June 24, 2009

thank you speech

*Ehem ehem* Okay, I'm going to try and make this my last post about our debate competition yesterday-but in reality, I don't think I'll ever stop. I know you know *grin*

First and foremost, I really want to thank Ju Yi and Lim, Rachel, Edna and Pavithra and not to forget, Mr Cher and Puan Suryati for giving me such wonderful comments on my debating. Actually, if I had as many arms as an octopus, I'd just scoop you up into my not-so-famous big hugs. And also, thank you Ju Yi and Lim for writing such good comments about me. So, I'll write one about you guys too as a thank you speech :)

Ju Yi,
You were awesome. I was awed by your speech. I'm glad that God gave me the chance to know you and also the chance to work with you. And also, thank you for guiding and being ever so patient with me when I was a complete lost tadpole in this very very very big world. I think, I wouldn't have been able to write those debate speeches without you. And Ju Yi, its a shame that this is your first and last year of debating because I really would love to see more of your debates. No matter. Make sure you come visit us next year! *hugs*

Although I've only known you for....about four months, I think you're the best third speaker anyone can ever have. Granted, the CBN third speaker was better than you but I do not care Lim because you're just as awesome as them. Maybe it was just the pressure of us all going up against CBN that made you a bit kelam-kabut with your cue cards and such, but I liked the way you rebut them. I think I can never rebut anyone like you can. And the thing about you becoming a doctor with just a mere dictionary was terrific okay. So, lets kick their arses next year mayn!

Rachel, Edna and Pavithra,
I love you guys okay. Thank you guys for checking my speeches, my intonations and such before the competitions. And I'm sorry that I talked too fast eventhough you guys have already told me to slow down. I tried, but my nerves and adrenaline kicked in and thus, resulting in what happened yesterday. And Rachel, lets together-gether bring those pineapples down aye? I can't wait to have the chance to debate with you.

Mr Cher and Puan Suryati,
I don't know what more there is to say but thank you so much for giving me the chance to represent school. You have no idea how big a favour you've done for me. And also, thank you for coaching me and especially Puan Suryati for all those lifting advices you gave to us. I honestly felt like crying when you said that "no matter what, I'd still be proud of you my children". I love the way you said that. And Mr Cher, thank you-to the power of infinity-for pushing us to do all those psychology related theories which you gave us. Honestly, if you hadn't I think that we would've merely lost to CBN without a struggle.

And to every single person who've been praying for us especially my awesome 3 Azam classmates, thank you. And also, mum and dad. I wouldn't have even thought of joining debate if it weren't for the both of you♥

With this, let me give you a *superawesomekhadijahhugggggggg*

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Dad of 4+1 said...

Aww......I'm glad you took the plunge