October 28, 2008

KL i missed you

Oh! Finally back in KL. You have no idea how glad I am. Okay, eventhough Kedah was quite good but I've been travelling too much in this past few months to cope with Kedah. I thought it would be as fun as travelling from KL to Muar and up to Kemaman, but no. It wasn't. I don't know why. I guess one of the many reasons was because I was sick. I still am actually; I'm coughing a lot and a bit of mucus in my nose.

Anyway, Kedah. Wow. It was freaking hot there. It was sunny throughout the whole trip. I think my grandma said it was the works of Tok Teh, my grand-uncle, who jampi-ed so that it would be sunny throughout the wedding. Well, miraculously it was. But the one downer was that it was so so so hot. And to my surprise, weddings there aren't the same as the weddings here. Par example, the hantaran isn't sent on the nikah but during the persandingan itself. Also, there isn't catering. Yes, no catering. So the villagers of the particular kampung, in this wedding Kampung Seratus, have to cook and serve themselves. Loads of muhibbah there I tell you.

Picture spam coming up as soon as the battery is charged. That reminds me, I still have three rolls of film in need to be processed. And, I need to figure out whats the problem with XG-9. I can't press the shutter. Dad thinks its the batteries but I've just replaced them. Iunno *shrugs*

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