October 20, 2008

saturation is a big no no

We're almost halfway throughout finals and still my brain is saturated with History, History and more of History. I don't know why. But because of this particular saturated-ness, I somehow can't stop drawing. I draw at least two to three pictures a day, and that takes up nearly 40 minutes of my time. So, I can say that it is a big distraction.
My drawings are usually copied out from In Style and Vogue. The one on top here is Ralph Lauren's Fall 2008 collection. Also on of my favourites from that particular collection. I wanted to colour it in but I'm scared that I might ruin it because I haven't got the correct colours. I'll post it up once I have coloured it in.And this, I must say, is my most favourite. I don't think its quite the same but yeah, I think I managed to nail it *grins* I'm so happy. Haha. But then......hiatus awaits. Oh, no no no. Me no likey.

But no matter. A new, 18 paged sketch book is sitting quietly on the table waiting for me to draw on it. Ahhhh, j'aime j'aime!

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