July 29, 2009


Happy Almost Birthday? Haha. WTO dude.
But anyway, its in 1 and a half week's time, so yeah. Happy almost my birthday to me.

confession :

Here's one thing I said to dad last night:
I'm going to be a space engineer one day and launch my own rocket into outer space. I want to be the first Malaysian to ever defeat the space technology of Russia and America. Maybe, just maybe, I also want to be the first ever Malaysian, Islam, tudung-wearing, woman to actually set foot on the moon and kick Sheikh Muszaphar's reputation in the butt.

And somehow, I really really really want to do this more than anything else in the world.

July 28, 2009

okay, right now

I'm declaring myself to be in permanent hiatus.
Well, trials is in two weeks time, PMR is-as of today-in 76 days and well...I just recently got tired of the internet world.

Okay. Bye.

July 26, 2009

wishlist 03

Dad will totally not agree but oh well, I'm still putting this on my wishlist. Anyway, my Sony gets full easily nowadays because its only 1GB and a creative soul-NOT-needs lots of music to accompany throughout the nights drawing and such. Haha. My God. That sounds like I'm so full of myself which I only am around Aisyah and Syaza.

Anyway, I just need lots of space to put my songs in.

*jumps up and down*

Wuweeeeeeeee. First canvas painting! :D

It took me three sessions to finish this. Used up the first week to draw a rough sketch of it and in the last two sessions, I painted until my arms were weak. Dad wants to sell this but I want it up in the living room but I think I'll opt for dad's suggestion instead. I want moonay. Or, maybe, I can do another painting. Yeah....I'll do that. I have three more canvases.

So...next week I'll be learning facial tones.

a zipper on the ground?

Hello and good morning. I was tagged by Zara :)
Bold the statements that ARE true to you. Italicize the statements that you WISH were true. Leave the fibs alone. Then, tag 5 people to do the same test.

I’m 170cm tall.
I don’t know what I want at the moment.
I’m not happy.
I hate my friends.
I hate my life.
I hate my grades.
I can drive.
I’m bored of driving.
I have a white handbag.
I love dancing.
I go clubbing every week.
Shopping is bullshit.
I have a tattoo of a star.
I got my navel pierced.
I have friends that take drugs.
90% of my friends smoke.
I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty.
I’m studying Fashion.
I have a business running.
I hate cartoons
I hate someone.
I have 10 Lollipops handbags.
I buy CLEO every month.
My parents don’t know about my blog.
I have an iPod.
I don’t have faith in the current “one”.
My school mates know about my blog.
I wanted to be a fashion designer.
I love rock emo bands.
I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.
I’m a rebel.
I don’t believe in love.
High school's filled with drama.
My parents have faith in me.
I’ve bought shoes this month.
A blogger bitched about me before.
I hate sports.
I heart Italian food.
I hate meeting new people.
I hate nail polish.
The mother bear gives me hugs.
People should start appreciating me. (HAHA, no lah)
High school was the worst time of my life.
I have red hair.
One Utama is my second home.

I’m a guy.
I’m scared of my Biology exam which I’m going to face tomorrow.
I hate vacations.
We’ll last :)
I believe in long distance relationships.
I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.
I’ve robbed an old lady.
I’m starting to like applying make-up.
I was a tomboy.
At times I think I still am a tomboy.
I love bitching about people behind their backs
I still have a best friend.
I have a cat.
I hate surprise parties.
I hate planning parties.
I’m hot.
I’m a sinner.
I’ve got a DS light.
I have a Wii.
I can live without music.
Video games are a waste of time.
I miss the father bear.
I love being in love.
I know how to cook.
I have 100% freedom.

Boys are assholes.
I hate Math.
I’m happy with what I have
I love horror films.
I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.
My old friends keep in touch with me.
I don’t read newspapers.
The news is such a waste of time.
Blogging is a waste of time.
I hate animals.
I can’t live without make-up.
I curse like a pirate.
I’m happy with my 11 year old car.
I hate people that are smart.
I love Orange juice.
I can’t drink for nuts.
I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.
I’ve got a new phone.
I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.
I love swimming. Like to the power of infinity :D
I haven’t worked out since March.
I think I’m fat
I love my friends and family

