October 15, 2008

Igor + André

Don't you just wish you could draw and paint like Danny Roberts here. The moment I saw his pictures I was filled with total envy and now I want to take drawing lessons. Thank you Zara for introducing me to his blog, by the way. I think I'll make use of the Vogue magazines I have and try to draw pictures like this. Ahaaaa. Brilliant. But I doubt I'll succeed. Iunno. We shall see.

Ah, I love this picture second after the one on top. This is a picture of Lily Cole and Gemma Ward. I truly love the picture of Gemma Ward the most. The colours are just pretty and captivating. And eventhough the pictures are very simple, they're just so so pretty.

His prints are definitely on my wishlist now :D
If this laptop were mine, I would've put the picture above as my desktop wallpaper.

(Via : Igor + André)

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