October 25, 2008


Gosh, I've got the cough and the flu now. And somehow, the air pressure in my right ear is all wrong. Everytime I blink, I can hear myself blink in my right ear. Mum was complaining yesterday in the car.
    M : Haiya, you're like dad lah. Sakit sikit, bising. Sakit sikit, bising.
    K : Thats because I don't usually get sick. Tu yang asyik bising. (exasperated)
    M : Tapi sama je dengan dad tu.
    K : Well, tengok lah perangai I macam mana. I even read news papers like him whaat.
Yeah, I've been complaining because of my ear and mum, apa lagi, bising jugak lah. Hahahahaha. And I know most of you know how jealous I get over the tiniest little things, dad is also like that. So, there's a fun fact for the day. I think I'm going to post one fun fact about me everyday. Iunno. We shall see.

And I'll be going to Kedah tonight. Grhhh. I can't watch ANTM cycle 11! Oh no no no. Unacceptable. But I've noticed, since I've started watching ANTM, I can't seem to bother about GG. I guess because season 2 is a bit boring. I don't know. Haha. Oh look.

The wireless signal from my room is "Good". Haha. But when I'm on the bed its like, "Very low". Wierd. I wonder why.

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