November 27, 2009


It is so hot here and I feel the sweat trickling down my back like...a slow waterfall, or something of that matter. Never mind. 7Eleven is just a few minutes away from here and I am going to buy ice-cream and Slurpee. A tall one. YEAH. And I will make a frigging bath out of it, in my dreams anyway.

Oh God. PANAS.

November 26, 2009


It seems as though I've missed out on a lot of things over the past few days/weeks. Fill me in. By the way. Um. Can I go watch New Moon? With Aisyah Syaza semua tu. Okay. Why am I writing like this? Haha.

Will continue later. Let me finish my Nescafe Gold 3-in-1. SEE. Daymn it. What is wrong with me?

November 16, 2009

morning woes

Morning. It's the first Monday of the holidays.
Alrightey. I don't know what I'm going to do to fill my days. Oh well, I'll find things to do. I just hope I can survive for the next two months. Ah, yes. I'm up this early because I slept ever so early last night. I had another breakdown last night. Oh God. I'm so soppy.

Oh well. It'll wear off. Right now, off to Cafe World :)

November 15, 2009

you know what

You don't have to rub more salt into the wound you know. It's bad enough that I have to choke on my tears and keep it all inside of me, not telling anyone everytime you bring it up and now you're making in sting even more. I've got my limits and seriously, you wouldn't like it if those limits were to be breached.

Seriously. Stop.

hoyeah yeah yeah

Listening to this gives me goosebumps.

something something 06

We're doing landscapes and sceneries now. There will also be an upcoming project :D
Darrell is doing a scenery of a lavendar farm. The colours are just marvy. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Didn't take a picture of his though. Got a bit occupied. And I only took pictures of the blue hues of mine to check and see whether it'll turn out nice. Surprisingly so, it did.

Looking at the blue reminds me of Strawberry Swing. Aaahhhhhh, I can't help myself getting addicted again and again to Coldplay. Don't mind me okay ;)

mon dieu

I broke down into tears reading Darrell's post. What is with me?

get this

I slept at 6.58pm last night, missing dinner (and it was pizza) and I forgot to serve a pumpkin pie on Cafe World and I left it on the stove to rot, which was quite heart-breaking as I waited 12 hours for that thing. Oh well. So what, huh. So, anyway. Before I slept, many thoughts kept coming back to me. One of them being the fact that I won't be around anymore next year. Oubviously, I broke down into tears. Honestly, I promised myself I wouldn't cry anymore but I still do. Weakling.

How, oh, how am I supposed to get through until the end of the year. I don't want to cry like there's no tomorrow. Yes, seek solitude in God. Of course I will. Alright. I've just answered the question myself. You idiot, Khadijah.

November 14, 2009

something something 05

"There ain't no tomorrow quite as nice as today"
-The Open Road

c'est fin

To think I might not be in Section 5 anymore next year pains me. Maybe some people who've never spent a day with us SVs will never understand how close the bond we have. It's nothing like a typical friendship because it's more than that. It's what we call, family. Although we're from different races with different religions, none of that has ever stopped us from being family. Always there for one another, endlessly finding ways to cheer each other up, sharing problems, happiness, sadness and everything else in between.

I swear, I've never felt anything like this before. Not even when I left Setia Budi. It's just...I don't know. I guess it's because everyone's only gotten that close to each other this year so, it's like...alright, I don't know how to describe it. Haha. Even so, one thing's for sure: I don't ever want to lose any of this. It would be terribly hard. Saying goodbye yesterday wasn't easy either. I wish I could've just scooped everyone, kept them away in my bag and brought them home. Haha. Now I'm regretting not having made a documentary of the year. Damn.

Okay, if I do shift to boarding school next year, I will find a way to deal with it. I won't fight it. But if I could, I won't go anywhere. I'd just stay here in Section 5 and when I feel like leaving, I'll leave. Nonetheless, this is my future we're talking about. It's not exactly my place to have a say in this, right?

November 8, 2009

oh no no

Ain't this sad? :(

November 7, 2009

rant rant, ramble ramble

I think I'm running ideas on what to do. I don't feel like Tumblring any more and nowadays I only update Twitter via gladlyCast and I'm not bothered to check updates. Even the piano has fallen out of line with me. Sketching and such? Haven't got the mood and the inspiration comes but I somehow can't put it down on paper. I think it's my mental problems. Right now, I'm playing Cafe World and it's starting to bore me. God.

But either way, I have lots of things to do.
  1. Plan what to do with class money. Homaigod.
  2. Figure out what to bring for class fete? D:
  3. Invitations for the teachers. Blegh.
  4. Brush up on my piano over the holidays
  5. Find things to keep me occupied
  6. Eat less, play more basketball
  7. Survive

And I think I haven't posted that much on life or anything here. I'm sorry. I'll start again during the holidays okay? But then again, there won't be much to update about then. I think I rant too much.
Okay. I should stop.

November 6, 2009

banyak cerita

Many things happened this week and I thank God for all of them (:
I have about a 800++ pictures to be uploaded in which I'll do either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Not tonight though. I think I'll be spending tonight downloading the soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer

Okay, er. What else?

November 1, 2009

something something 04

After how many months of keeping my Monlogue in the dust, it is finally being put to good use :D At first it felt like a burden to draw in it but after I got started, I couldn't stop. Dah kata I'm the artsy version of Dr Frankenstein. So, anyway. I was inspired by the Valentino: The Last Emperor and so I searched for his ready-to-wear collection, and SHEBAM, they were all gorgeous. Of course, being the me I typically am, I couldn't resist drawing a dress with awesome textures.

Actually there are more which I wanted to draw but I don't feel like it. I think I'll find something from the old copies of Elle and Vogue which I have and try cook up some magic from there. God. I think I'll be drawing non-stop for the next couple of days, that's for sure.

So.....yeah :D


"If you could tell Khadijah Haq one thing right now, what would it be?"
I answered "I love you Kat xD"


I love you too honey :)
By the way Aisyah and Chay Fhei. Banyak cerita ni. Will spill tomorrow. And Darrell, where are you? This is desperately important! Okay. Not, it is not a matter of life and death but it is just as important.