August 29, 2010

Step Up 3.

August 28, 2010


Just a little something something for raya. We have no colour scheme by the way. But I think most of the baju kurungs mum sent were all pink. Haha. I don't know.

August 27, 2010


A : What happens twice in a week, once in a year and not in a day?
*semua orang berfikir*
A : E
*everyone goes OH! and laughs*
K : Wait *processing* Twice in a week, once in a year and not in a day? OH! I get yah. Hahahahaha!
I honestly can be really, really slow. Slap me people.

August 25, 2010

Chris Martin

Coldplay fans are the best in the world. If you like Coldplay then you’re
obviously very intelligent and good looking and all-around brilliant.
-Chris Martin

This is inspired.

August 22, 2010


Hari ini banyak benda berlaku. Hari ini hari jadi Yusof. Hari ini saya belanja RM18 beli gummi bears dekat Famous Amos. Hari ini saya makan Campbell soup saja untuk sahur. Hari ini saya duduk di Times. Hari ini saya main scales macam itu *dua ibu jari ke atas*. Hari ini saya sakit perut. Hari ini saya makan carbonara. Hari ini saya jadi gila. Dan hari ini, saya beli itu baju Topman yang saya lama sudah mahu.Oklah awak. Kita mengantuk. Bai bai.

August 21, 2010

Pretty Little Liars


August 15, 2010

5 Ramadhan

Karenah adik-adik tercinta. Wait, minus Ibraheem and Umar. I have more pictures but but but...nevermind. Peace yow. And I got a new top from Zara and a wallet. A BRAND-NEW WALLET.


aku stalker

OHMYGOD. Tengok apa aku jumpa! Haha.
Sorry Aisyah, I stalked your blog but oh my God, this picture! This padang, this woman, this this this *breaks down into tears* I miss this so badly :'-)

28/6r Curvy

MY FIRST EVAH GAP JEANS *lari keliling dunia macam orang gila*
Thank you mommah. And somehow, I don't feel like wearing it because it's too pretty. Haha. Maybe I'll lose a bit of my thighs before I start wearing this. Yeah. Ramadhan, lets go!

And I think I lack writing nowadays. I'm having some sort of a writers block resulting from what happened a few...months back. I don't know. I guess since my aunt's death, I stopped writing for a bit and I nearly gave-up on school work. I don't know how this has got to do with anything, but I'm having a terrible writer's block. I want to write but everytime I pick up a pen or start typing on the netbook I just go blank, period. And I give up altogether. That's why my blog has been *crickets crickets*

Nevermind. I'll try to get back on the right track. We'll see how it goes. Oyes, Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to my readers! :) Jangan tinggal puasa tau.

August 12, 2010


Anakku tercinta, Hazirah, telah menukar beg dengan saya. Ini beg saya untuk seminggu. Yeah. Ok, selamat pagi. Jom mandi dan ke sekolah! :B

saya dah tua

I'm really thankful that all of you have wished me. Granted, my night wasn't the one I hoped it would be but the phone calls and texts I got made me feel significantly better. Amongst all, I paling sayang Mei dengan Paan
*superawesomekhadijahhug* I will see you two soon ok? I miss you guys too much.

August 10, 2010


Nak yang mahal je. Haha. Yeah!

i'm not excited

But I'm still counting down.
Guess what, I'm turning 16 in 2 days time. Yes yeay yippee! Not.

August 5, 2010

saya dah nak 16 tahun

For once I want my own phone. Like, my own brand-new phone which I didn't inherit from someone else just because my phone broke down or something. And suddenly, of all the phones, I like this one. Haha. Oh well, lets pray God answers my prayers.

Also, a conversation before our test

E : Kat, your birthday is on the 12th right?
K : Yeah. Why?
E : I think something epic is going to happen that day. What was it aaaaaaa *muka berfikir*
K : Haha. Okay. What? Nevermind. Anyway, I think I want a new phone.
E : OH YEAH! The new Blackberry is coming out. Haha. Ingat apa.

Damn, I love you people C:

August 1, 2010

Charlyne Yi

I is suka-ing her spectacles.