December 1, 2008

craps on the first

Its the 1st of December already, and I feel....I don't know. Well, 30 days to go til 2009 at which point that's the start of PMR year which means non-stop studying for the rest of the year. And there's DeLF B1, which I'm sure I'll fail just like that. And I'm planning on taking SATs which, I know, is going to be so so hard that I won't score. Okay, merde. Why am I being so pessimistic. This is just...wierd. Heh, anyway.

Hell-o 1st of December 2008.

Oh. I'm not getting a new phone. I'll be using dad's old Nokia 5300 which isn't that big on image quality, so yeah. At least I can transfer images from the lappie into it. Teeheeeee. Okay, Khadijah. Stop. Yeah, even if I did get a new phone I'm not so lucky enough to get the one of my choice. Nasib lah. So, instead of a new phone, I'm getting a guitar and I don't want lessons. I want to learn myself. Heh. And, I don't understand why....God. Nevermind. I don't want anyone to know.

Oh, and I think I'm naming my piano Gerard. Haha. I was thinking of Gerard Butler, and yeah. I think my piano's a male so, there you go. Gerard, the German piano. Wow. Sounds a whole lot better than Horugel. Gerard Gerard Gerard. I love you Gerard. Haha.

Oh! And Pete & Arlene is good. I love his pieces. Arlene is the piano by the way. Yeah. Arlene. Nice name I tell you (:


ikyn adzmi said...

pmr is nothing, u just hv to score fr mathematics and science. just understand the concepts, cuz in upper secondary high, it'l be a whole diff thing i tel ya :D haha i sound like a snob -_______________-

ikyn adzmi said...

oh oh anyway, good luck :D

Khadijah said...


teehheeeeee. thank you for your tips :D