October 12, 2008

oh baby

The promised picture spam. Sorry if its too vain. You know how I am with the camera *grins* Especially with Mei's Supersampler.

Hello dear paper bag monster :D

I'm so fat. Look at my thighs. Ahhh.

My darling Awat monster. Can you say "Raaaaaar"?

I'm a Facebook addict. Everyone knows that. Lol

And in the midst of boredom, my Pakistani brother sent this. Thank you dear brother for reminding me, NOT.

It was raining outside and I was terribly bored.


Aisyah said...

just so you know. skinny thighs AREN'T sexy. trust me, I have a brother.

Aisyah said...

and a picky one at it -____-

mei an an an said...

hahaha pakistani bratha, that's a nice term. i likkeee.