June 28, 2009

brief summary?

Its a Sunday and I think we're going out to watch Transformers later tonight. I don't feel like going because tomorrow's a schooling day and I hate sleeping late. God. Oh well, if I'm not going, I'll get dad find someone else to go instead of me.

Anyway, I'm headed to SPCA later. Might sign up for the volunteer thing after Rachel said she was already a volunteer. Well, I can play with cats then if I volunteer! Haha. I don't exactly get to have a cat. Not until, I live on my own? Oh well.

And yesterday was a schooling day. Because they were going to repair the roof on our block, we had to move out to the bengkel KH which was boring and, not to forget, hot. At least we didn't do much. Just had to copy off some notes during Seni and also do a latihan for BM. Thank God! And something funny happened yesterday during a conversation with Leon, Ervin, TKV, Rachel, Chay Fhei and Aisyah when we were talking about drumsticks.

    L : I bought them at Bentley near Pavilion.
    R : WHAT? You buy PANTIES at Pavilion?!
    CF : HA? Leon?! You buy panties?

We all ended up laughing our heads off. Luckily Cikgu Rasidah is real nice and didn't exactly scream at us to shut up but just told us off nicely and we ended up sniggering instead. God. I'm so lucky to have ended up in the same class as these people above :)

AND SYAZA! Come back soon leyyyyyyy.

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