October 30, 2008

i ramble more than i should

A recent picture of dad and I during the wedding in Baling. Thats my current favourite shirt of his. I like it mainly because of the paisley and the combination of colours. Looks like Cavalli's spring/summer 2009 moodboard. Oh God, what am I writing. More crap I presume. Ah, I'm too full of crap nowadays. I can't stand not blurting them out. If I don't I'll be, like, "Oh noooo. I need to write!". Yeah, you get the picture.

Ah, and I've drawn a few more pictures in my new sketch book and two of them I can say...I failed. One is a picture of Mischa Barton from InStyle UK which looked horrible because of the mouth which I drew was smaller than I intended. And another picture of this model, Kirsty Hume, also from the same magazine. It looked a bit of a failure. I don't know. I'll post them later. I'm not in the mood to scan all of them.

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penglipurlara said...

hello there, is that t-mobile sidekick 3?..

Dad of 4+1 said...

Young lady...It's not a "tshirt"...It's called "a shirt".

Aisyah said...

loving the straight cut shirt! and the shirt! babyyyyyyyyyy, gekko sidekick lagi best XD

Khadijah said...


Haha, I guess so.


Yeah yeah. I've fixed it ;D


Ohhhh, Gekko? Hahaha. I suck so so terribly at gadgets nowadays. Hahaaaa :P