I tag:
;Mei An
;Aisyah Pahmi
;Nur Syaza
And who ever else

July 25, 2009

excuse me

Let me go crazy for a while ahhhh.
Alright, its over. Haha.
Damnit. British guys are love. Where can I get one? D:

hello Saturday

Pertandingan Drama Zon Keramat
SMK Wangsa Melawati
SMK Wangsa Melawati
SMK Wangsa Melawati

After taking these pictures during the drama competition, I've only just realized how much I missed being on the sidang. Never mind. Maybe next year :)


I don't know why but I'm crazily inspired right now. In my brain there's this really big thunderstorm which is producing super brill ideas! One of them is a project for me to do within these two weeks. Oh my God. That reminds me, trials! Damn it. I can't stay away from arts now. Nevermind, I'll try to restrain myself. If it doesn't work, well you can't stop the powerful force art has upon me. Aaaaaa.So, I have this Moleskin-like sketchbook which I haven't touched at all because its so pretty and I want to make sure that all the things which I'll be putting down in there are gorgeous awesome stuff. That is why I'm using my tatty sketchbook with super thin paper. I have another one which I use for classes with Janiz. Anyway, I'm planning to carve patterns out on my Moleskin-like sketchbook. Now I just have to look for a pretty pen knife to use.

And I think I'm participating The Scribbles Project. The ideas are poring out of my ears as we speak. So I think I'll sketch or something and go straight to sleep.

Also. One question: Is this what arts feel like?

wishlist 02


Tengah gila sneakers kejap :D

July 24, 2009

silent wishes

I don't know why but I suddenly wanted to look at the courses available at Limkok Wing. Dad suggested I do architecture there. Or was it Taylor's. Okay, I can't remember which. Oh well. I browsed through the courses and saw foundation in design. Sounds pretty much like what I want to do. So anyway. With that foundation, I can do an honors for digital imaging and illustration. Damn. Can I apply for that dad? Haha. I guess not.

Okay, so...I'll find something else.

Dad said no. Okay, fine. Architecture then. But one day I'll fund myself to do Design. I don't give a frickin' damn and no one is going to stop me.


This could be the best ever telemovie ever shown. Props to Khabir Bathiar.

drama production R+J

Okay, granted maybe we're still newbies in this drama business but honestly, we did our best the other day and I personally think we can do better. So people, lets kick their pretty well-rounded butts next ear! And lets do a more awesome story and make sure the judges are blown off their seats.

By the way, I can't help saying this again and again but well if you want all of the pictures from Monday to Tuesday, please do ask for the thumbdrive from me. But I think Chay Fhei wants it first so I guess you guys have to ask from her when she's done, aite? :D


6855.) i am still madly, hopelessly, irrevocably, and unconditionally in love with you.
jeepers, i miss you so much. funny thing is i still have dreams of you, still think of you 24/7. i can’t get you off my mind. your all i can think about.. i love you

Via Blogsecret

July 23, 2009

wishlist 01

Whatever it is, just ignore me because I can't help posting this. Alololo.

Green Eyes

And honey you should know
That I could never go on without you
Coldplay, Green Eyes

This could well enough be my current favourite song. All hail all things Coldplay! Alolololoooo. Not to forget, Michael Jackson as well. He rocks man.


Presenting, Muhammad bin Anwarul Haq :D

I guess its been a long overdue but nonetheless, now that I'm free and dad's still asleep I might as well take the chance to post this. Well, Muhammad is the heaviest amongst us all. He weighs 3.88 kg when he came out. Blardee heavy I tell you. And he's quite strong. When he's awake, he can lift his head when Hajar could only propperly lift hers only at after a month, and Muhammad is only 9 days old. Dayum. Bak kata mak aku, "Budak-budak zaman sekarang ni".

Also, I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything up. I've been tired and stressed, thinking of trials. Oh well, life goes on. Mhmmmm. Ah, yes. Drama pictures will be posted within this week before I decide to go on hiatus. Aite?

July 16, 2009

yeah, you can say that

But here I lie
On my own in a seperate sky
Coldplay, Prospekt's March/Poppyfields

what the?

Oh Lord.
I feel like baking cupcakes! D:
Okay, I'm going to shower, have lunch and call mum. Boomdeyada.

