December 12, 2008

Khadijah's Morning Newsflash:

Okay, poooh. Good morning, and thank you for joining Khadijah's Morning Newsflash brought to you by......Blogger? Haha. Okay, ignore me. I suddenly became so hyper this morning eventhough I only managed a one hour sleep this morning after talking hours and hours with Zara, which of course is a must every single day. Yeah, morning Zara! I think I can text you today! =D And, anyway, on to our newsflash.
I'm going to RANtAi with my cousins
Okay, well. I don't know why dad suddenly agreed but yeah, I am frigging going with my cousins later today. It happened this morning during breakfast:
    D : Kak Nana ajak you pergi RANtAi later today. Want to go?
    K : (speechless kejap) What? Well, I know. Haha.
    D : Do you want to go?
    K : OMGSH, yes!
Ha ha, so. There you go. I am going later today, in the afternoon if I'm not mistaken. So, yeah. Mmmmm. But one thing is bugging me: why couldn't I go with Mei? Well, Mei is going to get her drivers liscence and well, she can be considered as an adult now right? Haa, but well....yeah. You never know what goes on in the head of Anwarul Haq, y'know.

Updated at 09:46am : I am not allowed to bring the 1000D. Gah! I am not a five year old, dad. But yeah, whatever you like. I don't mind anyway. Okay, I actually do mind, but whatever. Not that anyone cares, kan?

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