October 14, 2008


Helloooo Hiatus.
Long time no see old buddy.
Oh yes. Starting from 2 am until Finals are over, I shall be on semi-hiatus-because I can still sort-of use my phone *grins* But anyway, the laptop shall be left untouched until some so-called urgency comes along.

Before I go, you have to watch Jeff Dunham! I can't stand watching him. Especially the one with Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
    JD : So listen Achmed, where did you come from?
    A : Your freaking suitcase *snickers*
    JD : Look, if you've been to my suitcase all this time how can you get through security at the airport?
    A : Oh thats easy. They open the case and I go "Hellooooo! I am Lindsay Lohan!"
Hahaha. Dumb, I know. I think this is funnier than Potter Puppet Pals but I love them all the same. Oyes, thank you Abang Shaz for sharing this with me <3

Uh-oh. Nearly 2 am. Haha.

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