10:44PM 150709

I didn't know the news until Auntie Yati told me in the car yesterday after getting back from extra classes that mum was admitted in the morning, 3 cm dilated. Goodness, imagine. And then during lunch, I was just asking Aisyah and Syaza what would happen if the baby came out as a girl and not as a boy as shown in the pictures.

Anyway, I got back home and called mum straight away. At the time, she was having her contractions and just took epidural to relieve it. Mum was saying "Khadijah, doa lah baby ni keluar cepat-cepat", and of course I did.

At 11pm, dad called. Said mum had just given birth to a baby boy, Muhammad. I was thrilled and I went to sleep with a fever. I guess I was worried about mum. So right now, dad's not at home. So is mum. I am frickin' hungry and sleepy and tired. Can't wait to see the new baby though. I feel like skipping tuition tonight. Hor hor hor.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Also, the drama pictures as well. Booyeahhhaaaa.

July 12, 2009

oh yeay?

Today marks the one-more-month-to-go to my birthday.
Time flies so fast and in a few weeks time it will be my birthday and-oh the horror-trials. I don't know anymore. And there's going to be a camp at Ulu Yam on the 31st and I don't think I can go. Dad isn't giving the green light. Oh God, who cares. I don't need it :(

July 10, 2009

"my name is Rice"

So what did I do with her, you ask, since I didn’t do her? Well, we did what your average twentysomethings would do in a boring town like ours: we hung out. We watched movies, sang songs for far-away boys and girls and rode our bikes all night under the streetlights. But what I liked most was the times when we’d cycle to the hill outside of town and lie down, side-by-side and talk about life, our dreams, our passions and our feelings.

Might've been the best story I've read. I like it. All of it.

Goodnight people. Enjoy Friday *grin*

July 9, 2009


C'est fin!
To be honest, I had fun. I don't know why, but I did. I actually went up to the rostrum and said in my normal quirky Kat-ish kind of way, "Hi everyone!" and I giggled. Oh my God, I felt like slapping myself. At least everyone in the meeting room was all smiles and such. Yes, they might've spelt dad's name wrongly but oh well, I had fun *grin*

I don't know what else I have to say. All I know is that right after I got back from KLCC with dad, I shared Victoria sponge and sticky toffee cake from Harrods with dad and everyone else, read Marley and Me and immediately fell asleep until about 4 a.m. Best night ever :D

July 6, 2009


To do list :
  1. Cyber Security conference@KLCC 8th July 2009, Wednesday
  2. Rough sketch on canvas for Janiz this Saturday :D
  3. Study the merde out of me
  4. Increase immune system and drink lots of water
  5. Lose weight-in other words, puasa
  6. Don't panic/die

Good night people. I want to draw. And study.


I can say that this is one of my all-time favourite songs and nobody's gonna get the chance to change that fact, trust me. So....Aisyah. Lets jam baby! :D

ramble crap ramble crap

Let me say this loud and clear:
There's a Gala Dinner?! D:

Received a reply from Doreen after sending in a copy of my slides for the conference and she said there's a Gala Dinner. I nearly fell off my chair. Well, I don't think I'll be going and I don't even know of the details. Haha. No matter, no matter.

Anyway, Umar and Hajar are down with (hopefully) viral fever. Dad says he had a headache earlier today in the office and I, myself, have been sneezing and now my brain feels heavy. Literally. But no matter what it is, I've put some cough, flu and Panadol tablets in my pencil box just in case.

So speaking of pencil boxes, today's exam was fair. But I got frustrated that I couldn't answer the thing about why kidney failure happens which makes me feel like, I don't know, dying. I think I might just get a B for Science. Oh heck no D: So, right now I'm squeezing my brain juice to reread History and also briefly read Geography and do some past year papers. I'm not putting my hopes up too high though.

Mmmm. I think I might not study. Maybe I'll watch Anastasia with ma, pa and Hajar instead. Haha. Hajar doesn't want to eat her medicine so mum made me put Anastasia on for her to watch. Okay, she didn't ask me to put Anastasia on per se, I picked the movie. I can't remember when was the last time I ever watched it. Oh well. But I know I ran under the covers during the part when Anastasia when into the dark place or something? Haha.


