June 21, 2009

i feel better

Right now, I think I finally have a speech which is 8 minutes long. Only the government side of it anyway. I still have to throw in some statistics, examples and such into my opposition speech as well. Walaweh. No matter. I feel confident right now. In the team we've got two kick ass speakers; Ju Yi and Lim, at home, I have my parents praying for me and at school I have friends wishing me good luck and knowing that we'll do good. I don't feel as nervous as I did yesterday, but it's still there.

Thanks mum and dad for believing in me, thanks Syaza, Aisyah and Zara and everyone else who has wished me good luck over the past week and well, basically, thank you everyone who's praying for us.

Therefore I, as the first speaker, assure you that we are going to try and cut the pineapple trees and let the number five reign above the rest :)

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