October 13, 2008

oh no no

Darn, my old Hirschsprung operation is aching now. The scar is right above my groin, under my stomach on the far right hand side of my body. It feels so tight around that area, I could cry. I can't even sit up straight. It aches. I can't even turn my upper body or defecate. Ahhh, it feels as though someone is tugging on it.

Its not that agonising but then again, it hurts. I hope the pain will be gone by tomorrow. I can't afford to be clenching the operation spot during tuition tomorrow. Ah, the pain has lessen as I'm typing this. Alhamdulillah, thank God.

Lucky it isn't my cysts, or else. So, so dead. I'll have to go see Dr Ashar, and my appointment isn't due until December.

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