October 12, 2008

Exams are around the corner and I have promised myself that today will be the last day I'll ever be online and then back to hiatus until after Deepavali because I'll be in Kedah for yet another wedding and I'll be back on the 28th. Crazy, I know. And yesterday I was in PJ for a wedding as well; the continuation from the one in Kemaman the other day.

So, studies are going pretty well. My brain is currently saturated with History; perjanjians, the Brooke family, names, places etc. In my brain, all I can think of is History, History and more of History. The other day while I was playing piano to unwind, suddenly pops out the areas of Sarawak which the Brooke family conquered back in, uh, 1853 until the early 1900s *sighs*

And I haven't finished my art folio yet which we're supposed to submit this...Thursday. Darn, I'm sooo dead. My dad was like, "Asyik folio je". Yeah, I know. Hello, Ministry Of Education. Can you stop these abundance of folios! We've got to study for exams lagi, and you guys expect us to do folios. What lah. We're tired you know.

Ah, and today's Yuna's EP launch. I think I mentioned once about Dizzy and The. I can't remember. Anyway Auntie Alia, who's my dad's cousin; also (I think) a friend of Yuna's, offered my dad to bring me to Yuna's EP launch. But dad conveniently said I had exams, so I can't go. Darn darn darn );

Oh, and picture spam coming up. I'm going to edit some of them first, but Picnik is...I don't know, wierd? But yeah, I'll post some pictures. Of yesterday's wedding and also some from my photo shoot. Yeah, I did one in my room. I couldn't stand anymore of History so I set up a mini-so-called-studio in my room and put the camera on self-timer mode. Haha. I'll post them up :D

Here's a mini preview:The background is actually a fabric which dad bought from Ikea. I was supposed to sew a bag for myself out of that fabric, but the sewing machine is at the shop for servicing. So...yeah.

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