June 9, 2009

let me die

Back in KL after four long days in Ayer Baloi. Did nothing much there. Spent most of my time watching Planet Mechanics, Mythbusters, CSI, Project Runway and tennis. School starts in a couple days. I haven't finished my History, Geography and BM folios. My Science notes are complete and I haven't practised nor rewritten my debate speeches. Yes, I'm doomed to die.

Right now I'm waiting for mum to take a day off, bring me to Arzu at KLCC and get new scarves. And I want more flannel tops and, importantly, Nike Yeezys! I die at the thought of them. Also, I miss my RM60 Maxtone guitar. Its been 3 weeks since I sent it for repair. No matter, patience is virtue. Also, art classes start next Saturday and I hope I'll be signed up for piano classes in the near future.

And I hope that dad can send me to school later. I want to watch the Romeo and Juliet rehearsal/practice. Alright. Off to stalk some sites.

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