July 5, 2009


Azzief offered me a Pentax Spotsmatic camera which his dad is selling. I feel sad because I want one and I also miss my Minolta. Now that Aisyah has a Zenit-E, I really feel like crying. Damn it. I want a vintage SLR.
Dad. Get me one for my birthday ;(


Seeing as the baby is due in a few weeks time, dad and mum did some spring cleaning in their room. Rearranging book shelves, throwing out unnecessary clothes and such. So, as I was sitting here happily finishing off my speech dad suddenly showed me this:

This was from the days he was at SDAR (Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak), Seremban and mum was at SMTSP (Sekolah Menengah Tuanku Syed Putra), Kuala Kangsar. Get this, both of them were debaters! Only mum was on the Malay debate team at her school while dad, on the English team. And it gets even more scandalous. Look carefully and you shall see mum's name on the left side and dad's on the right.They were both there at the same time! And 8 years later, they got married. Hello? You know what mum told me. She said that when she saw dad present his speech, she said "Eee, berlagaknya". Gee ma, you got married to him anyway and got Yani and Haq juniors. Oh, the wonders of life. One minute you say you hate them and the next, you wound up getting married to him/her.

Also, in that small booklet, there was a picture of dad back in the day.

See that "handsome" guy with curly wurly hair? That is dad. I took one look at the photo and I was like, "Now, doesn't that look familliar" and suddenly, WHAM, I was reminded of the second speaker of St. Johns, Arief. I fell about laughing. Okay, maybe he doesn't look very much alike Arief but well, somehow something is similar.

Hmmmm. Parents *geleng kepala* :D

we'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricane

YES! Finally I'm done with my speech and my slides for the conference this Wednesday after school. So all thats left now is to email it to Doreen and forward it to Uncle Iskandar. My God. I don't have confidence in myself at all. Its like debate happening all over again only this time, it involves a room full of 100 people which includes mum and dad. I think I need Uncle Iskandar to spank my head or something. Somehow he made me feel confident the other day when he was briefing me on what to say during the speech. Right now, I have absolutely nada confidence. Bu ke yi.

And besides that, I need to read my Pendidikan Islam notes and pray to God that it all sticks in my head for tomorrow. Lucky I've already read Science last week on Friday after coming back from school. I think I'll do some Math exercises tonight and try to read History and Geography and also....pray that I do not lose my mind or anything else of that matter.

Now. I feel happy after eating mum's cookies and seeing something which makes my heart flood with pride. I am totally going to scan it in later for you to see. Damn it. Its so.....awwwwwww.

you were saying?

MMS from Faris.
I think that's Ginger. Shooooo fat :D

drawings update

Zara wants to see this :D
I drew this right after I laid my hands on Time's issue of Michael Jackson. But, this drawing isn't so nice. I think I might redo it, or something.
Some Gucci advertisement.

A picture from some issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Yeah, its not much but well. Okay, I think I'll try do a pigment pen drawing on canvas after exams. Oh God. Exams are tomorrow and on Wednesday is the Cyber Security conference at KLCC *dies*

July 4, 2009


I am up to something *aksi angkat kening*
Will post you the details later tonight. Right now, the Time issue of Michael Jackson awaits. And also I am down to the last few chapters of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper.


i promise

“Heartache just stretches
the boundaries of your heart.
I’ll fill it for you.”
Via : Tyler Knott

these things do happen

One day, I got scared looking into someone's eyes. It felt scary that I had just found something from an accidental look into the eyes. It amazes me how you can see the reflection of someone just through a pair of eyes. God. The marvys of the universe.

Okay, goodnight.

July 3, 2009


Its the third day of July already. I've been procrastinating too much and I think I really need to get rid of the habit. Because of my "almighty" procrastinating habit, I now have an unfinished slide show to do, a speech to rewrite and tonnes of form 1 and form 2 notes to finish reading. God-knows when I'll finish all that. I hope I can do it by this Sunday. Chayok!

Okay, what else. Hmmm. Well, I've been drawing the crap out of me. Now I can draw three drawings everyday. Some of them are basically inspirations I pick up from Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle. Yes, smack me for reading too much of them glossies and not those boring reference books. I can't help it okay. In class, I'll think of sitting down in my room, earphones plugged in and a pencil at the ready. Gosh. I wonder how Syaza can put up sitting next to a procrastinater slash daydreamer slash lost person comme moi.

I think....I might rewrite my speech?

fresh start


I just needed someplace else to spill whatever disorganized things I've scattered all over my Post-it notes, notebooks, textbooks and all kinds of places.