha. Depends.

Right, I'm smiling my head off. Long time no talk Zara. I've missed yer!♥

March 27, 2009

migranes and headaches

Debate might be anytime next month and apparently our second intervension has been pushed until the end of the month but God-knows. And I have to retype the working papers for the Kem Keahlian to change the dates and I forgot to get the full names of the AJKs. Goodness gracious. Also, extra classes start next week and I haven't finished my kerja kayu. This year seems to be quite bad.

Oh dear.

March 25, 2009

crappy afternoon

Ju Yi is hallucinating and I can here Low saying 'Capulet' out loud. What the heck. This is what happens everyday after school. And no, I'm not at a cyber cafe. Just using Mr Cher's laptop in the comfort of the SAL room *sniggers) ain't life great? Well, I'm supposed to be researching some more things to support my debate points with Ju Yi. But, heck, my brain has been shut down. So is Ju Yi's and Lim is not around.

And here, Darrell is complaining about everything in his life. Okay, more like whining. And Puan Hasnawiah's phone just rang.

    Kring kring. Mak, ada orang call!

That's her ring tone man. Lets laugh like idiots!

Okay, I'm out of ideas. Saturated brain and unclear eye sight is just so lame. Wait, why the sudden silence? *looks around* Okay, turns out everyone is on the scene in the ballroom where Romeo sees Juliet.

I'll update.....soon?

random fact number 7

I wear contacts now. Yeyuh.

Yeah. I do * big grin* Its been a week since I've started using contacts. I didn't want to say or wrtie anything because I wanted it to be surprised. Only Aliyah knew that I was going to be wearing contacts on Monday. Everyone at school was like, "Did you lose/break your specs lah?". Haha. No I didn't people.

So, okay. I don't know why I even typed this out. Nani.

March 24, 2009


I'm so lethargic right now .__.
Many thanks to debate and sleeping late at night squeezing my head to find sentences which can actually make Mr. Cher happy. Yes, he isn't that satisfied with my debate. I guess because I'm still new and still haven't gotten the hang of it. Goodness gracious. Mr. Cher says its good that I'm sacrificing my sleeping time for debate. Ha ha. Yeah, right. I feel sleepy right now and I still have to come up with more sentences and statistics to support my stand. Sigh.

Also, intervension 2 is in two weeks time and I haven't studied a thing. I mean, come on, I don't have the time. And I wonder why is it just so close to our Sports Day. Doesn't Puan Sa'amah know that those who are participating won't have any time to study. Gosh. I hope it's postponed or something. I can't handle debate, kawad and exam all in the same time.

Okay, enough of rambling. I need more statistics. BOO. I wonder....can I make some up? ;D

March 16, 2009

i'm addicted?


All thanks to Mei, I'm addicted to the word 'chicken'. Oh my God. I'm so wierd, aren't I.


Okay, Rozreen's coming over for a sleep over tomorrow and my room is such a mess. Okay, granted, it isn't that messy but because my mum's a total neat-freak and says that its very messy, that means it must be a total eye sore. I don't know. I think I'll wake up early and tidy my table up and what-nots.

And debate practice/meeting on Thursday at KFC. Yeyuh! At least I won't be stuck at home, pacing up and down the stairs thinking of what to do. One bummer though: I've only found one article and its the only one which I understand-the rest are filled with super big words. No matter, I'll read it and make sure the dictionary is with me.

Mhmm. What else. Oh yes. There'll be some changes in me on Monday. Not drastic ones, but yes. Quite a big one.

March 15, 2009

pretty please?

Sony K550i in white. Can I have it? *puppy eyes*
Other than that, I'm in desperate need of new earphones and tops. I have been wearing Yusof's Topman tops for no reason. No, seriously.

And I'm currently in love with Battles. It clashes with my music taste, but yeah. Everybody needs change now and then don't they?

March 14, 2009

things get so random

    I become your temporary boyfriend lah!
    -Tan Jun Kit

Haha, enough said. But take note, there's nothing going on between us.

March 11, 2009

je suis content?

I'm your new main speaker baby Yeyuh, I am! :D

I made it! I can't believe I actually made it onto the debate team! I honestly thought that I didn't have the chance because I, as the third speaker of the government, didn't properly rebut the opposition's points and I, somehow, became speechless. I felt like I was going to die. But, by some chance, I was chosen and I'm the youngest. Yes, I am the youngest out of the five. They're all form fives and I'm the only form three. Lucky I know Ju Yi or else I'd be completely lost. I think Puan Suriyati saw my worried look and she just smiled and said, "Don't worry Khadijah. They're here to guide you" and what-nots. Haaaaaaaa. I don't care, I'm still scared.

And today Farah held the auditions for Romeo and Juliet. Yes, Romeo and Juliet. This is for a competition sometime in April. I thought of joining but with debate, I don't think I can keep up. No matter, on to the story. Well, I helped Farah in auditioning. Today I was Capulet and also Romeo. AND somehow when Alya was auditioning for the Nurse's role and I had to be Romeo, I actually nearly cried. Don't know how that happened, but it did. Hah, impressive ain't I? And I think Alya said that I'd make a good actress and that I should join the play. But, no thank you. I'm going to be busy with debate.

