June 1, 2009


Woke up at 5.30 am to the sound of the maid opening the sliding doors to the wet kitchen. I tossed and turned for a whole hour and I realized that debate is in another 3 weeks. Immediately freaked-I haven't done my opposition speech and the government speech still needs brushing up. Anyway, after scaring myself for about 15 minutes, got out of bed, did my abolution and did my Subuh prayers. Got back into bed and played Quadrapop. I beat my own high score. Haha.

No, thats not a new phone. I'm using my grandma's. My uncle gave her a new one so I'm borrowing this one. Right, thats not the story. Actually she was supposed to use dad's Nokia and in exchange, I'll be using her Sony. Somehow, the Nokia ended up with my auntie and my grandma just brought her LG and other Sony phone. Oh well. The complications in life.

Right. Cheers to the first, boring superlame, holidays.
Song for the day : Lover, Devandra Banhart

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