October 23, 2008


Yet again, I am sick. Thanks to the non-stop evening rain at school during this past exam week, and also thanks to my seating position in class according to the name list wich requires me to sit directly under the fan. And, the fan is on full blast. You have no idea how much "joy" I've had sitting under the fan during the exams.

So earlier this morning after tuition, my throat suddenly felt as if it was sheared. I thought by drinking water I would reduce it. But no, the pain was getting more and more intense, Next at school, I suddenly started sneezing eventhough it didn't rain and I was wearing my sweater in class. Mad, I know. I thought it was my normal sinus but, uh-uh, no. It wasn't.

Try imagining wearing a sweater over a layer of tudung and baju kurung, what with the temperature outside being at least 32° and I'm still not sweating. It must've been some sort of a miracle. I even shivered when I woke up from a nap I took about 20 minutes before the English paper ended. Right after that the teacher came up to me and asked, "Tak sihat eh?". Whoa. It seemed like she noticed me shivering.

Lucky mum didn't bring me to the doctor. I hate visits to the doctor, and taking medicine. But under certain circumstances, I will. Like taking Difflam and the grape flavoured Strepsils. Both of which give me a numbness for the pain felt in my throat. Thank God for the person who created Difflam and grape flavoured Strepsils.

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