Oh God, I'm going to be so busy. Exam is on the 7th of April, debate is about three or four weeks after the school holidays and I'm thinking of helping out with the play; painting sets and such. And am planning to go to National Library with Aisyah and Syaza to look for materials for the History folio, and I can't forget to research for points on our next debate practice on the Monday right after the school holidays. Damn. Think I might do that on Friday.

Right, I don't want to bore you people. Au revoir.

March 8, 2009

i don't know anymore

I don't know why but I haven't been in the mood to write anything at all. But, truth be known, I'm just tired. I wish time would just slow down for a bit. Its been flying too fast. A bit too fast for me to keep up.

But, just to keep you updated, I had the explorace thing earlier today at Bukit Jalil with my fellow scouts and also the other scouts from the Keramat zone. To be honest, it wasn't much fun and somehow, pretty boring. Okay, I can officially say that there's something wrong with me but I don't know what. Wierd.

And the photos from yesterday's curriculum activities have been updated on my Flickr. One of my favourite photos:
I secretly think Syaza's a photogenic :D

March 4, 2009

stereoscopic, are yah

    "Shouting, screaming, and cursing; almost like a nightly ritual in our house. Little did I know, they-being my parents-were planning on getting a divorce. Five years passed, I’m 17 and I still haven’t known the cause of the divorce. I never wished to find out. I kept my desire hidden deep at the deepest, darkest bottom of my heart. Somehow, mum knew what I wanted to know because three days after the clock stroked 12 am on my 18th birthday, my mum sat me down and told me everything."

I thought watching The Holiday might give me an idea to write a short story. Turns out, it didn't. I sat on our tattered red, Ikea sofa and yet nothing came to me except for that paragraph above. I'm writing because I want to join The MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story Prize 2009. But no matter what, my writing seems to lack something. I don't know what. Good God.

Okay. Thats all I have to say. I think that because of my headache, I can't think. Maybe tomorrow. Right. I also need to persuade mum to let me go to the camp in Penang. I want want want! Grrssssssss. Okay, back to hiatus.

    "I can't figure out the Mathematics of this. I just know that I love you"

busy-ness strikes

Finishing up on the work sheets for the Kem Keahlian is no fun at all. At least for now, I'm done. I still need to do the admission forms and I haven't gone to seen Cikgu Syamsurri yet. How great. And Pau wants them all finished by either Thursday or Friday so that we can distribute them. Gosh, this is going to be one tiring week. On top of that, I have to go for kawad and also Sukantara after school. I think I'll be pretty tied up with the planning for Kem Keahlian which is coming up in three more weeks, or so.

Sigh. And a week after that, we'll be having our second intervension exam which I'm going to make sure that I at least get 6 As. I think I didn't do quite bad for the first intervension; 5 As and 3 Bs, and one of my As is for Sejarah. I'm blardee happy! Haha. So, I think I'll try to get 80 this next intervension. OH YES! I got an A for Seni! Haha. I never thought I'd get an A because I didn't study thoroughly and also my drawing/shading for the Part B or C was quite bad because the tones were all wrong. Nevermind, I'll try again next time :D

Okay, its 6:14am already. And yes, I was awake since 5:20am because my alarm went off and I thought it was 6:20am so now I'm dressed and showered. How dumb. Right, back to hiatus.

March 1, 2009

Charity Bazaar, GE Mall

Intricately pretty
Guess who?

Yeah! I met up with Rozreen again! Haha. How cool. I met up with her last week, only I didn't have the chance to post up the pictures because the wireless connection was so so dumb. So, Rozreen decided to go black and white and one thing led to another and I started taking most of the pictures in black and white. Somehow, I love the turn out. I guess its the lighting of Great Eastern Mall. But God knows. Maybe He's miraculously returned my eye for photography which I really need back because my pictures have been feeling a bit dry (?).

Hmmm. So yeah. Right. Next Monday Rozreen and her family are dropping by for lunch seeing as it's Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) birthday, is it? Haha. And also, Aunt Shida, mum's new bestie, who's daughter has the same name as mine. I can't wait! Haha. I bet we're going to have a real awesome time. We haven't done this for about five years after Roz moved out to Subang.

Right, I guess thats it for today. My brain has gone dry. Okaaaaaaay, hiatus people.


These gorgeous Fortanima running shoes from Adidas by Stella McCartney. I don't care if they're for running in the snow, I LOVE THEM. Gosh. I really love Stella McCartney's collection for Adidas. Especially the yoga and dance collections. Absolutely gorgeous. Immediately made me inspired to take up yoga and dance. But I'm a sucker at dancing. Maybe yoga. Well.....there are classes at KK Club but they clash with my time.

No matter, I'm planning to jog tomorrow evening and, later, play basketball with Yusof. Haha, yes. Yusof bought a Spalding ball at Royal Sporting House just now. Pictures coming up in a bit. If you can't be bothered to wait, go to my Flickr. Links in the left-hand side readers ;D


Lencana Maju, I WANT YOU!
Damn, I don't know when I'm going to finish my Lencana Usaha log book which should've been finished last year. I think I need to go to One Stop and get the Pengakap Muda hand book thing. I want to finish my log book by Kem Keahlian.

Oh, and....there's a Pengakap class today. Boo. I can't go ;( Sorry Syafiq.
(Random talk, please ignore)