October 5, 2008

yet another Raya passes by

Raya this year was okay. But it wasn't as vibrant and lively as the previous years. Maybe one of the reasons is that my dad's younger brother wasn't there on the first of Raya because his children had to celebrate the first Raya with their mum only to come back for Raya with their dad the next day. So yeah, you get the idea. They're divorced, but that's another story.

Anyway, first day of Raya was the same as every year. Everybody frantically searching for missing brooches, sampins, songkoks etc. Anyways, as usual nearly everyone went out for Raya prayers at the surau behind embah's house. The rest staying at home were etiher watching tv or preparing breakfast in the kitchen or getting ready. Around 9 am, everyone was at home eating at the table. After breakfast, we had our photography session which went on quite fluently eventhough Nabil, Umar and Ibraheem were running around the house.

On the second day of Raya, we didn't exactly visit anyone because we had Hajar's belated birthday celebration at home which started around 1 pm. But mostly everyone started arriving at 2 pm or so. My aunt cooked laksa Johor and there was a banana-choc Secret Recipe cake. Oh yeah, we do have Secret Recipe here in Muar. But even so, I only ate half of a piece of it. I thought I was going to eat much more than that, but I didn't. Impressive innit. Haha. Anyway, I had fun.

Third of raya, we went up to Terengganu because my uncle is getting maried. I'll post about that later today, I hope. Oh and I didn't take that much of Raya pictures with Minolta but I did take a lot of pictures of the nikah. None of the persandingan though because Yusof and my other cousins just had to use, like, 10 shots of the film. And I'm going to demand him to use his duit Raya to get me another roll of film.

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Izzati said...

eh eh kat , you mkn laksa johor usually pakai ape ?