October 14, 2008

failure occurs

Looks like my hiatus just can't be done, not while my phone is broken that is. I don't know why. I keep getting distracted by either the piano, my sketch book, food, listening to so-not-me genres (Drop Dead, Gorgeous mainly) or just watching Ratatouille. Yes, I've been watching Ratatouille lately. I have no idea why because usually I'll either watch Pride & Prejudice or P.S. I Love You but instead, I watch Ratatouille now. Maybe...just maybe, I want to become a gourmet cook! Rofl. I don't know.

Anyway, after Science tuition I managed to finish the final chapter of the form 2 History syllabus. Then I headed straight to the piano and tried figuring out the chords for These Streets. After playing a series of distorted chords, I finally got it: E♭ minor. I think to play it, its a 2/4. I don't know. I haven't exactly figured it out. And I'm trying to figure out the new version of Yuna's Blue Sands. I've nailed the intro, I think. Haha.

Oh, and mum's going to Bali tomorrow. Dad will be sending her to KLIA early tomorrow morning because her flight is at 9 am. I hope I do wake up so that I can follow. Anyway, I asked mum to get me an ukulele and she goes like, "How am I supposed to fit it in my luggage?". And dad said, "Can't you just get one here?". Lol. Ah, no matter. I don't mind anyway. It was just a request. Not that its urgent or anything. But I actually secretly wish for a baby grand piano. Apparently it costs at least RM8000. I was like, whoa.

Ah, I'm also in desperate need of a piano teacher! Can you believe I've forgotten what time signatures are. I mistaken them for tempo. How dumb, I know. Well, looks like its time to open the piano books and re-study. Oh, that reminds me. My grade 2 cert is still with my old teacher. I guess I'll text her or call her when my phone is recovered.

Eeeep, I'm bored.


The Alia said...

if your dad can send you to my place during the week, i'm a piano teacher, hello! haha. also, i know blue sands - i played it for the ep.

- alia (for the love of all things holy, do not call me auntie -_-)

Khadijah said...

eeee, hello! haha, bestnya. nanti i ask him. oh oh, i want to learn how to play that song! eeeek, so cool! haha :D

aww, why not? haha. but yeah, it does sound wierd if i do call you auntie.