June 5, 2009


This is Johnny (aka Nonny to Hajar). Ain't he cute? :D
Somehow I feel like scooping him up and cuddling him until he can breathe no more. But, I wouldn't want to do that. I'll miss his cute yapping everytime a car or motorcycle passes by. Oh well. But anyway, I can't hold him either ways. So, I wish I had a cat.

Anyway, the first portion of holidays are over and I haven't started my History folio. My Geography folio is nearly done. I only have a couple of pages left. Can't be bothered. Maybe I'll ring Syaza and ask her how she's done it. And I have the BM project too which I haven't found any articles for it yet. This is frustrating. I wish I could just hide myself on a blanket of clouds and listen to Sia the whole day.

Hmmm. And since Syaza mentioned how cool the Toy Watchs are, I've started to take a liking into it. Especially the Fluo collection. They're all a pretty fluorescent colour but well, I have dark skin and surely the colours will make me look, wierd. Mum said she was going to get me Swatch but then again, Fossil's also cool. Haha. Oh well.

Song for the day: Sia, Breathe Me

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