October 18, 2008

when there's happiness there's a heartbreak

Qulle suprise, I was quite happy and not at all tired during my French class. Impressive, I know. And I answered a lot of questions correctly today, so my kepala kembang sebesar-besar gajah. Haha. But yeah, here's a downer: I went to accompany one of my French mates, Liyana, to Subway with Thalitha. So on the way to Subway, we dropped by Starbucks and I bought myself a rm15 venti sized, hot, caramel macchiato. Later, we went to Starbucks, Liyana bought herself a footlong Subway, oregano and chese sandwhich and we headed back. When we were at class, I put my Starbucks on the table and because the table wasn't sturdy enough, plop, the cup fell and so did 3/4 of its contents. I was like, "ZOMGA! My rm15!". Darn the table.


I have a secret which I shared with dad last night when we picked mum up from the KLIA. Those of you who know the people I'm about to talk about, do not tell them. So, here goes. Ad and Al told me that Am, Na, In and Hd don't like me for some reason which, of course, they wont tell Ad and Al. Dad's conclusion : Maybe they feel threatened that you're much more cleverer than them. Anyway, they're going to KLCC to watch KAMI after the exams but won't bring me along even though Al was backing me all the way. According to Al, here's how the convo between Al and Hd went.

    Al : Eh, tak ajak Kat ke?
    Hd : Takpayah lah. Nanti ayah dia ikut. Menyibuk je.
    Al : Tapi, mana tahu ayah dia tak ikut?
    Hd : Ah, tak kisah ah. Kau jangan ajak dia!
Heart breaking, I know. And to think I've known Hd for nearly two years now and I thought she'd be like Es, Sy, Hz and I; not so close, but close in a way. Imagine, talam dua muka. And yet, Hd acts so goodie to me. The rest, I don't care because I've never liked them anyway. But Hd. Damn her. How could she. I spent my last three nights thinking of what she said. But anyway, I won't go out with her. She's no fun. I'd rather go out with my dad than with them.

I don't care if they're reading this, especially Hd. She really needs to realise who she is. Bossing around like she's better than me and then telling me off just because I share my marks, which are higher than hers, with her. She can go and have those other talam dua muka friends if she wants. I do not give a damn. Not a single damn I tell you.